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Central United Methodist Church (Knoxville, TN)

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Weekly sermons from Central United Methodist Church in historic Fourth & Gill Neighborhood of Knoxville, TN. Current pastor is Rev. Jimmy Sherrod.Worshipping Joyfully, Growing Spiritually, Serving with Compassion and Welcoming All...
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Matthew 17:1-9Drawing upon the story of Jesus' transfiguration, Pastor Jimmy invites us to live and be both the transcendent and immanent community of Christ. 
Pastor Jimmy continues the series of sermons called #trending exploring burning questions of faith that have been presented to him by his congregation. This week, he asks about our call to environmental justice and caring for the earth. We are not only in relationship with God, but also with others, which includes the earth. Scriptures used; Psaml 8:3-8; Psalm 24:1-2; Genesis 1:1-5; 21-30
Continuing in our series called #trending: Burning Questions of Faith, Rev. Stephanie Parrott addresses suffering. Folks question God's goodness because of all the suffering, and that makes sense. What does our Judeo/Christian call us to believe about suffering? How can we alleviate suffering? How does God deal with suffering? These are great questions that we won't always have answers to, but we can explore, using the texts given us, God's word about the matter. Scriptures: Psalm 73; John 11:32-35; Matthew 27: 45-50
In this fourth sermon in a series called #trending: burning questions of faith, Pastor Jimmy addresses questions raised by several church members: is God even listening? Why is God not answering my prayers? We unpack the idea of prayer and what it means for God to answer prayer. Scriptures for the day: Isaiah 40:27-31 and Luke 11:1-13
In the third of our series of sermons on burning questions of faith, Pastor Jimmy addresses the tough topic of suicide, In particular, how it affects people, signs to look for in people who are suicidal, and what our faith says about suicide and people who complete suicide. Rev. Diana Brown Taylor, a deacon in the United Methodist Church, who is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and works with people who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses, joins Pastor Jimmy for a Q&A following the sermon. Scriptures for the day: Psalm 13; Psalm 40:1-3; Romans 8: 31-32; 35-39
Continuing in the series of sermons called #trending (Burning Questions of Life and Faith), Pastor Jimmy addressed the hard topic of politics and how they intersect with our faith. Where is our allegiance? Whom do we follow? Politicians and presidents? Drawing upon Acts 19:1-6 and Matthew 22:15-22, Pastor Jimmy challenges our allegiances to political parties and powers that be. 
Pastor Jimmy starts a new year with a series of sermons drawn from questions from the congregation (burning questions of faith). Particularly, our youth submitted several questions that have shaped this series. The first one begins with God's will. What is God's will for my life? How do we define God's will? Is there such a thing? Drawing upon Isaiah 55:8-9; Romans 12:1-2; 9-18 and Mark 3:31-35, Pastor Jimmy explores this question in Part 1 of this series. 
John Lennon wrote "So this is Christmas (War is Over) in response to the what he thought as the fluff of White Christmas. He wanted something lasting. Pastor Jimmy quotes the song at the beginning that is cut off. So this is Christmas and what have you doneAnother year over, a new one just begunUsing this as an illustration and drawing upon the Christmas story in Luke 2:1-21, Pastor Jimmy gives his annual Christmas Eve sermon 
JOY for the Lowly

JOY for the Lowly


For the Second Sunday of Advent, we draw upon both the angel's visit to Mary to tell her she will have a child and her song of praise (Magnificat). Mary sings of a reversal of business as usual. Looking at life through the Kingdom of God. Through the lens of the lowly. This sermon challenges our obsession with power and privilege and reminds us that God came, not to Herod the Great, but a young, unwed, teenage girl. 
Our series of sermons during Advent focuses on Joy -- and rediscover the joy that is the Christmas story. We begin, as we traditionally do in Advent, with darnkess. Habakkuk 3:1-7; 17-19
A Crown of Joy

A Crown of Joy


Reign of Christ Sunday. On the last Sunday of the Christian year (Reign of Christ), we explore the greatness of Jesus using Paul's hymn to the Colossians (1:11-20). Pastor Jimmy begins to lay down the foundation of a theology of joy that will be expounded on during the season of Advent. 
A Question of Trust

A Question of Trust


Drawing upon passages from John 14, Mr. Don Loy calls us to trust. 
Closing out our series called The Way (Essential Practices for Christian Discipleship), we focus on the generosity of God and how we are also called to live generously. Matthew 6:21 an 2 Corinthians 9:6-8
Continuing our series called The Way (Essential Practices for Christian Discipleship) we focus on serving and our call to serve our neighbors. I Peter 4:7-11Matthew 25:37-46
Continuing in our series called The Way (Essential Practices for Christian Discipleship) we focus on studying, searching and learning the scriptures and how they inform our faith and shape our lives. Psalm 119:97-105Luke 10:38-42
A new worship series begins today focusing on five essential practices of Christian discipleship. We begin by hearing the good news about worship, and how it is essential to our spiritual growth and growth as disciples of Jesus Christ. Psalm 95; Psalm 100; Acts 2:43-47; Revelation 4:1-4
We wrap up our series on Mark by being reminding of the command to love God and love neighbor, upon these hang all of the laws. Mark 12:28-34
Continuing in our series on Mark, Pastor Jimmy proclaims the difficult task of giving up first so that we can follow Jesus. Mark 10:32-45
Mark 7:1-23
Continuing our series in Mark, we look at the story of the possessed man of Gerasene. Mostly, though, we focus on the response of the people and ask ourselves, "When is Jesus just too much?" Mark 5:1-21 
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