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Living abroad can be an adventure...and as a US Citizen it can be challenging! On the second Tuesday of each month, the American Citizens Abroad (ACA) team dives into an array of issues concerning Americans residing abroad, from managing expat life to finances to culture shock to trailing spouses and everything in-between! Join us as we explore the reality of life as an American living abroad.
45 Episodes
We chat with Matt DeSantis of My Bhutan, Beyul Labs, and the US State Department's warden for Bhutan, about his life in Bhutan, the Bhutan perspective of how to approach life, introducing baseball to Bhutan and more. My Bhutan Beyul Labs An Insider’s Guide to the Wonders of Bhutan via Columbia Magazine In the mountains of the world's most remote country, baseball takes hold via MLB
We chat with Casie Tennin, a Master Certified Life Coach who specializes in life coaching for expats, about the challenges some American expats face when moving abroad, the issues that come up for those who are thinking of moving abroad versus those who are already overseas, how geographic location can impact the challenges of those who have moved to another country, her method for helping her clients, and much more! Visit Casie's website or find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.
We chat with Sara Dyson, the founder of  the site Expat in Croatia, about how the site came about, the challenges she has faced as an American in Croatia, the challenges those immigrating to Croatia face, and much more! Expat in Croatia View Expat in Croatia's Services Subscribe to Expat in Croatia Donate to Expat in Croatia Follow Expat in Croatia on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter.
We chat with the Executive Director of ACA, Marylouise Serrato about what’s new with ACA’s advocacy in Washington DC, what is happening with the three bills introduced in the last Congress (Congresswoman Maloney’s safe harbor bill for FATCA reporting, her commission bill, and Congressman Beyer’s tax filing simplification act); the impact of government and academic studies on advocacy for tax reform; why Congressional hearings are so important; what is going on with the Americans Abroad Caucus; and much more! Visit ACA ACA's Current Write-In Campaigns Join ACA
Michael Pollock, a leader in TCK care, founding Director of Daraja, and the co-author of “Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds”, 3rd edition, is our guest for this episode. We chat about his experience overseas, his experience of raising kids overseas, the issues TCKs are trying to manage in today’s world, challenges TCKs face when repatriating, today’s technology and TCKs, Daraja, and much more! Daraja Daraja - Coaching Daraja - Consulting Daraja - Workshops & Events Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition: Growing Up Among Worlds
We chat with entrepreneur and American living in the Caribbean Islands of Panama, Anne Michelle Wand, about her life abroad, her history as an entrepreneur, and more!
We chat with writer and photographer Clary Estes about the time she has spent abroad, her art and writing work, photographers and writes who have influenced her, where she is possibly moving to next, and more! Visit her website Her current Substack project  
We chat with Angela, the Operations Manager of Roman Vacations and an American living in Rome, about what should be visited in Rome that you would never find in a guidebook, some of her favorite spots in Rome, what it's like running a business in Italy, some of the common issues American expats in Italy face, and more.   The Roman Vacations Website Roman Vacations on Facebook Roman Vacations on Instagram Roman Vacations on Trip Advisor
We chat with Elizabeth, Chief Operations Officer, with TCK Training. We discuss the programs TCK Training offers for TCKs, parents, and care providers, their 2021 survey and white paper, Adult TCKs, and much more! TCK Training Research at TCK Training TCK Training's Resources
We chat with Molly Wilk, a French pastry chef living in Versailles about her expat story, taking classes at Le Cordon Bleu, teaching others how to create French pastries, and much more. Molly's website Molly's Cookbooks
We chat with Girl Gone London's Kalyn, about her experience living in London, differences between the US and the UK, experiencing reverse culture shock, her blog and YouTube channel, and more! Girl Gone London Ultimate London and UK Travel Guide Facebook Group The Girl Gone London Book
We chat with Rebecca Lammers, the International Representative on the Taxpayer Advocate Panel (TAP), about her new role on TAP, some of the issues she has raised on behalf of Americans living abroad, some of the challenges she expects to face, how she sees her role evolving over time, and more! The TAP website ­– submit your suggestions Follow Rebecca Lammers on Medium Meet the Taxpayer Advocate Service for Americans Abroad (June 1, 2022) featuring Rebecca TAP's Facebook Page
We chat with Nick Biblis, The Advancement and Communications Advisor at Jakarta Intercultural School. We discuss life as an expat in Jakarta, the expat community in Jakarta, repatriating back to the US, and much more! Jakarta Intercultural School
We chat with Marylouise Serrato, Executive Director of American Citizens Abroad (ACA), and Charles Bruce, ACA Legal Counsel and ACA Global Foundation's (ACAGF) Chairman, about District Economics Group's (DEG) recent study completed in support of Residence-Based Taxation (RBT). We discuss how the research helps advocacy for RBT; why revenue neutrality is important; why ACA Global Foundation worked with DEG on this study; the response from Capitol Hill, US Treasury, and the IRS to the research; and much more!    Given the importance of this study, and the current Congressional interest in it, we are sharing this on our ACA Podcast. This research, funded by ACAGF, is critical to ACA's advocacy work on RBT. ACA has already presented the study to offices on Capitol Hill and is setting up more and more meetings with key Congressional offices and the tax writing committees.   ACA's TaxCast with Marie Sapirie   Article, "Would Residence-Based Taxation Break The Bank?" by Bob Goulder   American Citizens AbroadSide-By-Side Analysis:Current Law – Residency-Based Taxation   ACA's Write-In Campaigns
We chat with Kate Dahl, professional motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, lecturer, and founder and owner of Career Denmark. We talk about Career Denmark's approach to connecting talent to companies, the job search in Denmark, the Danish concept of Hygge, how to handle being fired with grace, and what makes Denmark a great destination for Americans. Career Denmark Find Kate on LinkedIn and Facebook
We speak to YouTubers, Josh & Vicky, (aka "A Couple of Nomads"), who are currently living in Valencia, Spain, about relocating to Spain in the middle of a pandemic, how their YouTube channel came about, the American expat community in Spain, their experiences living abroad, and much more! Josh & Vicky's YouTube Channel, A Couple of Nomads A Couple of Nomads: "Retire in Spain - Move to Spain with EASY Spanish Residency!" A Couple of Nomads: "Moving to Spain - Our TOP 5 TIPS, You MUST know!" A Recent Article about Josh & Vicky in
We chat with Carol Markino, an English teacher in Rome, about moving to Italy, making a living teaching English as a second language, who her students are and why they are learning English, the importance of word-of-mouth in Rome, and more!
We chat with Kema Ward-Hopper, founder of the retreat space, Unplugged; English teacher; and yoga instructor about her life in Costa Rica, her retreat space, growing up as an "army brat" versus raising her kids in Costa Rica, and much more. Unplugged Costa Rica Unplugged Costa Rica on Instagram
We chat with Tim Leffel, writer, author, editor, publisher and an American living in Mexico about his life as an American abroad, his books and publishing company, the community of Americans in Mexico, healthcare in Mexico, how to find a place to live in Mexico, and much more! Tim Leffel's site Tim's Books More about Al Centro Media and Perceptive Travel
We chat with ACA's Executive Director, Marylouise Serrato, for a 2021 year-end review of ACA's work throughout the year.   ACA: RBT Coalition: 'Parting the Veil: Analyzing the Revenue Effects of Residence-Based Taxation (RBT)' and 'Congress Can Pass Residence-Based Taxation (RBT). Here's How' webinars:
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