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Sales enablement teams look different in every organization, but our guest is sure of one thing: they should be the driver of consistency, efficiency, and predictability. Marcela Piñeros is the Global Head of Sales Enablement at Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. In this episode, Marcela shares her philosophy on hiring for and building a world-class sales enablement team, and how you can ensure your sales enablement team becomes your predictability super power. 
Your number one competitor? Indecision. Best-selling author of The Challenger Sale, Matt Dixon, shares his groundbreaking recent research on the indecision epidemic that’s sweeping the world and impacting your bottom line. You’ll get a research-backed play-by-play on how your teams can JOLT your customer out of their indecisive state, so you can close more business and create more trust.Sign up for the Edge newsletter:
If your SDRs are struggling to put up impressive numbers, it’s likely that there’s one culprit: data. Or more specifically, the lack of it. Quality, accessible data equals better time management, better coaching, and ultimately more wins for your whole team. Lily Youn Jaroszewski knows this well. She’s the head of growth at Gradient Works—a sales book management software—where she built the SDR team from the ground up. And, it’s not the first time she’s done it! On this episode, she’s sharing exactly how to use data to level up your outbound teams. Sign up for the Edge newsletter:
Diverse teams perform better. But what does a high-performing, diverse sales team look like? Arwa Kaddoura has firsthand knowledge to spare. She knows how to recruit, serve, and motivate record-breaking sales teams – who just happen to be diverse. Arwa is the Chief Revenue Officer at InfluxData, the purpose-built open source time series platform made by and for developers. In this episode, Arwa speaks with Gong’s Danny Wasserman on the why behind diversifying, and how to sustainably hire and retain top talent across the board. Sign up for the Edge newsletter:
It’s no secret that when times get tough, your sales strategy must pivot. But what about the ways you motivate and interact with your sales team? In this Celebrate session replay, Kathy O’Donnell, Director at EMEA Marketing, sits down with Atossa Vaziri, VP of Sales Enablement at Dataiku, and Paul Albert, SVP at Payhawk to explore their POV on how to move the needle in a down market. Keeping your team motivated and staying connected to them is at the core of beating any change the market throws your way. Listen in to hear how they are staying ahead of the curve with motivation hacks.
The number one way to boost your bottom line? According to Andrew Criezis, it’s all about alignment. He’s sharing how you can align your product, marketing, and sales teams to take your revenue to new heights. Andrew is the GM of SMB at NielsenIQ, a global measurement and data analytics company focused on the CPG industry. Listen now to hear not only the “why” behind getting aligned, but the “how”.
Sheena joins Chris Cassarino, AVP and Global Lead of Business Enablement at SoftServe, and Kim Walsh, SVP at, in New York City for an honest conversation about what leaders can do to optimize and motivate their teams in these challenging times. In this Celebrate session replay, these two leaders share their practical insights on how to anchor your teams on alignment, support team members in challenging environments, and how keep teams motivated. Sign up for The Edge newsletter:
The world is always changing — but does that mean your messaging should too? Tony Granados joins us for a step-by-step guide in creating, getting buy-in, and rolling out new sales materials  to your teams that actually move the needle.Tony is the Senior Director of Go To Market Strategy and Revenue at Airtable—a no-code workflows platform, AND he’s a Limited Parter at Stage 2 Capital—a VC fund led and backed by elite go-to-market professionals.Sign up for The Edge newsletter:
In this Celebrate session replay, Sheena sits down IRL with Juniper’s VP of Global Revenue Enablement, Hang Black, and Sequoia Capital Partner, Carl Eschenbach to explore their perspectives on the market trends sales leaders need to know.The best-of-the-best sales leaders are already adjusting their strategies to account for these trends. Because the world is changing, fast. From a market downturn to layoffs, to hiring freezes, the current market poses a lot of challenges. This is how to prepare for what’s ahead. Sign up for The Edge newsletter:
Graham Collins, Chief of Staff at QuotaPath, knows how to create compensation plans that are simple, logical, and fair. He’s breaking down why your comp plan is broken (and what you can do to fix it).Graham is sharing his tips around how you can effectively create, communicate, and scale your comp plans in a way that will keep your reps involved, motivated, and focused on crushing their targets.
