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The World Vegan Travel Podcast is all about showing you how to do vegan travel and help you get out and explore whether you stay close to home, or go further afield.We do different types of episodes. We share our vegan travel experiences and the experiences of others to inspire you to get out into this beautiful world and we conduct interviews with people doing amazing things to promote vegan travel as well as individuals and organisations that are protecting human and nonhuman animals in a destination you could be visiting.
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Click here for the full show notesIn today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Kim Giovacco. She owns a small group travel company called Veg Jaunts and Journeys.  She runs vegan small group tours (like us) and she is going to be talking about the pros and cons of group travel. If you ever shrugged off the idea of participating in a group tour, then this episode is for you. We might be biased, but we love group travel for all the reasons we discuss in this episode. Kim like us has lots of trips planned for the future so make sure you go to her website and see all of her offerings.Like a couple of the recent podcast episodes, this episode was recorded before the COVID pandemic.  There will be concerns people might have about traveling in a group right now. Of course, we absolutely understand. You should only travel when you feel comfortable to do so. However, I hope this what's your appetite and gives you some information for when you feel ready to travel.
Click here for all the show notesIn today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Anne-Lise. Anne-Lise is a tour guide that we met for the first time a couple of years ago. We hired her for a couple of days when we were putting the finishing touches on our Dordogne trip. We wanted to speak to someone to just talk through the trip and make sure that all the calculations that we had made regarding the itinerary would work and that we were making the maximum use of the time we had. We also wanted to meet her as we had booked her for the week of the trip to Dordogne to be the tour guide for our trip. This is one amazing thing about joining a group trip is that depending on the trip, you can have a tour guide taking you around. Not only do you have someone that is extremely knowledgeable about the destination, but they also have incredible storytelling skills, but they are also trained in customer service and have incredible interpersonal skills and advocate for you. We always like to find the best guides for our trips and get a chance to meet them first which is why we wanted to meet Anne-Lise.A bit about Anne-Lise. French of course, after having lived in England for a year as a Literature student, and having worked in Spain for another year as a trilingual secretary and guide to promote a medieval association, she got her guiding License in Nice, before settling for 5 years in Paris.While in Paris, It was an opportunity to approach many subjects and periods, from Versailles and the splendors of the Sun King Century to the Paris of Hemingway, with a passage through the follies of the cabarets at the turn of the 20th century.During this period, Anne-Lise also worked in the medieval building site of Guedelon which is an incredible project in Burgundy. A castle is being built here, using all traditional methods, you can actually visit this incredible place. It was here she learned first hand about castellology (the study of castles), and many crafts such as masonry, carpentry, stone cutting, etc.Eight years ago, Anne-Lise fell in love with the extraordinary heritage of Dordogne and dove headfirst into Prehistory and cave art.But Dordogne isn’t only about prehistory, it is rich with Romanesque architecture, perfectly preserved medieval villages, and an incredible amount of castles and fortresses, and Anne-Lise considers it her duty to honor and share this wonderful heritage.When we initially met Anne-Lise, we of course told her that it was a vegan trip and she surprised us by having a lot of knowledge about the vegan lifestyle. Anne-Lise is a vegetarian and animal lover. We discovered that she does some trap neuter and release work of cats in some of the villages around the Dordogne, it was not until after the call that I realized that she actually fosters cats, socializes them, and gets them adopted cats stray kitties, and educated and inspires others to do the same through her YouTube channel which I linked to in the show notes. It’s in French but you can see how hard she is working to rescue and improve the prospects of kitties in the Dordogne area.In today’s episode, we will be learning about Dordogne as a destination. Why would people want to go? Is it worth going even if you are not a huge history fan? Why it’s good for families, Anne-Lise’s favorite castles, towns, and the activities and destinations you simply must not miss. 
Click here for the full show notes.In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Kristin Lajeunesse. Kristin was perhaps one of the first vegan travel bloggers, or at least the first one that I had ever heard of. Back in 2011, she decided to undertake the rather daunting but delicious task of visiting every single vegan restaurant in the US while living in a van. She will be talking about how her epic journey and how this trip really changed how she sees the world. If you have ever considered long term solo travel especially as a woman, then listen to what Kristin has to say about this topic. We also touch on how this kind of travel can change your outlook on the world so please take a listen.Kristin’s interview was one of the interviews I recorded back as COVID for an online event I was planning at that time and COVID was kicking off.  I had to edit out a couple of parts and you might notice at the end there is a bit of a big cut. We were actually making predictions about how long covid might impact travel, which of course is a little inaccurate and outdated, hence the cut. I hope it doesn’t impact too much.
