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The National Police Association is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded to educate supporters of law enforcement in how to help police departments accomplish their goals. The National Police Association Podcast, website and social media sites provide up to date information on law enforcement news, issues, and challenges.
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QUOTES 02:15 "The fund in turn passed along $8 million to Communities United for Police Reform, a far-left 'defund the police' group whose membership includes Black Lives Matter NYC, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Color of Change, and the local SEIU branch." 02:39 "It employs lawyers from the activist Left and Obama administration aiming to fundamentally transform the criminal justice system by demanding removal of police officers from schools, decriminalizing drugs, expanding the 'definition of profiling' to include 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity,' and forcing police and prosecutors to 'acknowledge and apologize for decades of racially disparate policing and criminal justice practices.'" 05:07 "One discussion last year agreed at the time to remove the terrorism label, which has repeatedly been kept out of the article's intro. While criticism of Antifa involvement in riots following the death of George Floyd in police custody refocused attention on the group." 09:27 "Ngo has been variously smeared by vandals as a 'fascist' or 'nazi' and even a 'white nationalist' despite being Asian, while established editors citing biased sources such as the socialist Jacobin outlet accuse Ngo of 'doxing' Antifa members and getting journalists threatened by linking research about their closeness to Antifa." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, the alleged source of funding for the Black Lives Matter movement has been revealed, with the Tides Foundation being the tip of the iceberg. Also, Breitbart news published that Wikipedia editors have been censoring their pages of Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence. These editors reportedly labeled journalist Andy Ngo as a fascist and conducted smear campaigns against President Trump. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:19 Left-wing politics and funding identified for Black Lives Matter Movement 04:12 Bretibart news: Wikipedia editors are actively censoring Antifa violence ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 00:43 "Attorney General William Barr said hundreds of federal agents could take part in the surge in the city, where they will be engaged in 'classic crime-fighting' such as investigating homicides, gangs, gun crime, and drug-trafficking organizations." 01:22 "The mayor offered a measured response to the announcement, expressing both cautious optimism about the additional resources and skepticism about Trump's motives. She has repeatedly said the kind of force captured on camera on the streets of Portland, Oregon, is not welcome in Chicago." 06:25 "The effectiveness of a law-enforcement surge is far from guaranteed, particularly in Chicago where increased police staffing has done little to stem the violent tide over the years." 09:40 "Patrick J. Lynch, the Polive Benevolent Association president, said the releases of 'killers who undermine the very fabric of a civilized society' were emblematic of Albany's 'pro-criminal agenda.'" 09:52 “This violates everything law-abiding citizens stand for: keeping our streets safe, respecting the sacrifice of police families, and sending a strong message to criminals that killing police officers will never be tolerated,” he said." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Trump singles out Chicago for violence and announces a surge in federal agents for "classic crime-fighting." Mayor Lightfoot has issued a measured optimism about the move saying the arrests by federal agents in Portland are not welcome in her city. And in New York City, more cop killers are to be set free on parole much to the protest of the Police Benevolent Association and the victims' families. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:18 Trump: Hundreds of federal agents to storm Chicago to curb violence 08:32 New York City to free cop killers decades after conviction ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 00:31 "In addition to violent protests, rioting and looting, the insurgents started by targeting statues and monuments to Confederate figures from the American Civil War." 01:50 "Marx described religion as the soul of soulless conditions and the opium of the people. He called for the abolition of religion as an illusion preventing the people from having true happiness." 03:35 "'I am not proposing defunding Northfield police nor did I ever say I was,' Korngut said in a statement she posted to her Facebook page.People are interpreting that to me saying Northfield police are targeting Black people,' she told The Press." 09:19 "State legislators and Sussex County Council representatives pledged continued support for the 'Thin Blue Line' of law enforcement in Delaware. That thin blue line represents the difference between civility and chaos,' said House Minority Leader Rep. Danny Short, R-Seaford." