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Harry Leslie Smith was called the "the world's oldest rebel." He grew up in the Great Depression and served in World War Two. At the age of 86 he became an unlikely voice for social justice and against austerity. His son John Smith joins me to talk about his legacy.
In this episode I'm joined by Jackie Jones, former Labour MEP for Wales, and newly-elected chair of Wales for Europe. She talks about the pathway back to rejoining the European Union.
Plaid Cymru and the Greens are teaming to form the Common Ground Alliance for next year's council elections in Cardiff. Anthony Slaughter of the Wales Green Party and Rhys ab Owen MS of Plaid Cymru join me to talk about how it'll work.
Adam Radford of the Centrist Dads podcast and Neil Schofield-Hughes join me to discuss Keir Starmer's recent performance at the Labour Party conference.
Phil Burton-Cartledge joins me to discuss his new book Falling Down: The Conservative Party and the Decline of Tory Britain. He argues that, despite their current hegemony, demographic changes mean that in the long-term they're doomed.  What does this mean for hopes of getting them out at the next general election?
We keep hearing, "we need to learn to live with covid" but what does that really mean? Alaskan lawyer Libby Bakalar joins me as we discuss a former friend of mine who became a leading figure in the UK anti-lockdown movement, and about the efforts by summer festivals to reopen with covid procautions in place.
What are the issues facing EU citizens living in the UK, or UK citizens living in the EU, now that we've left? Wiard Sterk, of campaign groups the 3 Million and Wales for Europe, and of the advocacy charity Settled, talks me through it.
In a podcasting personnel swap, Adam Radford of the Centrist Dads podcast joins me to talk about Labour's surprise win in the Batley and Spen by-election
Last week the Lib Dems pulled off a surprise by election win in one of the safest Tory seats in the country. Former Lib Dem councillor and former mayor of Cardigan Mark Cole joins me to discuss how they did it, and what it might mean for declining Tory support in the Home Counties.
At the G7 summit a row has broken out over Brexit, the Northern Ireland Protocol and, of all things, sausages. I'm joined by Cardiff for Europe chair and former civil servant Neil Schofield-Hughes and Sinn Fein campaigner Cormac Begley.
In a week where Labour suffered a humiliating defeat in Hartlepool, they also won the Welsh election. Senedd candidate Sally Stephenson and former Wales for Europe director Peter Gilbey join me to discuss why the polls were so different between Wales and England.
Cardiff for Europe chair Neil Schofield-Hughes and former Wales for Europe director Peter Gilbey join me to discuss this week's upcoming election in Wales. Will Labour maintain their dominance, or will they be squeezed by Plaid Cymru and the Senedd? Can the Lib Dems keep their remaining seat, and will smaller parties like the Greens and Abolish the Assembly gain representation?
Alaskan lawyer Libby Bakalar joins me to discuss Derek Chauvin's conviction for the murder of George Floyd. We talked about justice, accountability, and why the two aren't the same thing.
Marçal Escartin and Marta Gallego of Jovent Republica join me to discuss Catalonia's struggle for independence.
Eurovision is back this year after being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. You're probably thinking, "Eurovision's all political, and the UK is going to get punished because of Brexit," but is that true? I'm joined by Eurovision fans Drifa Arnadottir in Iceland and Kamilla Safiyllina in Russia. We discussed how this year's contest contains multiple political controversies - about nationalism, feminism, LGBT rights and even Satanism - but funnily enough, not about Brexit. During the episode we mentioned a documentary about Israeli peace activists by the Icelandic band Hatari. If you want to check out the documentary you can find it here:
How can we rebuild progressive internationalism after Brexit and the pandemic? This week's guest is Ana Oppenheim of Another Europe is Possible and the Labour Campaign for Free Movement.
As the post-Brexit landscape continues to descend into chaos, I'm joined by Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter and Cardiff for Europe chair Neil Schofield-Hughes. We talked not just about Brexit but also the state of the opinion polls, and the upcoming Welsh Parliament/Senedd election.
Trump is gone, so that means the US political discourse is now perfectly good and normal, right? Libby Bakalar joins me to discuss Nazi licence plates, and how two Alaskan attorneys general have resigned in quick succession due to sexual misconduct allegations. We also talk about the power of social media to take down evildoers.
Wine wholesaler Daniel Lambert recently went viral on Twitter after he described the chaos of trying to import wines after Brexit. He talks about the challenges he's facing, and how the UK government still isn't listening.
As the UK finally leaves the Brexit transition and problems are already mounting at the borders, what does this mean for devolved nations like Wales and Northern Ireland? I'm joined by Sally Stephenson of Wales for Europe and the Welsh Lib Dems, and Cormac Begley of Armagh Sinn Fein.
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