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Join us as we podcast with leading wedding industry professionals from venue owners to photographers to caterers to dj's if it's wedding related then we wanna podcast! We take a real deep dive into what makes the wedding industry tick uncovering all the ins and outs of a sometimes confusing and frustrating industry. -Bri & Luke
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We take a deep dive into our latest wedding show and why it was a success for us. Energy really matters when it comes to all things weddings and a wedding show isn't any different. Thank you for listening! ( :
Join us as we take a deep dive into our struggles with maintaining our busy lives.
That's right FINALLY getting the podcast back off the ground. Thankful we found the time to start this fun back up again. Join us on a new adventure! Luke & Bri
The wedding machine is back up and running with new 10 minute episodes every Monday! Our topic for today is where we found our success! BE REAL LESS HASHTAG INSTA LESS TODAY ON THE BLOG FACEBOOK IS LIFE
It's so very important to have chemistry with your wedding professional.
Spoiler Alert...It's Community!
We take a deep dive into all things "first look" and discuss the highs and lows of doing it.
SO happy to discuss some of our 2020 weddings and new talk about 2021 and literally 50 weddings we'll be shooting in 2021!
There's a lot of wedding professionals you simply won't click with.Result.......Your images & video will suffer.We explain the "why"
Just a quick reminder at how this photogame is played. Don't get duped into something cheap. If it's expensive then do your research as to why the high price.
Our 2019 in REVIEW Part 2

Our 2019 in REVIEW Part 2


Join us as we take a deep dive into the second half of the 40 weddings we shot in 2019.
Join us as we go through half of the 40 weddings we shot in 2019. There will be real talk and fun!
Join us as we take a deep dive into all things WEDDING DRESS. Owner Meighan Winton will guide us through the ins and outs of picking that perfect wedding dress. This is VALUABLE information for every bride under every budget. Enjoy!
The Anderson Center

The Anderson Center


We take a deep dive into The Anderson Center Wedding Venue. This is a former school located in Anderson, Alabama owned by Ethan & Ella Bruton. The Anderson Center is open for business! Thanks for listening! -Bri & Luke