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a report says that America is under attack from Marxist Black Lives Matter Movement members who have started targeting historical monuments and churches. In Northfield, New Jersey, a "Blue Lives Matter' rally drew in over 200 supporters after a councilwoman allegedly supports police defunding. She has since denied the allegation. And in Georgetown, Delaware, another rally in support of law enforcement facilitated by state Sen. Brian Pettyjohn, R-Georgetown drew in an estimated 500 supporters including state legislators, council representatives, retired troopers, and many more. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:22 Church attacks blamed on Marxists, Black Lives Matter Movement 02:53 Northfield 'Blue Lives Matter' Rally draws in 200 supporters 05:35 Georgetown 'Thin Blue Line' Rally gets the support of local legislators and authorities ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 00:53 "Chesimard, a leading figure in the 1970s so-called Black Liberation Army also known as Assata Shakur, was serving a life sentence for an array of charges, including first-degree murder and assault and battery of a police officer." 05:29 "Chesimard was later captured and convicted of first-degree murder and multiple other felonies. She was granted political asylum in Cuba after escaping from prison. She remains on the FBI's Most Wanted list, the association said." 08:23 "The letter went on to quote guidelines: No unsightly article shall be permitted and said please remove the items and store them out sight. I can't take the flag down. I'd be a hypocrite." 12:35 "I would like an apology and would like them to let us continue to have the freedoms we are supposed to have in America. Silverman said they are prepared to go to a hearing if that is what the HOA would like, and they are also prepared to go to court." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, the National Police Association has asked Palo Alto to remove the mural of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur in front of City Hall. Artists have also reportedly blocked the street to protect the mural. A Colorado chaplain has gained national prominence for flying a "Thin Blue Line" flag that the homeowner's association has ordered taken down. He has received the support of the National Police Association and will fight for his right to show support to the police. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:34 NPA requests removal of cop killer mural in Palo Alto 03:04 Artists barricade Black Lives Matter mural featuring cop-killer Assata Shakur 06:38 Police chaplain told to put down "Thin Blue Line" flag by HOA 08:54 Colorado: NPA shows support for police chaplain flying "Thin Blue Line" flag ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:32 "Sometimes the silent majority needs to stand up for what they believe in and think should be done, said Semmel." 06:27 "Part of their message is for new officers to recognize that the weight they feel with their badges is dwarfed by the weight carried by those who worry for their safety until they come through the door at home, ripping open the Velcro fasteners to take off their vests." 08:10 "The harassment became so bad for the restaurant that employees took extreme measures to protect themselves, while the smokehouse removed its Facebook page after online trolls caused ratings to plummet." 09:43 "In one video, Williams bragged about his followers having forced the restaurant to delete their Facebook ASAP and encouraged people to place realistic to-go orders they never intend to pick up after leaving bad reviews on Google." 10:17 "Nearly 1,000 motorcycles and cars proceeded out of Woodstock Harley-Davidson Saturday to support Law Enforcement Officers in McHenry County." SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, motorcycle-riding rallyists appeared in the hundreds to support separate "Back the Blue" rallies in Livingston County and Woodstock. In Tulsa, law enforcement and their supporters mourn the death of Sgt. Craig Johnson as another officer recovers in the hospital. Meanwhile, in Chattanooga, a false rumor about a steakhouse's food donation to a "Back the Blue" rally causes Black Lives Matters activists to harass them with threats of violence. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:24 "Back the Blue Ride and Rally" in Livingston draws hundreds of supporters 03:33 Tulsa mourns the death of Sgt. Craig Johnson 06:54 Chattanooga steakhouse harassed by Black Lives Matter activists after rumor of "Back the Blue" food donation 10:13 Hundreds of people join the "Back the Blue" rally in Woodstock Harley-Davidson ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 00:46 "Waid showed his support on behalf of the Town of Parker and council. Waid reminded his listeners of the good police do in Parker, citing a recent incident when a Parker Police officer saved the life of a choking 1-year-old." 04:23 "After watching the past two City Council meetings that took place, Murphy said she felt disheartened. I feel like Norman was being misrepresented, Murphy said. I feel like we have a great community and we have voices that deserve to be heard." 