TAP FOR THE WHOLE SHOWNOTESIn today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Andrew Flatt, the marketing manager from Desert and Delta Safaris, a luxury camp operator in Botswana. We’re speaking to Andrew because we will be staying at two different camps during our Botswana trips which are happening in December 2021. While we still have some spots on our Botswana trips and of course we hope that the trip sounds interesting to you, but this episode will be interesting if you have ever been interested in traveling to Botswana, or want to understand what a safari is like, especially a luxury one. Andrew is born and bred in Botswana, indeed, he grew up in the company as his parents also worked for Deserts and Delta as well. I learned a lot about Botswana by listening to Andrew and was really interested in some of the initiatives that they are working on including their policies on having the resorts operated by an all Batswana staff and we touch on how they have managed to cope with the pandemic.
Click here to see the full show notes!In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Tess Challis. Tess has written 8 vegan cookbooks and is also a life and business coach with a particular focus on mindset, limiting beliefs, and mindfulness. She also has a beautiful blog with tons of wonderfully healthy recipes which makes her the perfect person to talk to on this topic: healthy habits when traveling.I don’t know about you, but when I travel, any healthy habits that I have developed while being in a routine seem to go out of the window. At home, I might be eating smoothies for breakfast with berries and kale, and doing some form of intense exercise each day and as soon as I start to travel I will be eating french fries and barely getting any steps in each day even if there are better choices at my fingertips.  In this episode, Tess shares 5 tips for making healthy choices when traveling. If you are someone who travels full-time or perhaps travels a lot for work, or someone who just wants to stay on track when you go away for the weekend, you won’t want to miss this episode.Just a little bit of housekeeping. As I mentioned in the last episode with Wendy about languages for travel, this episode was recorded as part of a vegan travel summit I planned on doing last year. I have since decided to put the summit on indefinite hold but in the interest of getting some of the content into the world, I decided to release some of the recordings as podcast episodes. A big thank you to Tess and the other speakers for allowing me to do that. You’ll hear us refer to the travel summit a couple of times. SponsorBut first, this podcast is sponsored by World Vegan Travel! We have an incredible trip planned to South Africa along the Garden Route, which is basically a beautifully scenic route east of Cape Town. You probably all know that South Africa is famous for all of the safari animals, but in case that was not enough, we will be seeing some other types of animals both in the wild and in sanctuaries. While we don’t know the exact order of events, we do know that we plan to visit a penguin colony close to Cape Town. They heading east we will visit the coastal town of Hermanus where we will enjoy a talk from some marine biologists before heading out to see whales in the ocean. After that, we will head to the cute town of Greyton which has amongst other things, a beautiful farmed animal sanctuary. We do actually have some other surprises in-store, but you will have to come and join us to find out what they are! If you are interested in finding out more about this trip, you can always look at the link in the show notes. We also encourage you to jump on a call with us to ask us any questions you might have about this trip, payment, etc.
Click here for the full show notesIn today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Wendy from the popular vegan travel blog, The Nomadic Vegan. We have actually had Wendy on the show before when we talked about her epic train ride through Russia which I will link in the show notes, but I always love talking to Wendy and I think you might really enjoy this episode, especially at this particular moment.This episode is all about learning languages and learning languages for travel. You will come to realize that Wendy is very qualified to talk about this topic.  Before I get started though, I really need to explain a couple of things about this episode recording. Firstly, I recorded this episode a really long time ago, in fact, it was last March in 2020. At that time, I was interviewing many experts in vegan travel to make a vegan travel online summit. There had never been a vegan travel online summit and I put a lot of work into it. However, the coronavirus put a stop to all of that. I wanted to continue putting together the online summit and thought I would just delay the release of it for just a few months. Sadly though, it never felt like the right time to release it. Then, I came to realize that everyone was doing all sorts of summits, online classes, school, and of course working from home.  It made me think that perhaps right now is not a good time for a vegan travel online summit so I decided to abandon it for now. However, there is a ton of excellent content that I recorded with some fantastic vegans that needed to be shared with the world. A word of warning, because this was not recorded to be an episode of the podcast, you will see us referring to the summit a couple of times, please overlook that!Please look at the blog post for this episode as all the links to everything we talk about are right there.
