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Wisdom in the Tangents Photography Podcast

Author: John Mansfield

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Weekly conversations with photographers and creative entrepreneurs about life, mindset, marketing, and how to become a better photographer.

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Even the best of us get ghosted sometimes, and the past few years it seems to be happening more and more in the industry.This week, Taylor de la Fuente, the copywriter and brand strategist behind Bigmouth Copy joins me to talk about how to set up your business to avoid getting ghosted. And she shares some strategy to bring a ghost back from the dead.Sponsor of the show: Imagen AIGet 1500 images edited for free at with the
We may not be able to add more hours in our 24 hour days but there is a way to give you back more time. Implementing systems and workflows into your business. Melissa Rich is the founder of Virtually Done Systems, a business dedicated to all things systems and workflows for creative small businesses. She helps you get your life back, but getting back more time.This episode Melissa shares ways that we can use systems, workflows, and automations to give us back time, scale our businesses and take time for rest.Sponsor of the show: Imagen AIGet 1500 images edited for free when you go to with the
How many times do we have big dreams and goals that sit on the shelf for years. Anyone? Just me? This week Justine Milton joins me to share about how we can diversify our revenue without getting stuck in that overthinking and overcomplicating spot that leaves it all up on the shelf.Justine is a photographer of all things and a poster child for ADHD, but she harnesses it and makes it work for her (like 92% of the time). She has many avenues of revenue and has great insight for how we can set those up too.Sponsor of the episode: Imagen AIGet 1500 images edited for free at with with the
Carley Weissert is a self-proclaimed growth seeker, hype-girl, and she coaches women to help create the lives they can’t get enough of.She's walking us through what it looks like to break the cycle and mindset of good-girl conditioning and perfectionism.Check out some free resources with follow the show
Jevgenija (Jenny Pro) is an unconventional business mentor & founder of the Potenic App. She helps mission driven experts and solopreneurs deliver value, stay focused and get results.This week she's sharing how personal development grows you as a person, but can also help grow your business too.Sponsor of the Show: SoFiGet $25 extra deposited in your account when you open a high yield savings account at with along with the
Scott Wyden Kivowitz is the Community Manager and Podcast host at Imagen AI. He’s a father, photographer, and educator. Scott is also the author of numerous books and a regular YouTuber.Today he's exploring the ways that we currently use AI in our lives and businesses, and other ways we can implement AI into our workflows to create a more streamlined life.Sponsor of the show: SoFiGet an extra $25 when you open a free High Yield Savings Account with with 1500 images edited for free at Podcast by ImagenFollow the
Tamera Darden returns to the show to share some insight into why when women earn more money, things change for the better. She's a producer and product photographer dedicated to using her merchandising, styling and creativity skills to produce content that sells for her beauty + product photography clients.She's the author of The Photo CEO which is pretty much a blueprint for creating and running a successful photography business. Sponsor of the episode: SoFiGet an extra $25 in your account when you open a free High Yield Savings Account at with Tamera:The Photo CEO on Amazon: http://www.dardencreative.comEmail: hello@dardencreative.comSubstack: Episode 83 - Creativing Vision for Your Shoot with Tamera DardenFollow the
We welcome Heather Leicy back to the show for a 1-on-1 conversation about how we can simply tax time by keeping a rhythm in our numbers throughout the year.Heather was on the show in episode 189 with her business partner and bestie, Jamie Fisher.Heather is an ice cream-loving, wedding and senior photographer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who finally took the leap and went full-time in her business in 2022! She loves serving photographers who want to find clarity and financial confidence in their business numbers, and creating systems that work for them so they can spend more time with family and friends!Heather's Freebie - 15 Business Tax Category BreakdownsEpisode 189 - Not Knowing Your Numbers is Hurting YouSponsor of the show: Our Free with Budget SpreadsheetConquer Live 2025Follow the