08:55 "Ensminger suffered a broken pelvis and ribs. He underwent several surgeries and therapy to repair the damage. Ensminger was praised by fellow officers after he helped subdue a man who was attacking Rudolph on Route 238 in Attica on Dec. 11, 2018." 12:13 "In the event that an officer is injured or killed because they no longer have access to pepper spray, the FOP will pursue all available legal recourse against those responsible." SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, "Back the Blue" rallies draw hundreds of supporters, such as the ones held in O'Brien Park in Colorado and Norman, Oklahoma. In New York, a state trooper who was seriously injured after an SUV ran into him during a protest in Buffalo has been released from the hospital. And in Cincinnati, families of law enforcement and F.O.P. speak out against de-funding the Cincinnati police. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:25 Hundreds join the ‘Back the Blue' rally at O'Brien Park 03:54 'Back the Blue' rally at Norman aims to unify & set aside differences 07:06 New York trooper who got ran over by SUV released from the hospital 10:01 Cincinnati law enforcement families speak against efforts to de-fund police ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:17 "The goal is to create a community response to people in mental health crisis, so law enforcement doesn't show up and potentially escalate the situation." 02:23 "Sacramento County has a 24-hour mental health crisis line, but it's not set up for in-person interventions. Instead, operators refer people to a system of clinics and crisis facilities that critics describe as backlogged." 08:24 "When someone painted out that blue line, the police union Facebook page blew up with expressions of outrage. It's an emotional time with the one-year anniversary of her murder, said Davis. It did affect us." 10:44 "Mayor Fischer and elected officials, please quit catering to the criminals. Rodman said he's frustrated with how officers are being treated. Shame on you for using the police officers as scapegoats." SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Sacramento aims to de-escalate by developing an alternative system for mental health calls that does not involve armed police. Also in Sacramento, organizers have postponed a baseball field dedication due to an apparent vandalism, drawing outrage. And in Louisville, Metro Police officers march and call for change. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:25 Sacramento: Alternative to police responding to mental health calls being developed 07:48 Ceremony dedicating a baseball field in honor of Tara O'Sullivan postponed to vandalism 10:13 Louisville cops march for change as downtown reduced to a warzone ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 03:30 "The message has been sent very clearly to police officers by our elected officials: We don't like you. We don't respect you. We will not support you. We want you to go away and if at all possible, we're going to do everything we can to make it happen." 04:33 "One other law would repeal section 50-A of the civil rights law, making complaints against officers public. Police unions fear that such a move will mean that frivolous complaints could be used against officers." 08:53 "The Blue Lives demonstrators also stand against the looting and rioting that sometimes has broken out in recent weeks amid protests against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody May 25." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, NYC union chief leader Patrick Lynch goes on the offensive saying politicians do not respect law enforcement. Also in New York, Governor Cuomo has just signed the police reform bill which will cripple the ability of cops to do their jobs. And in Temecula, California, police supporters go to the streets to show their support of local law enforcement. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:25 NYPD union chief: Politicians "asking us to abandon our communities” 03:45 NYC Governor Cuomo signs police reform bill 06:55 Blue Lives Matter: Temecula protesters stand with polic ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:49 "Rioters reached the gates of the White House, possibly the most secure location on Earth. There, they chipped away at the barriers piece-by-piece while law enforcement struggled to respond." 05:44 "Asked specifically whether extremist groups were behind the violence, Lightfoot said the city is working in partnership with the FBI, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the ATF, particularly their bomb and arson units to determine that." 07:08 "The chaos of the protests makes verifying identities and motives exceedingly difficult. On Sunday, both Republican and Democratic lawmakers singled out umbrella groups including Antifa and Boogaloo." 11:52 "Members of the force, which opposes the redevelopment of the Alamo, were carrying long guns and military gear. A standoff between the groups ensued, eventually boiling over into a shoving match. Eventually, police in riot gear assembled at the site." