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Need a daily and weekly motivation? Then this is the podcast for you! Coach Paul Ybarra will break down life experiences with you that are both influential and biblical!! Drop him a comment and a review so that we can continue to share good content!! You can reach him at God bless!
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What are you recovering from today? All too often, if you aren’t associated with addiction or abuse, you don’t feel the need to “recover”. But my friend, everyone, including you is in need of recovery from some affliction, past hurt, anger, tragedy, rejection, and so much more. Recovery is a constant process. However, this is not a process of you are always only working on one area of your life. Tune in and connect now, to learn how “once you recover in one area…the there is another area to work on.” [40:18} Absorb new ways to walk in recovery with encouragement, to fully grow and move to the next area to grow there as well. Today you can’t miss out on this dynamic interview of Katie and James. Katie and James are Changing Names, music and ministry group. Katie and James, energetically deliver their testimonies, their journey, and where they are going now. Remember, stories are stories, but testimonies are from God. [46:20] This interview fully embodies this statement. Grab your pen and paper, and don’t miss, even a second of, this show so that you can get a deeper understanding of how to move when “God gives you a call to action to activate the things He has already begun. Then has you begin the next chapter.”So, I leave you with this: Are you ready to dig deep in YOU? Are you ready to get down to the messy and RECOVER? How to get in contact with Katie and James: Website: Facebook: IG: Apple Music: Amazon Music: YouTube: Twitter: Snapchat: How to get in contact with Coach Paul: Sign up form for “Free Book” Link Tree: Facebook: Facebook Community Group: IG: Website: Email:
Are you shifting with God when He adjust you for His purpose in you? God doesn’t always give you the whole picture when He starts you on a journey. At times, God will start you and grow you on a certain path, and then it seems he adjust you to another direction. These beginning can start small, such as with a broom and mop, serving on a “soup” line, mowing the neighbor’s lawn, and so many other avenues of service. Today Coach Paul and Kenyetta Jeffries, lay out just how their individual ministries started small and grew to what these ministries have grown into today. In the growth that God gave them, came many lessons that they are encouraged to pass on to you for your growth and service to the Father. Kenyetta is an ordained minister with 26 plus years of service to Christ, serving from coast to coast. She is also a motivational speaker, teacher, and wife. Join now to get your word that will show you not only to propel you to the next level, but to also unlock your faith for the purpose God has put in you. I leave you with this question, my friend: Do you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, and know that God is doing a marvelous work in and through you?How to get in contact with Kenyetta Jefferies:Instagram: Facebook: Website: Twitter: YouTube: Apple Podcast: How to get in contact with Coach Paul:Sign up form for “Free Book” Tree: Community Group: IG: Website:
When was the last time you changed your mind; and it fully changed your whole life? Not the are you going to have a hamburger or a salad for dinner choices, although these are important decisions to consider, but the who will you associate, what will you invest in, what will the next move in my business be, and so on. Steve is a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur”, an author, a husband, a father, and sober after a 14-year opiate addiction. Steve is the host behind and founder of Breakthrough Productions LLC. He is driven to help you rebuild your life through showing you how to change your mind set. The advice you hear often in building yourself has to do with “put in the hard work, and success will be yours,” “just push through”. Well, my friend join today and hear how your words, seriously your affirmations (self-talk) to yourself build your success or kill your success. Are you ready to get to the next level in building you up? Don’t miss this word right now that will do just that!How to get in Contact with Steve Cloward:Website: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: How to get in contact with Coach Paul:Sign up form for “Free Book” Tree: Community Group: IG: Website:
When was the last time you thanked God for the BLESSING of the pain in your life? Ok, Ok! I get it, pain usually isn’t the first thing you are thinking of being grateful for when you make your prayer list. However, in taking a deeper look into the painful periods of your life, do you ever notice that when God is working for you, through you and in you the most?On today’s episode, you will hear a special interview with the God anointed, minister of the gospel, mother, wife, advocate for fibromyalgia, advocate against social injustice, host of Talking with Tabatha, and soon to be author Tabatha Strother! Tabatha has had a long road with fibromyalgia, since 2001. In her journey, she and her family have grown through God in the struggles that come with this tragic disease. The doctors told her she would be in a wheelchair after a time, that her body would fail. Tabatha fought back by introducing fibromyalgia to her faith. She has overcome many of the struggles by learning to speak the words of God over her circumstance, finding scripture, and applying them all to her adversity. She, also, refuses to walk in the infirmity by believing and trusting God. [19:48} Join today to hear how God has built her up and empowered her, to bring you the tools to grow in your challenging times. Are you ready to learn how to turn your hardest times into your greatest assets, through Jesus Christ?How to get in contact with Tabatha Stother:Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Buy me a coffee: Youtube: How to get in contact with Coach Paul:Sign up form for “Free Book” Tree: Community Group: IG: Website:
