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Join me in this episode where I talk to Meredith Allen with Soundtrap about "Podcasting for Educators".  The three key talking points in this installment focuses on; what's the right gear (tech), what's the best methods or practices, how does Soundtrap make it easy to create podcasts?  All that on this episode of "the BUZZ on Education"!
Being MacGyver

Being MacGyver


In these challenging times having the ability to adapt and figure out what to do is not unlike what MacGyver did in the TV series years ago.  Join me and my guest, Robert Martellacci, CEO & Founder of MindShare Learning, where we break down three key areas of focus around: Mindset, Communications, and Remaining Fluid, during these challenging times.  Enjoy!
After 22 years as a CTE teacher, Stuart Foster fell during a ski accident and duringrecovery had time to reflect on teaching, his students, and what mattered most to them. Countless times he came back to what really inspired his students and helped themprepare and find a career.  He realized even as he ran into former students, they'd askhim if he was still doing the same type of programs and using the same curriculum thatthey loved.  They'd share with him how his class had impacted their careers.  Stuart shares his journey as a teacher, and some inspirational student stories, and howhe went from educator to employee of Knowledge Matters.Links from this episode:Knowledge Matters- Matters Blog- Stuart
Video in Education

Video in Education


This broadcast talks about using video in specific applications in education as well as some tips 'n techniques to shooting video!
Join me as I talk with the fantastic Angela Maiers about Courage and Confidence as well as the bravery that both teachers and student are employing in these challenging times.  The main idea in this conversation is to reinforce what we know about teachers and students and that is ...that you are already brave and courageous!  Get your dose of enCOURAGEment right here from one of the best visionary leaders around... the great Angela Maiers!Angela's Website:angelamaiers.comContact Angela:'s Resources:You Matter Resources
In this episode I talk with Susan Silveira, Director of Business Development with Wi-Fi Alliance, where she talks all about the latest things happening with Wi-Fi and the recent FCC approval of Wi-Fi 6!  Listen-in on how this new spectrum will improve connection and performance of this service that impacts our daily lives.  For more info, go to:
Listen in as Dr. Laura Zieger from New Jersey City University helps me break down three key topics as we all shift our behaviors and attention to remote learning.  Knowing what tools you'll need, what applications are helpful, and what delivery techniques help, are the three key topics we'll be covering in this episode of "the BUZZ on Education"!
We hear quite a bit about creating "Problem Solvers" with our students, but the art of "Problem Finding" will be the practical skill that is valued most through a set of "Perennial Habits" that I talk about in this episode.
With all the talk about Making, the notion of Inventing hardly gets mentioned, so in this episode I'm going to talk about the difference and how that shift is significant.
Audio in Video

Audio in Video


Always wanted great audio when making your videos?  In this episode I cover the top three topics on the types of mics available, the tricky connections necessary to use external microphones, and what connectors and dongles make it all happen.For many, audio is the Achilles heel of capturing great video as audio makes up about 50% or more of the entire experience.  That said, these vital tips will keep you from buying microphones and returning them in disappointment.  Enjoy this episode of "Audio in Video"!
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