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We start this Season on a new profile so we can share the show with people on platforms. This season will cover various topics on life. Thank you for listening and hope we can change your aspect on life.
8 Episodes
Here is a Tony Bruno show like sample for Madden players. This is for week 10 of the real life NFL 2019 Season.
Gay Rappers Gay Image

Gay Rappers Gay Image


Gay rappers is destroying the hard core rap image and people are talking about it. Now day kids think the gay image look is the hip look and are not knowing whats behind the scenes in the rap industry.
This is not the place for anybody to stay that didn't deserve it or just made a minor mistake. Nasty food, dirty air, mean guards, brutality, and secrets that go on in jail.
Be careful where you eat or how you talk to the person making your food. People are nasty and sovare our favorite places to eat.
Like E40 said " Sugar Sugar, that's my sister, sprinkle me. Here is a podcast on the dangers of sugar.
Schemes And Scams

Schemes And Scams


Becareful who you give your info too, although they may already have it. Dmv and other government agencies are a scam, just research with an open mind.
Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings


Mass shooters is coming down to Mental vs Mind control vs gun laws. It's costing life's of innocent people. Is it all real or a set up. You ponder about it.
Haters and Negativity

Haters and Negativity


Hater just annoy you and try to stop your forward progression in life. Stay away from the Negative people in your life. They the same ones you take a picture with or are around your circle.
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