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,for you are with me;your rod and your staff,they comfort me. Psalms 23:4When was the last time you looked back through your history? What did you notice about the times of adversity you have gone through? If you look close enough, you will see that in every situation, God not only built you up in that turmoil, but He also used your tragedy to build those around you up, too. If you have listened to Coach Paul for long you know he is huge one the after. SO, today Coach Paul has brought Lady Dr Denyse back to bless you with just how to grow in hardships and her after! Lady Denyse is First Lady Ministries, a certified Inner Healing Coach, teacher, encourager and inspirer. Often when God walks with you in an unsettling situation, the hard knocks of life so to speak, He also sends training and help for you to use your experiences to be able to serve others. In order to do this type of assignment, you must get out of God’s way. [29:46] One step in doing just that is to “be intentional about the word you read from the Word, and be 100% in God and His promises. [41:17] At times in getting the training and imparting it to others it can be easy to mimic what you hear or advice that you have been given. One challenging question given in today’s episode is: “Are you being an echo or do you know the things you know on your own?” [41:20] The wisdom you receive from the Word comes from the Holy Spirit, is what you are telling others coming from Him or those you hear around you? Tune in now to get set free and learn how to rejoice in the adversity! [38:59]How to reach Lady Dr Denyse Turner:Linked in: iheart radio: Facebook: Website: Instagram: Twitter: How to reach Coach Paul:Link Tree:
Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You something to drink? When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or without clothes and clothe You? When did we see You sick, or in prison, and visit You? And the King will answer them, I assure you: Whatever you did for one of the least of these •brothers of Mine, you did for Me. Matthew 25:37-40These promising verses leave you with not only hope that when you are down, you will have help, but also give you a call to action in being the one to help. When was the last time you reached out to the widow you know down the street, or the family working hard to make ends meet but still coming up shy? Today I had the privilege of interviewing the amazing Lady Dr Denyse Turner. Lady Dr. Denyse is an Inner Healing motivational speaker, author, on many panels with live training, seminars, and workshops. Follow along as Lady Dr. Denyse lays out her testimony of a long thriving Godly marriage, 35 years of ministry, devastation through depression, grief and loss, being homeless, going through abuse, being put in jail, giving and getting apologies, forgiveness, and redemption. She will show you what it took for her to be able to take “the mask” off, and how you can too. Join today to find the way to restore broken, hurting hearts and to reconcile relationships with this dynamic warrior of Christ, Lady Dr. Denyse. How to reach Lady Dr Denyse Turner:Linked in: iheart radio: Facebook: Website: Instagram: Twitter: How to reach Coach Paul:Sign up form for “Free Book” Tree: Community Group: IG: Website:
Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in the mold others made for you? Quite often you can be familiar with the feeling of being sorted, neglected, or lonely. However, my friend, “just because you’re not in the right fit yet doesn’t make you a misfit.” [10:56] Today join Coach Paul and Tasha Hart again, to dive deeper into going from puzzled2purpose. Tasha is a dynamic speaker, author, and coach that connects you to your purpose. Today, Tasha delves into how to be “cautious when people speak over you the statement ‘I need you there...’” [16:30] There will always be places to fill and positions standing open, don’t fill a position for someone else and neglect your purpose. It is detrimental for everyone when you do. Often it is easy for you to feel moved around and out of sorts. Yet my friend the sorting is necessary, but it isn’t a permanent station. “The sorting is God’s moving you around to move you quicker into your purpose.” [19:45] Often while being sorted you have many hats you must wear.God is not only on one plane. He is on many levels at the same time; and He has created us to be the same way. You can hold many positions at the same time; a mom at home, a team leader at work, a Sunday school helper at church, and so much more. In her amazing fashion, Tasha Hart, shows how you are multi-dimensional “puzzle pieces” and designed with God’s picture in mind. Tasha shows you how God is the God of order and how He aligns His pieces (you) in His purpose. Do you know that you are so valuable that God’s picture isn’t complete without you? Grab your pen and paper, and plug in today to find out exactly which piece of the puzzle you fit in today!How to reach Tasha Hart:Facebook: Website: Instagram: YouTube: Spotify: Book Series: Secrets of the Twelve, Books 1, 2, and 3 How to reach Coach Paul:Sign up form for “Free Book” Tree: Community Group: IG: Website:
