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Discouraged by “failing” or forgetting to make progress on your New Year’s Resolution (or goals in general)? Don’t be — it happens to the best of us! In this episode, I’m covering WHY we lose steam on our resolutions and sharing a few simple yet strategic ways you can get yourself back on track. Shownotes for Episode 159 Thanks to Sunsama for sponsoring this week's episode! Click here to start your 14-day FREE trial! Cick here to become a member of the It's About Time Academy!
Ever feel like that traditional time management advice doesn't work for you? There’s a reason why — it’s not supposed to! While they may be great generic pieces of advice, they don’t exactly help you find what works best for your schedule. In today’s episode, my friend Chelsea Peterson and I are going to talk about how to make all the adjustments you need so you can make more time for the things you love! Shownotes for Episode 158 Stay in touch with Chelsea: Her Instagram Modern Agent Social Club   Thanks to Sunsama for sponsoring this week's episode! Click here to start your 14-day FREE trial! Cick here to become a member of the It's About Time Academy!
Ever been so stressed out that you felt sick? Turns out, it’s not just your imagination! Prolonged stress and sleep deprivation can actually make you sick. But with so much going on in our day-to-day, how do you prevent running yourself ragged without ignoring your responsibilities? Tune in to find out! Thank you to this episode's sponsor Sunsama! Click here to start your 14-day FREE trial Shownotes for Episode 157 Cick here to become a member of the It's About Time Academy!
Do you ever wish you could build better habits faster?    You can when you follow Emily Nichol’s guide to habit hacking. The one thing she tells everyone who wants to build better habits? Start small! If you want more nuggets of golden wisdom from Emily and to hear our discussion on how habits can transform your life completely, listen in! Shownotes for Episode 156 Stay in touch with Emily: Instagram Website -------------------------------------------------- Cick here to become a member of the It's About Time Academy!
How many times have you thought, “I can do it all,” only to realize that you could NOT, in fact, do it all?  We’ve all been there. As mothers, business owners, and women operating in this world, we’re conditioned to believe that we have to do everything ourselves, or we’ve failed in some way. But in this episode of the It’s About Time podcast, I had the chance to chat with Tanya Dalton, author of “The Joy Of Missing Out.”  She walked me through her framework for making small huge moves and talked about the gift of delegating in life — whether that’s at home or work!  Shownotes for Episode 155 Where to find more of Tanya: Her website Pick up a copy of her book "On Purpose: The Busy Woman's Guide to an Extraordinary Life of Meaning and Success"   Cick here to become a member of the It's About Time Academy!  
Ever heard the term “career self-care”? I hadn’t either, until I met Minda Zetlin! But since then, the term hasn’t left my brain for a second. In a culture that puts so much emphasis on hustle and grind and teaches us to pin our worth to the number of hours worked, it’s more important than ever to practice self-care around the thing we spend 40 (or more) hours a week on: our careers! Shownotes for Episode 154 Keep in touch with Minda: Her website Twitter - @MindaZetlin Purchase her book Career Self-Care: Find Your Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment at Work Cick here to become a member of the It's About Time Academy! Go to and try Basecamp for free. No credit card is required, and cancel anytime.
Sometimes, the best things happen when you take an unexpected step back from the daily hustle of running a business. Rachel Greiman discovered this when COVID-19 shut down daycares, and she was forced to delegate more of her copywriting projects to other writers. Though this led to a pay cut (at first) as she took on less client work herself, it ultimately led her to triple her business revenue the next year. Listen to this podcast episode to hear how making tough decisions might just be the BEST decision in the long run. Shownotes for Episode 153 Stay in touch with Rachel: Instagram Website   Thank you to BASECAMP for sponsoring this episode: Go to and try Basecamp for free. No credit card is required, and cancel anytime.
We all know the holidays are busy — even stressful. But we all want to spend this time being present with our families and resting, so how can we do that when it feels… well, chaotic? In honor of the upcoming holiday season, I want to share some of my best tips for taking care of yourself and staying sane during the most wonderful (and also stressful) time of the year!  Go to and try Basecamp for free. No credit card is required, and cancel anytime. Click here and join the It's About Time Academy!
It’s official — It’s About Time is 150 episodes old! It’s time for me to chat with you all about the lessons I’ve learned over the last 150 episodes. Whether you’re a business-owning mom, a working parent, or just a downright busy human, these lessons in time management will help you find more balance, productivity, AND ease in life. Thanks for being here! Here’s to another 150 episodes with y’all!  Click here to join the It's About Time Academy!
