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Author: Denise Dimensional

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The Self-Healing Badass Podcast was created for the spiritual seekers, change makers and conscious creators. This raw and vulnerable podcast includes solo episodes by your host, Denise Dimensional sharing her experience of what it means to be a spiritual self-healer, and the occasional wisdom of guest speakers. Tune in as Denise reveals the inside and out of conscious leadership and entrepreneurship, along with her passion for building community among womxn.Denise is a spiritual embodiment mentor, intuitive space holder, trauma-resolution guide, and teacher of all things self-healing. She currently lives in San Diego where hosts two women's circles a month and trainings on energy healing and leading with love. Learn more about Denise and her offerings on her website
14 Episodes
Hey y'all I'm back! This will be the last episode under the Self-Healing Badass title and I spill the deets on why it's changing. I also share the core lessons I've learned this year relating to self-worth, belonging, abundance and collective liberation. I'll be back in 2021 with more solo episodes and guests-- though things make look and sound a little different ;) Enjoy!Resources mentioned:ReBloom Coach Training with Rachael MaddoxFind me on InstagramSupport the show (
It's been a month since my last episode- here's what I've been healing and learning. Support Consensual CultureBecome a Patron!One time donation through PayPalFolks mentioned:Mia MingusGabes TorresShengxiao YuKwonyinRachael Maddoxadrienne maree brownSubscribe to my newsletter or get tickets for Radical Rising on 9/16* 5pm PST on my website.*I mentioned 9/17 on the recording which is incorrect. Support the show (
I’m back, y’all :)In this episode, I share my positionalities for the first time, followed by my experience of processing {and healing trauma from} the uprising and movement of Black Lives Matter. I also share my take on healing white supremacy and whiteness as a culture (aka colonialism) and the way forward for all bodies.I also talk about how I’m working with my grief, what my healing process looks like and the ways I’m receiving support for healing and accessing joy. At the end I also talk about consent and interdependence as new culture and as an introduction to my upcoming offering.Embodied Truth-Telling is an 8wk group healing and community experience for BIWOC who want to: learn how to heal trauma from a body-based/somatic approachbe in community and relate to others in this decolonial healing journeypractice consensual and interdependent culture.LinksMy InstagramDetails on Embodied Truth-TellingDonate to the scholarship fund/support my workResources MentionedDr. Tee’s Social Justice CourseThe Cosmos Wellness Community For Asian WomxnDecolonial Healing Collective w Dr. Rosales MezaInner ActivismSupport the show (
In this episode, I'm sharing a really vulnerable part of my story; one that I never thought I'd be ready to share. The irony is that the difficulty in sharing this part of my story is made even more challenging to move through when the audio quality got messed up. So, I'm sitting with that and even more shame around feeling like a lousy podcast host and producer. But you know what? Fuck it. Here's my story, terrible audio quality and all. Love to you all. *trigger warning* I speak about my experience of sexual abuse as a child.Support the show (
*audio corrected* I'm super honored and excited to share this episode with ya! My teacher Rachael Maddox and I chat about all the things- from trauma resolution, healing the collective trauma spell, working with shame, regeneration vs sustainability, the 7 ReBloom archetypes and the ReBloom method for coaching and trauma resolution, commitment to THE WORK and so much more. We went all over the map in this organic conversation and hope you enjoy us jammin'We had some tech glitches on zoom and I totes had a production mishap. The most recent upload should be all fixed! :)  Enjoy and leave a review if you checked it out and loved it <3 You can find Rachael here:website: rachaelmaddox.cominstagram: Denise:website: denisedimensional.cominstagram: April 24th, 2020Support the show (
Welcome back to the podcast! Today’s episode is a conversation between your host Denise Dimensional and Zoe Freedman of The Zoe Method. The two of us are close friends, often finding incredible wisdom in our reflections for one another-  the kind that expands our awareness of what’s possible in the realm of spiritual self-development and self-healing. We chat about our stay home experience during the COVID-19 pandemic including: • Connecting to and reclaiming pleasure and playfulness• Shifting back to the present moment • Interrupting patterns and autopilot reactions• Permission to release self-judgement • Letting go of “busy” as a lifestyle• What truly nourishes us when it comes to having a soul-centered business• Choosing and co-creating the paradigms we exist in• Working with resistance, shame and judgement in relationshipsConnect with us below~Zoe on InstagramZoe’s website (subscribe to her newsletter and access resources here)Denise on InstagramDenise’s websiteSupport the show (