Are you willing to have a conversation with someone, especially when you disagree with them on topics you consider to be your core values, your non-negotiables in the faith so to speak? Today James Early will walk you through how to have in-depth conversations with those you may disagree on any topic. Mr. Early is from Connecticut, originally from Texas and has the Bible Speaks To You ministry. Mr. Early’s ministry is about getting back to the original Christianity of Jesus, experiencing God’s healing presence in your life. [17:30] Too often, in the Body there are different views of the Faith, these differences are not supposed to divide you with those in Christ. Christ, Himself has called you to deny yourself, take up the cross and follow Jesus. 1 Corinthians 12:15-28 calls you to acknowledge that everyone in the body have a different function to do the work of God and each is appointed by God to that job. So, my friend my question for you today is: Are you following God’s call to love His people by loving God more, loving your neighbor more than yourself, and building the faith for all to come to the Father?How to reach James Early:ames Early is a Bible teacher, author, speaker, blogger, and podcaster. Since October 2008 he has conducted weekly Bible study workshops at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT. He gives talks and conducts workshops on the Bible covering a wide range of topics to churches and groups as well as online. He has served in every capacity in his local congregation including conducting church services for 12 years in his lay led congregation. He started The Bible Speaks to You Podcast in October 2019, now with listeners in 96 countries, to focus on getting back to the original Christianity of Jesus and to rediscover our right and ability to think, act, pray, love, and heal like Jesus. He lives in Bethel, CT with his wife. They have three grown children.Links: Website: https://thebiblespeakstoyou.comResource when you subscribe to the podcast: Prayer Guide: Praying with the Mindset of Jesus How to reach Coach Paul:Sign up form for “Free Book” Tree: Community Group: IG: Website:
Do you ever have those times you just don’t know where to go next? Every day you are in a state of change and growing, whether it is to be better or bitter or even stagnate. Today the tremendous transitional life coach, minister and so much more, Faith Davis, will share with you how to R.E.S.E.T your life today! In this episode you will get some amazing nuggets of how to Restore, Empower, Sustain, Evolve, and Transform your life, starting now [06:00]! No matter where you are adjusting in, albeit divorce, restart, career change, simple transition, or wherever you are, Faith will walk you through how to transform into who God has made you to be. This transformation she works in is just like in 2 Cor. 5:17, Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. Faith does a one-on-one, set-you-free-reset [19:09] walk with you to get your transformation, by mapping out your journey for your achievements. Faith will also walk with you in this mission no matter how big or small you readjust needs to be. So, the questions for you today my friend are: What are you transitioning through and transforming into right now? Who are you aligning with to get your metamorphoses to the next level?How to reach Faith Davis:FB: info@IamFaithDavis.comHow to reach Coach Paul:Sign up form for “Free Book” Tree: Community Group: IG: Website:
Are you seeking God’s hand or His mind? All too often, it is popularized to seek God’s abundance in your life, but God calls you first to seek His ways and His will in your obedience to Him in your life. God can and does, do a work in you long before you come to truly know Him, however it takes you actively looking to unlock His word in your life to receive His freedom. Today you get the marvelous privilege to hear Tim Stewarts testimony of being set free from drugs and alcohol, but more importantly how he received the life of God’s freedom! Tim went through a several year journey of drug abuse and twelve times of being in rehab, before God showed him that the drugs were NOT his problem!Don’t miss this word today, this goes so much deeper than a release from drugs and alcohol, but to release you from all strongholds that hold you back from God’s mission in you. So, often the church building is filled Sunday morning and church programs grow in numbers, and many go through the motions of Christianity; but the church is spiritually anemic from the lack of the full truth of the Kingdom Message. So the question is: What is the Original Intent of the WORD? This question, as well as, many more are answered by Pastor Paul and Tim in this episode. So, buckle up and get ready to learn how to unlock the power in God’s freedom for you!How to reach Tim Stewart: Book: Free Yourself from Yourself: Fail Proof Principals for Addiction RecoveryHow to reach Coach Paul:Sign up form for “Free Book” Tree: Community Group: IG: Website:
Who Do You Think You Are? You have many titles, fill many positions in this life, lead several tasks to completion, yet who does God say you are? Today you get the privilege to hear from the zestful Donna Cappon!! Donna is by her own definition is “a Biblical life and holistic health coach”. Her passion is for you “to discover your true identity and to walk in the liberty of the health that God guides and paid for you to have”.In this episode you will dive deep in a growing understanding that “any area of your life that does not have a redemptive solution is under the influence of a lie.” You will learn how to use God’s word to pour through you while you sleep at night, when you wake in the day, and how to hide His word in your heart; such as Psalms 16:7 I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me and Psalms 17:3 Though you probe my heart, though you examine me at night and test me, you will find that I have planned no evil; my mouth has not transgressed. Donna and Coach Paul will inspire you in how to find your identity in Christ, while exploring the life of the prodigal and his brother (Luke 15: 11-32). Tying these huge life changing nuggets together for you to experience the renewing of your mind, spirit, and body daily. So, grab your pen, paper, favorite coffee/tea/water, and don’t miss a second of this Spirit-filled, power-packed session!*How to contact Donna Cappon:Facebook: Website: *How to contact Coach Paul Ybarra:Link Tree: Community Group: IG: Website: identityofonecoaching@gmail.comWant to be interviewed?