In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Cassandra Brooklyn, a travel writer, guidebook author, travel advisor, and international group tour leader. Her tour company Escaping NY, specializes in small group adventures to Cuba as well as other destinations in Latin America and interestingly Jordan too. If you go on to Cass’s site or look in the show notes, you will see links to these trips. You will see her 2021 departures for Jordan, Cuba, and Mexico that will start in the 3rd quarter of 2021 when hopefully travel will be a bit easier. This episode is going to be perfect if you have ever considered traveling to Cuba but just put it in the too-hard basket. Perhaps you have been concerned about visas, logistics, and the idea that you might go hungry while traveling to Cuba. Cassandra doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges with traveling to Cuba, but she certainly breaks down the challenges and makes it super easy.SponsorsBut first, this podcast is sponsored by us World Vegan Travel, the group tour company where vegan and vegan-curious travelers can experience the best of vegan travel to amazing travel and exotic destinations around the world. We have two new and exciting trips for 2021, trips that we have never offered before including a South Africa trip which to our knowledge is the first vegan trip to South Africa. Come explore one of the world's most beautiful coastline with stops at 2 safari camps, whale watching, a visit to a farm sanctuary, wine tasting at a local winery (of course!), 100% plant-based cuisine throughout and accompanied by our very own private and amazing wildlife photographer, Jennifer Hadley, who will provide you with jaw-dropping photos of your trip, and be around for tips and tricks to increase your photography skills! We want to let you know that there is actually an early bird price for this trip where you can save more than $500. Go on to our website or click the link in the description to find out more. If you are curious about this trip but are a little hesitant given the pandemic situation, then please drop us a line. Seb would be most happy to have a chat with you about booking during a pandemic.Learn more about what we talk aboutVegan Home and Travel (our new blog)Escaping NY websiteCassandra’s Ebook Cuba by BikeAll Cassandra’s links for Cuba.Cassandra’s 2021 tripsJordan:  Mystical Desert Wonders September 11th - 19th 2021Mexico: Day of the Dead Parades and Preparation - October 22nd - 28th Festivals and Folklore - October 29th - Nov 3rdCuba:  Cycling, Cigars, and Classic Cars November 19th - 27th November 27th - December 5thAll social media handles/websites etcFB: @escapingnyIG: @escapingnyTwitter: @escapingnewyork
Click to see the full show notesIn today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Eunice Reyes from Rated V Food. She has a beautiful YouTube channel and she is talking to us from beautiful Valencia in Spain! Eunice is a self-confessed vegan foodie and is passionate about sharing the amazing vegan food from around the world and she wants to be your tour guide. While she could talk a lot about her travels, given the current situation and the fact that it is just not safe to travel, we decided to talk about how we can scratch that travel itch that so many of us have right now. We know that probably every single person listening to this is experiencing some sort of restriction right now. The news cycle might be getting to us and we might even be stuck in a bit of a rut. At the time of recording this podcast, we had not had a night away from our home since August. It’s now the end of January! This is very unusual for us. Usually travel is a nice way for us to get out of the routine, get refreshed and renewed and like I say, this is really unusual for us. So much so, I have started doing some armchair travel, and I have chosen Italy.The idea for this podcast episode was inspired by a BBC Travel article that I stumbled upon just a few days ago. I will link it in the show notes of course. The story tells the reader about Luis Martinez, a Cuban bus porter who has written literally thousands of vivid poems about cities around the world, despite never leaving his homeland. From 1961 until 2014 Cuban citizens could not leave the country without permission. Luis writes with vivid detail and accuracy poems on cities and landmarks around the world as if he has actually been there. How did he do it? Well, he read books, studied old atlases and talked to tourists that he came across in his job as a bus porter and remember he did all this without the internet. As you might know, the internet was really rather slow to arrive in Cuba!  I find this story really inspiring, the idea that he was not only able to explore the world just by reading and talking with people but also managed to make a lot of beautiful poetry and I hope this episode will inspire you to travel from your armchair, choose a destination and dig deeper into it.In this episode, Eunice and I share many different ways to get out and explore the world whether you are unable to leave the house in the case of a full lockdown, or perhaps unable to leave the country you are living in. We really hope that this will inspire you a little bit to explore this beautiful world even if you cannot physically do it.
CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE SHOWNOTES: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Kinga and David (mainly David, he did most of the talking) about their vegan hotel in Southern Spain. This lovely couple is Polish in origin and has lived and traveled all over the world. A couple of years ago, they did something that so many dream of doing; escaping the nine to five grind, the high stress, and city life in exchange for rural southern Spain. Without having jobs or a place to live they just loaded up the car and came down. I don’t want to spoil the story, but in 2020 they are the owners of a vegan hotel in one of the stunning white villages in the foothills of the Sierras. Now, this hotel has actually been named by the Guardian in October 2019 as one of the top 20 best vegan and vegetarian hotels and B&Bs in Europe. I have visited although I have not stayed and I got to meet the lovely owners and they are so lovely!This is a little description of the hotel from the website and its location just to get your imagination flowing! "Meson Mudejar Vegan is located in Archez, a small village in the province of Malaga, on the foothills of the Sierra Almijara on the scenic Mudejar Route, which winds its way through some of the most picturesque white-washed villages.Archez has a beautiful valley setting. The River Turvilla runs through the village. Following the course of the river, a beautiful walk takes you up into the hills and into the neighboring village of Canillas de Albaida. Today, most of the village slopes are filled with vines, avocado, olive and fig trees, and the local farmers can be seen collecting their harvests.The character of the 18th Century building (one of the oldest in the village) – has been renovated in its traditional Mudejar style and offers you five enchanting rooms, all individually decorated. Meson Mudejar Vegan provides a great base for cycling, walking, running or any other type of active holiday. We are situated at 530 meters above sea level on the foothills of Sierra Almijara and Tejeda National Park. The setting is very impressive and the Mediterranean Sea is just 16 km drive away if you want to spend a relaxing day on the beach.Now, as we are all painfully aware, COVID19 has had a huge impact on Spain’s tourism for the summer of 2020 and Meson Mudejar like so many other tour companies is really struggling. Their landlord is not giving them any rent relief and as such they are asking for support from the vegan community. I will link to the blog post in the description which talks more about their dilemma and there are many ways to supportBook a stay or buy a gift certificate (they have some incredible packages at heavily discounted prices). The dates can be changed so no need to worry and of course spread the word about even the existence for the hotel to anyone thinking about heading to Spain!Share this podcast and let any of your vegan and or cycling Iberophiles in your life know about it!I didn’t realize when I scheduled this podcast that this is my second podcast in a week about Spain and third about Spain in total! Hopefully, you do not mind and are learning a little bit about this beautiful country!Learn more about what we talk aboutLocation of Kinga’s and David’s HotelInformation on the village that Meson Mudejar is located ArchezMalaga
This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. I am thrilled to have Natacha Parmantier! A mother, a polyglot, someone who has lived in many different places around the world, and also she’s a vegan business owner. She’s born French but has made Valencia her home and we will be talking about Valencia and the surrounding area in our podcast today! You’ll get the highlight of things to do and see in the area, favorite vegan restaurants, and even some accommodation options! I know Valencia will be on our list for when we go back to Spain! Like all of the podcasts for the rest of the season, they were recorded pre-COVID so perhaps Natacha’s plans are on hold. Whatever happens, make sure you connect with her so that you can see what she’s up to.Timestamps00:58 World Vegan Travel updates03:03 Introducing Natacha - What we'll be talking about04:38 Natacha's story - Why she's in Valencia06:51 Location of Valencia07:27 Valencia attractions09:08 Surrounding Valencia attractions12:24 Public transport in the region13:58 Is Valencia vegan-friendly and favourite restaurants20:26 Natacha's vegan tours and her Airbnb in Valencia24:48Vegan accommodation in the Valencia area 26:47 Contact NatachaPlaces we talk aboutLocation of ValenciaTuria GardensEl Saler Castle of CulleraSaguntaHorchata (vegan drink)Accidentally vegan PaellaHorchata RecipePlace to try HorchataHappy Cow Listings for ValenciaAlmalibre Restaurant - Vegan RestaurantNOMÏT