It's storytime. And today I'm diving into Reddit to find some photography related "Am I The Asshole" stories.Join me as we go down some interesting rides as the photographers, and sometimes as the clients.We'll learn a few lessons along the way.Check out some free resources follow the show
Emily Wisch is a wedding and portrait photographer, podcast host, and fellow Texan. She leaned hard into second shooting for other wedding photographers in 2022 and designed a brilliant way to get booked.She's sharing steps you can take to get booked as a second photographer, as well as how to excel during the job too.Sponsor of the episode: SofiReceive $25 when you set up your free High Yield Savings Account today at Emily along
Nathan Holritz is an entrepreneur based in Chattanooga, TN. Formerly a wedding photographer for over a decade, Nathan is the founder and CEO at and cheezoo.comToday he's sharing about how we can search for the overlooked gaps in the market and find clients there.Sponsor of the episode: SofiReceive $25 when you set up your free High Yield Savings Account today at Nathan  Episode 72 - Brand Position with Nathan HolritzFollow along
Your website connects you to people who want to work with you. Sounds simple enough, but there is so much more to it. Octavia Elease is a Showit website designer and her mission is to help small business owners transform their website and workflows so they can have a solid foundation for business success.Today she's walking through some changes you can make to your website to elevate your user's experience and guide them into becoming paying clients.Sponsor of the episode: SofiReceive $25 when you set up your free High Yield Savings Account today at Octavia on Paper PodcastFollow along
You may have heard of The Magic Email before and to an extent I see how it works, but in this episode I'm sharing why I don't use it and what I do instead.Sponsor of the episode: SofiReceive $25 when you set up your free High Yield Savings Account today at along
Taryn Rachelle is a mother, Keynote speaker, personal brand creator, podcast host, and Community & Partnerships Leader at Dubsado. She is here to cheer you on, build a community, and help you succeed.One of those ways you can succeed is to fix the mistakes you're likely making in your systems today. Taryn walks us through some systems and some common mistakes business owners make.Sponsor of the episode: Imagen AIGet 1500 images edited for free at Taryn Can Systemize PodcastFollow the show
Busy months are great but the slow seasons can be a rough desert to get through. My guest on the show today is sharing all about how you can booked out your calendar, and keep bringing in the cash during the slow season too.Kir is a wedding photographer, speaker and educator based in Washington D.C. and this conversation is a delight. Sponsor of the episode: Imagen AIGet 1500 images edited for free at Kir the show
Ashleigh Snyder is a senior photographer who has cultivated an amazing quality and luxury experience for her grad clients. And with lots of demand, she is definitely a go-to photographer in the Clemson, SC area.Today we get into how you can set yourself up to become the go-to photographer in your area.Sponsor of the episode: Imagen AIGet 1500 images edited for free at Ashleigh it Click PodcastFollow the show
My First 1 Star Review

My First 1 Star Review


I like to be open with y'all about my business. The highs and the lows, and 2023 had some lows. Today I'm walking through my first 1 star review, how we got there, and how to react if you get a negative review or feedback.Mentioned in the episode: How to Ask for Reviews - Episode 85Follow along
Kyle and Bianca Thompson AKA Oak and Iron Photo AKAKA Pastrami and Sweet B join me on the show today to talk about how we shouldn't chase trends.We dive into reels and tiktoks, creating videos that speak to you and would keep you entertained, and how they direct their clients during shoots.Sponsor of the show:Imagen for 1500 images edited for freeFollow Kyle and the
KT Merry is a globally recognized fine art wedding and editorial photographer, based in Miami, Florida. Published in Harper's Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, and BRIDESShe's also a passionate animal lover and conservationist, KT puts giving back first, and uses her business as a powerful force for good. And today she's sharing how we can use our businesses as a force for good in this world.Sponsor of this episode:Imagen AI - Photo along with KT
Dave Moss is a photographer and business coach, AKA the Creative CEO Whisperer and he's back on the show. This time we're talking about Hustle Culture and how we can navigate business and hustle without damaging ourselves in the process.Sponsor of this episode:Imagen AI - Photo along with Dave