Have you truly connected with someone lately? Not had a conversation, said some words at each other, but TRULY CONNECTED with someone about who they are or what they need? Better yet when was the last time you got on someone else’s “level” to build them to their success? Today you will hear from the dynamic, yet humble Angela Nichols. Angela is a middle school teacher with an out-of-the-box philosophy of bringing out the hard conversations of living out your individual culture. She not only does this for her students, but for everyone she encounters.You often hear about DIVERSITY, but do you really live it? Angela does, and she encourages her students, her own children, and you to live it today. In her career as a teacher, Angela, hasn’t gone the traditional route of “students must be in their seats, facing forward, and not speaking to learn”. She has on the other hand, met her students where they are at, and even going as far as to teach them from under the desk, in her jeans, and in her student’s lingo to make the lasting connections that far surpass the call of the “public teacher”. The accolades show Angela’s dedication to opening her students up for their success in and out of the classroom, being awarded Teacher of The Year (the very first year she was eligible to receive that award), as well as having students and their parents from years past connect with her to “just let her know how much she impacted their lives for the better”. So, get ready to get a whole new perspective on how to live out true and lasting connections with yourself and those you encounter. How to reach Angela Nichols: Email: Sidhu125@regis.eduCoach’s Corner LinksLink Tree: Community Group: IG: Website: identityofonecoaching@gmail.comWant to be interviewed?
What is in a word? Ever think how words truly effect you? Today you get the privilege to learn the power of life and death is in your words (Proverbs 18:21)! Special Guest Bruce Pulver TED talks speaker, author, and activational leader brings words to life! Bruce has written such books as Above the Chatter Our Words Matter and Powerful Words That Changed My World Forever. He has been featured in many speaking arrangements, and is a leader that gets you motivated for action. This tremendous commander of words is going to walk you step-by-step through how to activate your own words for your success. So, buckle up and prepare to be enlightened!Bruce’s information: Coach’s Corner Links:Link Tree: Community Group: IG: Website: identityofonecoaching@gmail.comWant to be interviewed?
Why do you try so hard to fit in when you were created to stand out? [17:31] Do you find yourself doing what you think people expect of you? How has that worked out for you…. living for someone else? I had the pleasure of interviewing Kash Memphis. Kash is a dynamic, on purpose, unapologetic believer in Christ that is here to tell you how God broke him and his family out of tradition and into the dream chasing life God has set out for them. Kash, formerly known as Brian Havens, is also medically retired demolitions expert and chaplain’s assistant from the military, former pastor, on purpose husband, father and evangelist. Kash’s evangelism focus includes being a rap artist writing and singing his own music, a coach that focuses on helping you bring out your creativity, as well as helping others learn what it truly means to be in the body of Christ. Too often, too many people get in the pattern of going to the establishment of church and forget that the true church is living out of their lives through direct discipling of others for Christ. Kash is doing just that while building a community of believers to dream big and creatively worship God. So, my question for you right now is: Are you ready today, this minute to chase the dream, YOUR DREAM, that God has positioned you for?Then dive in with me!!You can find Kash Memphis on his website: , Instagram at ,Patreon at , Apple Music at Coach Paul Ybarra at:FREE DOWNLOAD: www.setfreelife.netFACEBOOK: PAGE: identityofonecoaching@gmail.comWant to be interviewed?