Click here for full shownotesThis post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. ]In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Alysa and Jack two plant-based twenty-somethings who decided to quit the 9-5 and see the world. They’re actively trying to travel as sustainably as possible, through a record of their carbon emissions, a vegan lifestyle, and eco-friendly experiences. This means we’re seeing the world slowly! They also have the most beautiful photos of their travels, especially romantic pictures. Alysa is a photographer and you can tell that she is committed to getting beautiful shots. In today’s episode, we will be talking about taking photos and travel from the perspective of two Gen Z / Millennials. We talk about carbon off-setting, taking beautiful photos, and their upcoming travel plans.Timestamps:6:47: Where they have traveled together as a young travel7:40: Tips for getting the perfect shot.8:49: Mission of Voyaging Herbivores12:00: Carbon offsetting - their commitment and their thoughts20:30: Their plans for 2020!! Podcast recorded before COVID!22:43: Tips for long term travelPlaces we talk about:Lake Lovelywater in BC CanadaLocation of Lake LovelywaterMy Climate - Carbon offsetting organisation that we talked aboutAll Voyaging Herbivores Paris postsVoyaging Herbivores blog post - Taking photos in ParisClear Cafe BaliInstagram Tours of BaliTrip It WebsiteTrip it AppOther World Vegan Travel content connected with this episode#3 | Tips on Travelling With Your Vegan Children | Angelica Renee#1 | Vegan walking tours in Paris | Vegan Food Tours France# 17 | How to be culturally literate when you travel | It’s Bree and Ben#16 | Vegan Accommodation Analysis | Anna: My Travel Scrapbook# 14 | Sustainable Travel | Brighde ReedFrench Vegan Travel Made Easy - All the Vegan Grocery Stores in FranceWhy is Paris a perfect place for vegan travelers?Top 4 French-Style Vegan Restaurants in ParisTips for Easy Vegan Travel in France
Show NotesThis post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to a good friend of ours, Paul Eyers from Vegan Food Quest, a vegan travel blog that consistently gets listed as one of the top travel blogs of the vegan blogosphere with a particular focus on Asia, a place where they have made their home for the past 4 years. I first met Paul by accident in Singapore. Seb and I were staying at The Marriott where we were meeting up with friends and our previous travelers who had just finished a trip in Singapore. We were having breakfast and I had my coffee-to-go cup with some vegan sticker on it and Paul approached me and said he was vegan too! As soon as he told us about his blog I knew exactly who he was! Since then we’ve worked on a couple of projects together and we have become friends. It’s wonderful to have him on the podcast.In this episode, we talk about possibly the most famous honeymoon destination of the world, the Maldives! They traveled here in 2019 and have blogged extensively on their findings from a vegan lens of course. In this podcast, you will find out about the tourism scene in The Maldives and a little bit more about three vegan-friendly ultra-luxurious resorts that you might like to put on your wish list as well as some of the attractions of visiting The Maldives.Since we recorded this episode, Paul and his lovely partner Caryl have since moved back to the UK in light of COVID19 to the Southampton area not far from where I grew up. As such, I am sure many of his future travel plans are on pause for the time being. I definitely recommend checking out Paul’s website that he runs with his partner Caryl, Vegan Food Quest because I am sure they will be back on the road at the first available opportunity.Timestamps6:30 Intro to The Maldives and its appeal as a vegan9:00 Tips for getting value for money when traveling to The Maldives9:50 The three resorts that Paul visited - Some highlights18:00 Male - the capital19:30 What can you do at your luxury resort in The Maldives23:50 Paul and Caryl's future plansLearn more about what we talk aboutA map of Male, the capital of the MaldivesVegan guide to the MaldivesReview of Amilla-FushiReview of Soneva-FushiReview of Oblu SelectPaul’s contributions to A Luxury Travel BlogLuxury travel blog post on vegan travel in the MaldivesAmila Fushi's vegan menuElephant Valley Project in CambodiaWhere the Angkor Wat elephants have ended upVietnam’s first ethical elephant tours launchHappy CowOther World Vegan Travel content connected with this episode# 10 | Luxury Vegan Hotels in Italy | Josh Thomas