Welcome back! It's another solo jam. I took some time off recording an episode because you know, the freakin' pandemic happened. I'm back (because it gives me joy recording episodes) and shared a few tools that helped me stay present over the last two weeks, along with some ways we can work with our nervous system. I've also been pondering social justice and talked about orienting towards health where there can be trauma drama plus some of the other medicines I've been integrating.Website: denisedimensional.comInstagram: @denisedimensionalSupport the show (
In today's episode, Denise breaks down her experience of choosing love amidst difficulty when fear shows up in leadership and relationships. To connect with Denise, visit her website at or on Instagram at @denisedimensional.Curious about the Let Love Lead Retreat? Subscribe to her newsletter on the footer of any page of the website for the announcement coming March 9th!Support the show (
Welcome back to the podcast :) In today's solo episode, Denise talks about breaking cycles of trauma and subconscious patterns that are imprinted in our energetic field, which can lead to a momentum of fear such as self-sabotaging. She explores how she broke out of the pattern of anxiety, healed her sense of worthiness and began embodying a momentum of love. To learn more about Denise, find her below:WebsiteInstagramRemember to subscribe and leave a review!Support the show (
This is the first fully-scripted episode written by Denise Dimensional. She shares a story that she wrote as a form of medicine through self-expression. The story details moments in the last 7 months of her journey in healing her relationship with worthiness and receptivity of needs. In the episode, she mentions her teacher, Rachael Maddox. Below are links that you can use to access these resources.Rachael Maddox's website.Love Will Find A Way (The SoulSeed Song) - written by Jodi McLaren & Rachael MaddoxDenise Dimensional's website.Thanks for listening and please remember to subscribe & leave a review!Support the show (
It’s the first interview on the podcast! Join me, Denise Dimensional as I chat with Richelle Ludwig, a Weight Neutral Food Freedom Coach. We met in the MindBody Therapy Certification program and have since cultivated a friendship that reflects the values and beliefs of a culture we are co-creating — one that is rooted in body-based wisdom and self-trust. We talk about:• How our relationship with food is a symptom of disconnection from our emotions and inability to self-regulate.• Her journey with orthorexia nervosa, suicidal ideation and overcoming the shame attached to it.• How our self-worthiness can be projected onto body image and weight.• What food freedom, intuitive eating, emotional eating means.• How interception and exteroception can help with healing our relationship with food.• How highly sensitives and empaths can struggle with feeling their emotions.• Co-regulation and building capacity to feel.• The difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger.• How awareness and self-acceptance are major keys to unlocking healing and unconditional self-love.• Building self-trust through community and small, doable steps that validate our capacities and abilities.You can find Richelle on her website and Instagram, and you can find me on my website and Instagram. Support the show (
Happy Winter Solstice! In this raw, unedited episode, I share the patterns of scarcity I've noticed, healed and shifted from this year. I also share the medicine to these fear-based themes and how I've grown through experiential challenges. Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe! :)If you're interested in learning how to hold space, check out my upcoming online Circle Leadership Training. We start January 7th, 2020!WebsiteInstagramSupport the show (
In the first *official* episode of the Self-Healing Badass Podcast, I break down how inner child healing works, feminine vs masculine energies and how it all relates to healing modalities of breathwork and Reiki.Learn more about me and my offerings on my website:denisedimensional.comFollow me on the show (
Welcome to the Self-Healing Badass Podcast! This episode is an introduction to me, Denise Dimensional, a bit of my story and how I found spiritual healing, what I do right now and what you can expect from this podcast. I share some details on my spiritual awakening and intuitive abilities, the teachers that have impacted my path and what I'm currently cultivating as medicine. If you're excited to learn more please leave a review and remember to subscribe! Website • InstagramSupport the show (
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