Are you empowering those around you, most importantly your kids? Many times, we limit our children, team members, or those we encounter to our expectations of them. In that the question arises, am I leading to be first or am I striving to be a servant leader? Let’s be honest, all of us, you included are leaders in some capacity. Are you sowing seeds of doubt in those you come-upon? OR Are you helping them build their success in their strengths?Coach Paul’s interview today is with a take-charge, trail-blazing leader that has many accolades in connecting and empowering dads with their children. One way he has done this is through expanding the astonishing FBI Dads program, not only in his own community, but for each and every one of us. This phenomenal man has also written the powerful book “Be the Dad You Wish You Had”, and is an astounding accountability coach. Ryan Roy is a lifelong leader that defines being a leader as one that shows up for themselves at a high level and does it for the right reasons. [08:25] Coach Paul asks Ryan the deep question of where his take-action leadership style came from. Join in now to hear the answer, get answers for some of your tough leadership questions, and get empowered with some of the enlightening antidotes Ryan has to share with you. For Ryan’s free book go to Ryan Roy’s contact info.: Coach Paul Ybarra:FREE DOWNLOAD: www.setfreelife.netFACEBOOK: PAGE: identityofonecoaching@gmail.comWant to be interviewed?
Have you ever experienced undiluted, true worship of God? Not just the singing of songs in the first few minutes of church, but true deep, down in the recesses of your soul, calling out praises with everything you have to El Shaddai in worship? If not get ready to hear from a true sister of Christ that has a heart and ministry that calls us all out to do just that. This small-town Oklahoma lady is a singer and songwriter with an infectious passion to open us all up to faithful adoration of the true and living God. I met April Metzler through Christian Podcasters Association, and knew right away that I had to get her on Coach’s Corner to share her testimony and passions with all of us! Today April leads us through her testimony of how God has used her music to bring conviction to be a realistic and prudent mentor for her daughter. Join us as she goes through how 2020 was a time for her and her family, a truly “tremendous blessing of raising up in the newness and intimacy with the Lord, with more and more time with Him.” [09:48] April explains that we get this newness and intimacy through the refining fire, and clarity though being humble, and hearing God’s voice by praying risky prayers such as Psalms 139: 23-24. Are you brave and humble enough to ask: Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting? You can only go as far with God as you go deep with God and allow Him to go deep in you. Yet, in this journey and in the refining, God brings us through we also have to appreciate where others are in their own journey with God. [45:02] We have to meet people where they are, when we are called to minister, and we all are called to ministry. It may look different for us all, but we are here to build each other and grow in the body as one. April concludes the podcast today by revealing her “quiet place”, how to find your quiet place to have true intimacy to connect with The Father in your everyday life. So here are some of those hard questions; Are you seeking that alone and deep intimacy with Him as He calls? Are you ready to get that deep?April, also, shares with us about her new book “Oh My God My Heart!”, her latest song “Oh My Heart Strings!” (a must listen to, amazing soul moving, step provoking worship song), and explains just a tidbit of what is coming up for her and her daughter Shelby in the new year. Please do go check out April’s website at , listen to her podcast RSVP Show at , as well as her book , and of course her music which can also be found at . Connect with April at on Facebook, as well Instagram, and Twitter. Tune in and share out this amazing call to worship to faithfully step out in obedience in your walk with God, while we dig deep in the Word to find the true fellowship!FREE DOWNLOAD: www.setfreelife.netFACEBOOK: PAGE: identityofonecoaching@gmail.comWant to be interviewed? to be a part of a community that loves to build people? you and God Bless
Who in the world do you think you are? This is the question that the enemy will ask you in your most empowering moments at times. Right when you are at the cusp of something great that God has equipped you for..... bam, theres the enemy creeping around the corner to trip you up!!Does this resonate with you? If so, then this is the episode for you to dive into. I am interviewing a good friend of mine Donna Cappon, and sharing bits and nuggets on how to combat the plots of the enemy!!!FREE DOWNLOAD: www.setfreelife.netEMAIL: identityofonecoaching@gmail.comYOUTUBE: PAGE:
I want you to understand that you are under the blood of Jesus if you have given your heart and life to Christ! It is time to activate God's Word for your life and live the abundance that you were granted in Jesus Name!! Follow me
Looking into the life of one young man that fought his way through the struggles of life, not only in the abandonment and rejection from his father, but the traces of filling a void with pornography as a go to as a youth. This is an epidemic that will destroy your mind if you do not break away from it, and it will destroy a marriage and a home if this curse is not broken. Join me today as I interview Jeremy Moore and we bring hope, tips and nuggets to help set you free!!
This is one that I didnt need an intro, and I knew I didnt have time to edit it, this is one that needs to be heard!
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