For the full show notes with pictures, click here!This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Bree and Ben from the vegan travel blog ‘It’s Bree and Ben’. Bree and Ben blog about kind travel. Originally from California, they packed up everything in 2017 and did an epic road trip across the length of Canada! Since then, they have done some really fun trips in the US and they document their trips and inspiration for vegan travel for their readers and have a lot of informative posts as well as some destination guides. Their mission is to promote kind travel. Of course, veganism is a part of that but they also talk about how to just be kinder when traveling from an environmental perspective but also culturally literate too which is a great term to define a big part of what we talk about.Timestamps:12:47 What is mass tourism in national parks?22:25 Mass tourism in cities.30:50 Ways we can be more responsible.34:00 Ways to reduce waste when traveling50:25 Ways to be more culturally sensitive44:00 When shouldn’t you take pictures of peoplePlaces we talk about:Skunk CabbageBuffleduckBryce Canyon National ParkGrand Canyon National ParkYosemite National ParkCrisis in our national parks: how tourists are loving nature to deathAirbnb Situation in Greek IslandsAirbnb situation in NYCZero-Waste Eco-Friendly Road Trip: Top 10 ... - It's Bree and BenDos and Don’t at National ParksThe waste problem at America’s National ParksHow to be a good Airbnb guestHow to get the perfect photHow over-tourism is affecting our national parksOther World Vegan Travel content connected with this episode# 7 | Traveling as a Vegan in Greece | Nina from Lemons and Luggage# 14 | Sustainable Travel | Brighde ReedZero Waste Travel Tips - The Nomadic VeganUltimate Vegan Carry on Packing List with Free Printable PDF ChecklistConnect with  Bree and Ben
This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. In today’s episode, I’m talking to Anna from the vegan travel blog called My Travel Scrapbook where she reviews vegan travel gear and has a lot of vegan destination guides. British based traveler Anna tells us about the pros and cons of different types of accommodation but of course from a vegan perspective. We discuss Airbnbs, hotels, pet sitting and so much more. One of the most interesting parts of the podcast, in my opinion, was talking about Airbnbs and how problematic it can be in certain cities and what you can do to mitigate the risk. So, have you considered vegan accommodation or non-vegan accommodation? What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!So, I recorded this episode with Anna several months ago preCOVID where I discussed my excitement about my upcoming trip to Italy to learn Italian. Obviously, I’m not going now but hopefully, I will one day!Timestamps6:40 -  Staying as a vegan in a non-hotel12:30 - Hostels15:50 - Airbnbs21:00 - House and pet sitting23:50 - All-Inclusive accommodations 26:50 - Bed and Breakfasts vegan!29:00 - All vegan hotelsLearn more about what we talk aboutVegan vineyardMore information on booking accommodation as a veganTraveling with Airbnb responsiblyVeggie VagabondsAgrivilla I Pini - Luxury vegan hotel in ItalyAnna’s Favourite Accommodation Ethical All-inclusive resort travelBBC report on over-tourismScottish Vegan HotelOther World Vegan Travel content connected with this episode# 15 | Brighde's Crazy Travel: Impact of COVID19#5 | Pet sitting to travel the world | The Alternative Travelers# 10 | Luxury Vegan Hotels in Italy | Josh ThomasConnect with My Travel ScrapbookInstagramBlogTwitterFacebookPinterestConnect with World Vegan TravelFacebook PageFacebook GroupInstagramLinkedinTwitter​You Tube
This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. So, this episode is not especially informative (indeed we hope you never have to go through this) but hopefully it will be entertaining and explain our absence on social media, email newsletters, and the podcast. We will get back to sharing more informative content with you from next week!So, let’s begin!Many of those listening will know that I (Brighde) until just a few months ago was teaching full time at an international school in Bangkok, a city we had been living in for nearly 7 years! Due to the success of our first few tours, we decided that the time was right for me to finish up teaching and focus on the tours full time. We knew that we were ready to leave South East Asia. We had lived there for the better part of 17 years and we were keen to move to a place that had nature, seasons and ideally mountains. For a couple of years, France was the place we wanted to move to. Both Seb and I are French speakers and we really wanted to move to Europe so after I finished teaching we started researching that at length. As we realized, this was a little bit more of a challenge than we had anticipated. Brexit meant that we didn’t know how it would be to move to France (I have British citizenship) and no one seemed to have any idea (not least the British government and Europe) about how freedom of movement would be