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Antifa tagged as leading an American insurgency together with the Black Lives Matter movement. In Chicago, "outsiders" are being blamed for the coordinated rioting and looting in the city as President Trump singles out Antifa. And in San Antonio, what began as a peaceful march was marred with violence by a radical splinter group, eventually needing teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the increasingly agitated crowd. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:24 Antifa & Black Lives Matter ideology blamed for chaos in the US 05:06 Chicago City officials point to "outsiders" for coordinated riots 09:06 San Antonio Police use teargas to disperse feuding protesters ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:43 "Police Week is exactly the time for us to think about these officers and their families and to be inspired to acts of service in their memory. It's also a time for lawmakers to make sure we're doing our part to support these brave men and women." 05:56 "Ledlow got out of his truck with an assault rifle and engaged two of the deputies. One of the deputies was struck in his side but thank God he was okay, said Sheriff Gautreaux." 09:35 "When the officer was stepping back, he was struck in the arm by a bullet that was fired from inside the residence. Broken Arrow police officials identified the injured officer as Cody Stanton, who has been with the department for about two years." 11:34 "The inmate made several aggressive punches on the officers, kicked the officers, and seven of the officers, at the end of this melee, ended up having to go to the hospital." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, this year's National Police Week was held virtually with the same aim of honoring the service of men and women in blue. In Baton Rouge, the suspect who was wanted for shooting a deputy is killed in a shootout. Meanwhile, in Broken Arrow, a second suspect in connection to a domestic disturbance and subsequent shooting of an officer has been arrested. And finally, an inmate goes on a melee and attacks 7 Deputies at the Denver Downtown Detention Center. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:26 Virtual National Police Week honors men & women in blue 04:06 Firefight in Baton Rouge ends with suspect's fatal shooting 08:17 Broken Arrow: 2nd suspect in officer's shooting arrested 10:42 Denver: Inmate attacks 7 deputies in detention center ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:40 "Wenger posted a livestream video on Facebook in which he bragged about getting into a shootout with police and referred to himself and his wife, Megan, as 'Bonnie and Clyde.' Megan Wenger could be seen in the video smiling and waving to the camera." 03:51 "Megan Wenger acted with Austin Wenger in his attempt to not be captured by police and never assisted the children in getting out of the apartment. She pleaded guilty Tuesday and was sentenced to 20 years." 06:30 "'Don't come at me with that, Justin,' Segura is heard saying in the video, pointing his gun at Charland. 'Come on, man, you don't want to do this.' As Mr. Charland was advancing toward the officers, he said he was a ninja and he was going to kill them." 08:52 "All 10 are accused of being part of a five-vehicle caravan that approached Hershey as he was investigating a home invasion at a trailer park in Salem County that had taken place earlier in the evening." 10:21 "Hutchings and Warner shot at the trooper from one vehicle and Hadden fired at him from another. The trooper was shot in the leg and seriously injured, according to authorities. The trooper shot back, and the alleged shooters fled the scene, authorities said." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, the would-be "Bonnie and Clyde" of Fayetteville have been convicted of a myriad of crimes and get more than 20 years each behind bars. Meanwhile, more details have been released on the fatal shooting of the samurai-wielding man who attacked responding police officers. And in New Jersey, 10 more people have been rounded up pending trial on the 5-car caravan attack that left a police officer injured. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:26 Fayetteville 'Bonnie and Clyde' gets 20+ years behind bars 04:06 New details emerge on fatal shooting of man armed with samurai sword 07:57 New Jersey: 10 more suspects nabbed for caravan attack on officer ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 00:58 "Officials argue the specific software the city would be subscribing to, IDentify, can recognize a suspect in a way that can't be 'duplicated via traditional means.' From the time Anaheim initiated its trial period with Veritone in 2017, the use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement has remained controversial up and down the state." 04:17 "We are delivering on our promise to hold all perpetrators fully accountable for this cowardly ambush of a New Jersey State Trooper, who was gunned down while courageously investigating a violent crime in the midst of this pandemic, Grewal said." 07:09 "The stabbing suspect withstood four less-lethal beanbag rounds fired at him before he advanced on an officer, prompting the officer and two others to open fire. The names of the stabbing victim and suspect, who both died at the scene, have not been publicly released." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, law enforcement has stepped up efforts to crack down on crime. In Anaheim, police are set to deploy facial recognition software to combat crime. In Salem, New Jersey, a third suspect has been charged for the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. Meanwhile, in San Jose, chaos in the downtown area as a suspect armed with a knife was confronted by witnesses. The suspect stabbed another man to death and was in turn fatally shot by responding police officers. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:26 Anaheim Police to deploy facial recognition software 03:05 Salem, New Jersey: 3rd shooter charged with cop's attempted murder 06:45 Chaos in San Jose: Witnesses intervene in a stabbing incident that turned fatal ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:05 "Critics and the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed a lawsuit on April 9 seeking to halt the police department program, have decried the privately operated spy planes as an unconstitutional invasion of personal privacy and freedom from unreasonable government searches." 05:35 "In Friday's opinion, Judge Bennett did note that the actual precision of collected images, described as dots that won't identify personal characteristics, has not yet been proven." 09:42 "The council created a new Class 2 misdemeanor punishable by a maximum $750 fine. It allows TPD to arrest those who refuse to stay outside crime scene boundaries while filming at police calls." 11:27 "Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, who pushed for the new ordinance, said the problem is so pervasive it's becoming a distraction for officers trying to carry out their duties. This has been happening, in some cases, on a nightly basis, he told the council." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, the Aerial Investigation Research (AIR) program of the Baltimore Police Department gets the go-ahead from a federal court judge. Critics like the ACLU argue that this kind of surveillance has a high probability of abuse. And in Tucson, the city has created a new ordinance that deters so-called First Amendment auditors from filming crimes and creating conflict for profit online. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:21 Baltimore spy plane approved by Federal judge amidst protests 08:39 Tucson: New ordinance aims to deter "First Amendment auditors" from crime scenes ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:20 "Officers used a spike strip to disable the bus and end the chase on the President George Bush Turnpike about noon, officials said. Villagomez left the bus and was shot as he exchanged gunfire with officers." 03:22 "Officers will be stationed at checkpoints in each of the city's 22 police districts to stop drivers and hand out flyers reminding people not to make unnecessary trips outside their home." 05:57 "'It is critical that public health concerns should not be used as a cover for race-based enforcement schemes or other heavy-handed police tactics,' Yohnka said." 08:24 "We are not only getting a public servant of the highest order. . . . We are also getting a man whose values and own lived experience make him ideally suited for the long-term challenges we are working to solve." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a gunman hijacks a DART bus in North Texas, wounds 3 officers, and is fatally shot. Meanwhile, in Chicago, police have announced checkpoints in all 22 police districts amidst public backlash. The city also welcomes its new police superintendent who has set moonshot goals in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:23 DART bus hijacked in North Texas, suspect fatally shot 03:09 Chicago police to set up checkpoints; faces backlash 07:12 New Chicago superintendent sets high goals, says 'we're headed to the moon' ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 00:57 "Law enforcement found Holmes' DNA on the pistol. Holmes has previous convictions for intimidation with a dangerous weapon, reckless use of a firearm, assault causing bodily injury, eluding, and flight to avoid prosecution." 03:34 "Newly released surveillance video shows a frenzied confrontation early Sunday in which a man was seen attacking gas station patrons, fighting with and getting shot by an off-duty cop, withstanding a police Taser, and taking off in a patrol vehicle before he was later shot and killed by police." 05:38 "At one point, while lying on his back in the drive-thru lane, the man repeatedly makes what look like slashing motions at his own throat. Wagstaffe confirmed that the suspect was hit once in the torso by a bullet fired by the off-duty San Francisco sergeant." 08:28 "The HEROES Act would create a four-month federal income tax holiday for healthcare workers and first responders battling the coronavirus. This legislation is modeled after the tax holiday our military service members receive while they are actively serving in a combat zone." 11:49 "Romutis stepped in as interim chief in Ambridge in 2018 to replace Chief James Mann. 'He was highly respected among the police,' Lozier said. 'He was a good, steady leader when Ambridge needed that.'" ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, DNA evidence found on a loaded pistol with an extended magazine leads to a 5-year jail sentence. The conviction is another success of Project Safe Neighborhoods and Project Guardian. In South San Francisco, a man leads a crazed attack in a gas station, injuring 2 people, slashing an off-duty cop's neck, surviving a taser and gunshot, and taking off with a police vehicle. He was later fatally shot after blowing out the tires in tire spikes. Also, Rep. Bill Huizenga (R) of Michigan's second congressional district, is introducing the HEROES Act which aims to protect COVID-19 frontliners and provide a 4-month tax holiday. And in Ambridge, police chief Mark J. Romutis succumbs to COVID-19 and is lauded as the people's policeman. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:22 DNA found on pistol with extended magazine leads to 5-year jail term 03:31 South San Francisco man fatally shot after attacking off-duty cop, surviving a taser and gunshot & stealing a police vehicle 07:46 HEROES Act to provide a 4-month tax holiday to first responders 10:56 Ambridge police chief succumbs to COVID-19 ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 02:06 "The trooper saw what appeared to be a small amount of a suspected controlled dangerous substance in the center console, police said. When Tucker confronted Coursey about this, Coursey allegedly accelerated away, with Tucker being dragged by the truck, according to the news release." 05:08 "The suspect in Jenkins' killing, identified by authorities as 65-year-old John Dabritz, is charged with open murder, third-degree arson, grand larceny of a motor vehicle and grand larceny of a firearm." 06:22 "A 28-year-old man who was wanted for the murder of his girlfriend in Shreveport's Highland neighborhood and was also suspected of shooting at a Caddo deputy on Monday, is dead." 11:49 "Detective Cairl is the father of Det. Zachary Cairl, a Toledo police Gang Unit detective who fired several gunshots at a suspect who pointed a rifle at him during a foot chase on Tuesday, police said." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, law enforcement officers respond to violent suspects resulting in casualties. In Nevada, NHP Sgt. Ben Jenkins was shot multiple times on a remote highway. Also, a Queen Anne's County man who allegedly dragged a state trooper in his truck is shot in the abdomen. Another suspect in Shreveport's Highland neighborhood, who was wanted for a string of violent crimes including the murder of his girlfriend, was shot dead last Monday. And in Ohio, shooting incidents continue to occur as law enforcement struggles to respond amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:22 Man speeds away & drags trooper on his truck; is shot in response 03:43 Nevada Highway Patrol Sgt. Ben Jenkins killed in shootout 06:20 Shreveport: Man wanted for girlfriend's murder is shot dead 10:36 Ohio: Multiple shootings reported amidst COVID-19 pandemic ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 05:36 "Even if we had the authority to release inmates as the ACLU has outlined in its letter, we wouldn't do it because that would be a gross injustice to the members of our community who are truly victims of criminal behavior perpetrated by some of the inmates incarcerated in our jail." 07:02 "Chaplains have been essential for years. In fact, the Crisis Care Chaplaincy has been there to support Bismarck law enforcement, other first responders, dispatchers and the community since 1979." 10:58 "That's why he and the national FOP are calling on policymakers in Washington to find solutions, by setting national guidelines for police departments when it comes to response, testing and quarantine protocols." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, various law enforcement agencies around the country continue to respond to the threat of COVID-19. In Weld County, the sheriff's office has rejected ACLU claims that their jail depopulation measures have been insufficient. In Bismarck, the Crisis Care Chaplaincy continues to be on-call to support first responders, even during the current pandemic. And in Baltimore, police have innovated new procedures to help the overstretched force adequately respond to COVID-19. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:26 Weld County Sheriff's Office rebuffs ACLU, defends COVID-19 response 05:53 Bismarck: Chaplaincy supports first responders around the clock 08:09 Baltimore police innovate & create new COVID-19 procedures ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:33 "Mayor Mike Duggan, who also attended Wednesday's press conference, added, 'Our hearts are broken ... today, coming a day after the loss of one of our 911 call-takers. And we're losing more members of our community. This is going to be hard. We're going to lose a lot more of our citizens.'" 05:09 "'We probably aren't going to go into a home like that and leave that to the medical professionals,' he said. 'We don't like not helping, but like I said the bottom line is that we have to be available for emergency calls.' Blair Fire Chief Joe Leonard said members of the Blair Volunteer Fire Department are also taking precautions on rescue calls." 07:33 "Officers did notice a gun in the suspect's hand. By the 2 hour and 6 minute mark, the suspect stopped responding to officers so three began to approach the vehicle he was in, Reid said. This is when the suspect raised the weapon, prompting the officers to fire at the suspect. Reid said the officers feared for their lives." 