Some people are just so… fashionable, aren’t they? I’ve always envied people who look put-together and always seem have the cutest clothes. Turns out feeling good in your clothes doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. If you’ve ever been curious about how to save time in your closet with a capsule wardrobe, press play on episode 150 of It’s About Time featuring Jenny Eversole, Founder of StyleSpace Stay in touch with Jenny: Instagram Website
We all have goals we want to achieve. But what happens when we’re working towards those goals and it feels like we’re working really hard to get… nowhere? If you feel like you’re stuck in hyper-productivity mode without ever making much progress, Shanna Hocking has some tips! In her new book, One Bold Move A Day, Shanna discusses her philosophy to make big goals a reality by taking small daily steps. Listen to this episode to learn how she does it! Shownotes for Episode 149 Stay in touch with Shanna: LinkedIn Instagram Click here to purchase Shanna's book One Bold Move a Day: Meaningful Actions Women Can Take to Fulfill Their Leadership and Career Potential Cick here to become a member of the It's About Time Academy!
Do you catch yourself playing the “How much can I get done in the next 2 hours?” game? Yep, we’ve all been there. If you’re busy, sometimes you have to do a lot in a little bit of time. But honestly, that intense level of productivity can eventually lead to burnout. This episode guest, Brittany Dixon, is no stranger to burnt-out entrepreneurs.  In her consulting business, she expertly guides business owners and service providers to set up systems to take care of their productivity without taking over their life. Listen to this episode to learn how she does it!  Shownotes for Episode 148 Stay in touch with Brittany: Her website Hustle to Flow Instagram   Check out my Youtube page   The It's About Time Academy doors are open once again! Click here to join and be a part of the community  
Whether we like numbers or not, all business owners have to work with them on some level! On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m talking with Madison Brown, an accounting expert and time management superstar, as she walks us through her favorite ways to take the overwhelm out of dealing with your numbers. Shownotes for Episode 147
Life can be pretty chaotic — especially with kids. How can we control the chaos and give ourselves the calmest life possible? Heather Greco, the Chaos Coordinator, has the best system for reducing overwhelm while still managing to get everything done in your busy life.  Shownotes for Episode 146
A new planner would help you stay on track, right? …. Statistically speaking, no. Planners aren’t the solution to your bursting calendar or your overflowing inbox. Instead, your planner might be CAUSING more issues. What should you do if a planner isn’t helping? I have a few ideas, so tune into this episode to find out.  Shownotes for Episode 145 A roadmap, a community, and support that helps you build a life of balance. Click here to join my 6 month group coaching program.
Do you find yourself running late to… everything? Guess what! Tardiness isn’t actually something people do out of laziness. In fact, most of it can be chalked up to personality traits that can be learned and unlearned! When you figure out how to manage your time well, you can be on time or early to almost everything. In this episode, I’m breaking down my framework for creating a time management plan that ensures you don’t run late — at least not as much. Shownotes for Episode 144 Cick here to become a founding member of the It's About Time Academy!
Are you constantly scrolling on social, or refreshing your news feed? Having easy access to so much information is amazing, but it can also be damaging. What if we could find a middle ground that kept us on top of current events and in contact with our loved ones without dragging us down or sucking all our time? Listen to this episode, where I’ll break down what an information diet is and why now’s the perfect time to try one if you want more time in your days and less stress in your life. Shownotes for Episode 143 Come be a part of community! Join the It's About Time Academy
Mentors: Do you have one?    There are so many people out there who are fantastic, amazing experts in the areas we want to improve in our own lives and work. We want to listen to them! I want to caution you against trying to listen to ALL of them, though. Instead of helping you, trying to learn from tons of different mentors will only lead to overwhelm. That’s why I’m sharing 4 keys to choosing mentors who will help you take action, rather than spin your wheels. Shownotes for Episode 142 I'd love to invite you to the It's About Time Academy
Nothing about life is set it and forget it. Neither is time management. Whether it’s a routine, a task management tool, or your trusty to-do list, time management isn’t a Crockpot. Our lives change and evolve, and our methods should, too. But how do we know when the time is right to pull the plug on our old routine or time management strategies so we can craft a new one? Tune into this week’s episode to find out. Shownotes for Episode 141
Do you find yourself running around all day, zig-zagging between tasks, going across town just to come back… and then go again? Tune into this episode to learn how you can give your routines a physical flow that makes sense and saves you time, energy, AND money! 🍋 Register for my FREE workshop! Routine Refresh: 3 Steps to Reclaim Your Time with the RIGHT Routines Shownotes for Episode 140 Go to and sign up today to start a free 30 day trial. There’s no credit card required and you can cancel online at any time! If you want to know if Basecamp is right for your team, signing up for a trial is the best way to do so. Remember to go to to get your free trial. Thank you Basecamp for sponsoring this episode!
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