for the British in Europe moving forward. More and more research didn’t seem to give us any clarity at all with this and I was ready to just throw my hands in the air with the whole France plan.In January, we started thinking about where else might be an interesting possibility and moving to Canada started looking more attractive. Seb is Canadian. He was born and raised in Ottawa but most of his family had lived on the west coast for the past 15 years in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler. It ticked a lot of boxes. Having family nearby, mountains, not too cold during the winter. We started doing research and carefully weighing up all the pros and cons.By mid-February, we felt like Canada did seem like a good idea, but we felt like we needed to go there and check if it really did feel like it could be a home for us. We arrived and spent a few days in Vancouver which we loved but realized that it was probably not quite affordable for us and we thought we would check out Squamish (a town just 45 minutes north that Seb’s sister and her family live in and Seb’s family had recently moved to.We traveled up there and we realized that Squamish might fit the bill. We told Seb’s parents our thoughts and of course, they were very excited at the possibility of moving to be close to them. We started looking for a place and found a perfect place, right in the same building as Seb’s parents with views of the mountains and the Mamquam Blind channel (where we have seen seals) as well as The Chief, one of the largest granite monoliths in the world. The town of Squamish, while small and a population of only about 20,000 people, seemed to have everything we would need, supermarkets with lots of fun vegan products, a vegan restaurant as well as some great vegan options and access to so much nature that we had been craving after spending so long in huge cities.As we were deciding, the situation with the Coronavirus was ramping up and it became clear that this situation was going to become a lot worse before it got better and we started to get concerned. Our cats were in Bangkok being cared for by some lovely housesitters in our home and we started to worry that perhaps travel restrictions might prevent us from heading back to Bangkok. We decided that Seb would stay in Canada and start getting our new house organized for a week or two and that I would get head to Bangkok at the first opportunity.2 Days later I arrived in Ban
This episode is based on content from this blog post. Click through to get more information on the items I discussed in this episode!Other World Vegan Travel content connected with this episode#11 | Taking the Train across Russia | Wendy, The Nomadic VeganRelevant TripsCPG Dordogne in JuneNYE Botswana in DecemberConnect with World Vegan TravelFacebook PageFacebook GroupInstagramLinkedinTwitter​You Tube
CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE SHOWNOTES!This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Diana, an official tour guide and also the founder of Madrid Vegan Tours, the first and only vegan tour service in Madrid. Diana is an accredited tour guide with a huge amount of knowledge about Madrid including all of the museums, its art history and its architecture. You will tell that Diana has so much passion and love for her city and you will want to visit Madrid after listening to this podcast. Diana tells us about her services, issues for vegans in Spain, the state of the movement in Spain as well as what she (a local) recommends if you just have one day in Madrid. If you know someone heading to Spain at any time, make sure you forward them to this podcast. I wish I had spoken to her before our visit last September.Timestamps8:35 What is Madrid Vegan Tours and what do they offer.14:40 All the different tours they offer.18:30 Why professional guides are so worth it.21:30 Madrid is more than you might expect.24:00 How to design a perfect vegan spanish activity.27:40 Seeing animal organisations at work in countries that we visit.32:00 Animal exploitation examples you need to be prepared to encounter when visiting Spain.34:30 Rise of vegan movement in Spain.35:30 What can you do in Madrid in 24 hours.Places and resources we talk aboutPrado Museum in MadridClimate of MadridBlog post on the lifestyle of MadridDiana’s vacation design for vegans going to Spain Dog and Cat rescue centreChange in attitudes to eating meatOne day in MadridBreakfast in hotelVisit to Prado museum when it’s quieterA Vegan Tapas Tour Freedom Cakes Templo de DebodRoyal PalaceDiana’s toursDiana’s new tour: A vegan look at Prado Museum + Vegan TapasToledo Vegan Experience TourVegan Cooking Class in MadridVegan Shopping + TapasExclusive Vegan Experience in MadridMadrid’s symbolSome Spain travel tipsMORE CONTENT IN THE SHOWNOTES!