09:13 "The Baltimore FOP posted a letter to its Twitter page Monday, writing in part, 'We know first responders and healthcare workers are drastically more susceptible to being exposed to COVID-19 than the general public. Neither the department nor the city, has established an adequate amount of these resources.'" ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, COVID-19 continues to take the spotlight. In Detroit, Homicide Chief Jonathan Parnell is mourned as he has succumbed to COVID-19. In Washington County, police and fire departments are putting in place new procedures to mitigate the chances of COVID-19 transmission. And in Baltimore, the police union has begun collecting cleaning supplies to be donated for city officers. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:27 Detroit homicide chief succumbs to COVID-19 02:50 Washington County ramps up caution with rescue calls 06:20 Fresno: Suspect in officer-involved shooting dies after waving pellet gun 09:03 Baltimore FOP to collect cleaning supplies for city officers ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:48 "'Chris died a hero, rushing in without regard to his own safety to protect members of his community. His courageous actions serve as an example to us all,' Williams said in a statement." 06:38 "The NPA advocates the use of force by police when public safety is jeopardized by anti-police organizations such as Antifa and their sympathizers." 08:03 "Apparently cutting off the taxpayer-funded gravy train pissed off a lot of insiders. They soon conspired with the help of newly elected St Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner, to bring Greitens down." 13:14 "The irony of course, is that Ms. Gardner, in weaponizing government power against her political adversaries and bringing false charges that resulted in bringing down a duly elected governor, may have committed the very violations that the law was designed to prevent." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Springfield pays tributes to Police Officer Christopher Walsh, 32, who died after sustaining injuries in a gas station shooting. The motive of the shooter remains unknown and is still under investigation. In Portland, city lawyers urged the judge to toss out a lawsuit that claims police condone fascists. They called this claim "outrageous". And lastly, former governor Eric Greiten regains his reputation after being exonerated of all wrongdoing. His accusers now face possible prison time for falsely accusing him and forcing him from office. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:26 Springfield pays tribute to slain officer in gas station shooting 03:15 NPA backs lawyers' call to junk lawsuit claiming police condone fascists 06:48 Former Governor Eric Greiten exonerated after 20-month investigation ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
QUOTES 01:15 "The officers 'quite reasonably believed that they needed to use deadly force to protect innocent lives, and their own, from Legan's violent rampage,' Deputy Dist. Atty. Rob Baker wrote in the report." 04:26 "That's a direct result of the federal initiative, according to Huber, who criticized lawmakers for not allowing for more harsh sentencing guidelines for repeat offenders. The federal court system, he argued, allows for stiffer punishments for those with a criminal record who are caught with illegal firearms and large amounts of drugs." 06:36 "If a case is dismissed without prejudice, the charges are closed but can be reopened if a prosecuting agency sees fit. By taking this process, federal prosecutors effectively have a safety net in the event that their prosecutions are not successful; they can send the case back to state courts if needed." 09:11 "Mercado was shot by officers after dispatchers received a call saying a man with a knife was looking into cars in the area. When officers arrived, Mercado walked toward them with a folding knife in hand. Allred wrote that the officers shouted to Mercado to drop the knife a total of 23 times before they began firing their service weapons." 11:02 "He reportedly asked Mercado if he was OK, to which Mercado replied, “Yeah, are you OK?” The witness reportedly tried to ask Mercado if he was lost, but he did not respond to any other questions. The witness told police he felt “uncomfortable” so he decided to call police." ------------------------------ SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, 3 officers who stopped a mass shooter during the Gilroy Garlic Festival have been cleared of charges. Similarly, the 4 officers involved with the fatal shooting of an Ogden man have also been cleared of charges. Also, U.S. Attorney Huber criticized state officials and championed the effectiveness of Project Safe Neighborhoods in keeping violent criminals off the streets. ------------------------------ HIGHLIGHTS 00:22 3 officers who stopped mass murder at Gilroy Garlic Festival cleared of charges 03:35 U.S. Attorney Huber chides Utah state officials and champions PSN 08:39 Cops in the controversial Ogden case cleared by the Weber County Atttorney ------------------------------ RESOURCES National Police Association
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