Every great sales leader has a plan. But best ones? They’ve got a whole playbook. Carsten Haagensen, Chief Commercial Officer at Famly, shares his undisputed playbook for “how to get out of the gutter”. Its consistently led his team to an over 40% win rate, in good times and in bad. Learn how you can craft your own bulletproof sales plays and understand the critical role RevOps plays in ensuring your team can thrive in any situation.
Samantha McKenna is the industry’s go-to source for sales leadership. With over 38K followers on LinkedIn, Samantha is the founder of #SamSales, a consulting service that helps sales and marketing teams win.Sam shares her playbook for being a sales leader worth following and breaks down the pillars of world-class leadership. Consider this your crash course in building successful sales and marketing teams.
Accurate forecasts are core to running a successful business. Yet more often than not, forecasting is rarely that... accurate.When John Lorenc, Vice President of Sales Operations, joined Point Click Care they didn’t really have a sales operations function. Today, the company operates a data-fueled forecasting approach putting them within 3% of accuracy. Hear how they said goodbye to a “best-guess” model and get a crash course on how to set up a sales operations function that has massive impacts on the health of your organization.
What do sales and soccer have in common? Coaching. And Jason Hawes, UK Sales Director of Culture Amp, knows what it takes to create a winning culture because he learned most of it from his soccer days.Jason shares how his experiences as an underdog collegiate soccer player made him a better sales leader, and why he thinks vulnerability and play should both have equal seats at the table on a winning sales team.
Joseph Fuerst, VP of Sales at Base AI, is passionate about customer-led growth, and he knows that to grow successfully, you have to start by humanizing the people you’re selling to. So stop calling them leads. Stop calling them targets. In fact, stop calling them anything but “people”—because that’s what they are! Sit in on this masterclass for tactical tips on scaling your personalization efforts, changing the way your organization thinks about who they’re selling to, and truly knowing your customer.Sign up for The Edge newsletter:
Ah, the all-important fork-in-the-road moment: choosing a go-to-market motion. To settle the debate once and for all, we brought on Zhenya Loginov, CRO of Miro. He’s seen GTM motions in action at Dropbox, Segment, and Miro. And has just the perspective you need to get this major decision right. In this episode of Reveal, Zhenya talks through how leaders should think about engineering and product, the important choice between a PLG and enterprise sales motion, and creating incentives to hire the absolute best talent.Join us for the Celebrate Reality Roadshow!
From his time at Nike and now Rent Dynamics, Chief Revenue Officer Mike Wolber has learned that the first step in increasing revenue is deeply understanding your customer. This might include listening to your team, seeking feedback from the market, and architecting a GTM experience playbook to truly source revenue.Listen to this episode of Reveal to get Mike’s sage wisdom on nailing product market fit and go-to-market fit.Join us for the Celebrate Reality Roadshow!
Without go-to-market alignment, things start to fall apart. Your business won’t be able to scale and inefficiencies will hold you back from growth. So, how can you guarantee alignment? This is a job for RevOps.On this episode, Liz Christo, partner and GTM advisor at VC firm Stage 2 Capital, breaks down the Rev Ops function–what it is, where its important role lies, and how to scale it within your organization based on the stage your company is in.Want more revenue intelligence insights delivered straight to your inbox? Sign up for The Edge newsletter.
When you enter a phase hypergrowth, certain things get harder to scale. Like hiring the best sales talent, and ensuring they find meaning in their work.  Luckily Andy is revealing exactly how he’s growing a team that loves working for him and at unicorn status startup – Esusu.As Director of Sales, he’s used these principles to increase ARR over 500%. These are lessons that every sales leader–whether you’re in hypergrowth or not–needs to keep their teams motivated, mission-driven, and always improving. Get the The Reality of Sales Talent Report here.
It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month so for this bonus episode, we’re celebrating by sharing the stories and experiences of 3 Asian American sales leaders. Gong’s Chief People Officer Sandi Kochhar leads this insightful conversation with Paul Park, CRO at Sparrow, and Tammy Aguillon, VP Commercial Sales at Docusign. Gain valuable perspective from these amazing sales leaders and get practical advice for forming mentor/mentee relationships, leading with empathy, and more.
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