CLICK HERE TO GET ALL THE SHOWNOTES!Show NotesThis post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Stefano, a high performing athlete and businessman who relatively recently discovered veganism firstly to enhance his athletic performance but then he discovered the other benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Since he sold his business, he has focussed his efforts on opening a retreat and resort catering to everyone but especially high performers, those that are interested in moving their body, eating incredibly well and living socially. Listen to Stefano tell us about his story, all about his hotel that is already open and ready for guests he will also tell us about his new Kapuhala that will be opening in the stunning island of Sicily. You will not want to miss Stafano’s energy and his passion on this episodeTimestamps4:25 Stefano’s story8:30 Kapuhala Resorts and their approach, the three elements of living and the benefits spending time at Kapuhala13.37 Food at Kapuhala Thailand15:17 Location of the Kapuhala Thailand hotel and the facilities and the experience travelers can expect21.35 The pricing and set up - It’s completely flexible! YOu don’t need to even stay there to enjoy. 23:05 The problem with buffets when traveling28:37 Kapuhala Sicily - New Hotel coming soon32:09 Being in a community is importantLearn more about what we talk aboutThe Blue ZonesThe food served at KapuhalaFood waste from buffetsProjects to improve amount of food waste in SE AsiaWays to improve food waste at hotelsOther World Vegan Travel content connected with this episodeBest YouTube Channels for Vegan Travel InspirationConfessions of a Vegan Tour OperatorUltimate Vegan Carry on Packing List with Free Printable PDF Checklist#2 | Vegan mind, body and soul retreats in Thailand and Spain | Cristina AzárateConnect with KapuhalaOverall Kapuhala websiteOverall Kapuhala InstagramOverall Kapuhala FacebookKapuhala Resort ThailandKapuhala Thailand InstagramKapuhala Thailand FacebookKapuhala Resort SicilyKapuhala Sicily InstagramRelevant TripsVegan New Year's Eve in Botswana & Cape TownConnect with World Vegan Travel
FOR FULL SHOWNOTES CLICK HERE!Show NotesThis post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Wendy Werneth who will be sharing her recent experience of one of the world’s epic train rides, the Transiberian Railway throughout Russia. She explains why and how she decided to do this trip as well and of course answer the questions we all want to know; was there anything to eat on this train? Wendy creates fantastic content which you will certainly be inspired by. Timestamps4:10 What is Nomadic Vegan about? What’s Wendy’s vision?7:38 Summary of Wendy’s trip.9:00 Why Wendy wanted to travel to Russia and why she didn’t do it earlier (hint: Russian visas are hard to get)11:00 What were Wendy’s preconceptions about Russia?16:00 Wendy discusses the Trans Siberian Express journey: tickets, classes of train and food available and ideas for food.26:10 Overnight trains generally! We love them!32:40 Information about the Great Baikal Lake in Siberia37:00 Was it all worth it to travel here as a vegan?41:26 Georgian cuisine (very vegan friendly)Learn more about what we talk aboutHiking the Great Baikal Trail in RussiaWhere to Find Vegan Food in RussiaThings You Need to Know about RussiaRussian Travel TipsYour Complete Guide to Visiting the Kazan KremlinThings to do in  MongoliaTrain tickets online over multiple European countries TrainplanetTrain PlanetVisa information for Russia (Russian Embassy London)Sweden reveals tentative plans for overnight trains to several European citiesSweden to London on an overnight trainThe St Petersburg vegans cooking up a revolutionGreat Baikal Lake WikipediaWendy’s Tuscany trip and LisbonOther World Vegan Travel content connected with this episodeOvernight Train: Bangkok and  Chiang Mai - Zero Waste and Vegan EditionBest YouTube Channels for Vegan Travel InspirationConnect with Nomadic VeganWebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter
CLICK HERE FOR FULL SHOW NOTESThis post may contain affiliate links, meaning we would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no cost to you. I am very excited to introduce you to Josh Thomas, the operations manager of two beautiful vegan hotels in the Italian countryside. I can’t remember how I stumbled across these places, but I am so pleased I did because they are doing such amazing things and I predict after listening to what Josh has to say and having a look at their website, you will want to stay here if you are in the popular area of Tuscany and if you don’t know much about South Tyrol then we predict it will go fairly high up the top of your list! Timestamps8:45 Josh’s story and his role in Agrivllia I Pini9:30 Description of the Agrivilla I Pini, their hotel in Tuscany13:28 Food in Agrivilla I Pini18:00 Things to do and see in and around the hotel23:15 Location of La Vimea hotel28:40 Food in La Vimea30:48 Clientele of La Vimea31:20 Things to do around La Vimea in South Tyrol32:45 Facilities in La Vimea34.05 Story behind the hotel39:07 Connect with the hotels and how to bookPlaces we talk about:Agrivilla I Pini Hotel - La Vimea Hotel - South TyrolSan Gimignano - UNESCO World Heritage town next to the hotel.Vegan Restaurant in VolterraActivities near La VimeaConnect with Agrivilla i Pini and La VimeaLa VimeaLa Vimea InstagramLa Vimea FacebookAgrivilla I PiniInstagram Agrivilla I PiniFacebook Agrivilla I PiniRelevant TripsJL Fields Paris and AlsaceRay Cornice and Julieanna Hever to Paris and AlsaceFree Vegan Travel Guide Preparation guideConnect with World Vegan TravelFacebook PageFacebook GroupInstagramLinkedinTwitter​You Tube
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