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Author: Norman Chella

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Podlovers Asia is made to cover the Asian podcasting scene! The episodes range in format, from narrative to interview, and from informative to entertaining! Guests can range from podcasters of various genres to media companies, reporters, you name it. All this to paint a picture of how the industry is booming here! If you're interested in this space, whether you're a budding podcaster, a brand, or an avid listener, you've come to the right place!
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In this episode, we're going to India to talk with Abhishek Baxi of Podcast Hub!Abhishek is a prolific writer covering tech and podcasting and is the founder of, covering the podcast ecosystem with a focus on the Indian podcasting industry. He is a digital consultant working on digital social media, mobile strategy for brands, organizations, and local businesses. He is also a technology journalist, a Senior Editor at Neowin, a Contributor at The Morning Context, and a Columnist at Hindustan Times.We talked about:Abhishek's origin story: How he became obsessed with blogging and jumping into podcastingThe entirety of the Indian podcasting scene: What is happening there? Abhishek gives us a detailed overview of all the podcasting players in the Indian podcasting spaceFrom Amazon's confusing strategy in India to Spotify's acquisition of shows, and India's audio consumption culture How do we make the jump to go from radio to podcasts?Are independent producers and content houses doing well in India? What about investment and circulation? Enjoy!LinksPodcast HubAbhishek's WebsiteAbhishek's TwitterAbhishek's LinkedInAbhishek's Instagram
In this episode, we are going to China to have a conversation with someone who is gathering stories there, none other than the Host of Mosaic of China: Oscar Fuchs!Oscar is the Host and Producer of Mosaic of China, a lighthearted English language podcast showcasing an array of people who are currently making their mark in China. Previously the Co-Founder of a headhunting company, that venture brought him to many different countries in Asia: three years in Japan, six years in Singapore, three years in Hong Kong, and five years in China. Now he is based in Shanghai.In this episode we talk about:Oscar's origin story, from completing a 250-kilometer ultra-marathon in Namibia to starting Mosaic of China.The preconceptions and assumptions of China that Oscar is tackling with each episodePodcasting best practices in China and why we need two RSS feedsWhat's in the pipeline for Oscar as he wraps up Season 1The meaning of Asia as a word and how it is defined by Western influencesEnjoy!LinksMosaic of China WebsiteMosaic of China WeChatMosaic of China InstagramOscar Fuchs' LinkedIn
In this episode, we're going to take a trip to Taiwan, to have a chat with the host of the A.Connector Podcast, Mark Forman.The Brooklyn Bluesman, as he is notably called RBBluesman, Mark is part of a consultancy providing various business education and communication training, speaking services online on the internet and live in-person originally from Brooklyn, New York. He studied Chinese culture and history in university and moved to Taiwan from 1987 to continue Chinese language studies.From the podcasting perspective, he is right up there with the core group of podcasters starting up the first-ever podcasts. So we are going to do a little bit of time travel when it comes to talking about how podcasting started, now with his current show, A.Connector, satisfying his curiosity by talking to interesting people around the world.We talked about:His origin story: How Mark started podcasting, coming into contact with the medium Mark's connection to Evo Terra, a previous guest and amazing guy (Hi Evo!)The social dynamics between Western and Asian culture, not only from a podcasting perspective, but in terms of communication. How conservative should we be when it comes to starting a podcast in Asia,The methods of showcasing frustration and moral outrage according to two different culturesMark's thoughts on the Asian podcasting scene and much more. Enjoy!LinksMark's TwitterMark's WebsiteA.Connector TwitterA.Connector Podcast
In this episode, we're going next door to Singapore to talk to a star in Asia's podcasting scene: Niki Torres! On a mission to reach out to thriving women and deconstruct their success stories, Niki, the Host of Chief Best Friends, talks to business partners who are actually best friends to see how can they thrive in their startup or their idea while keeping a healthy relationship with each other. And I thought I reached out to her after her launch of season two, to see how she is doing.We talked about:How Chief Best Friends started: its missions, values and the impact that Niki is aiming forThe other podcast ideas she's had and pitching this show in Splice Beta, the event for Asia's digital media transformation.The lack of awareness and biases that we tend to have in the VC world, the business world and the startup world. What are the different issues and barriers that women have to tackle all the time? Handling her podcast with strict criteria for guestsNuances in Asia's podcasting ecosystem and its differences between the Western markets from cultural to language barriers.Enjoy!LinksChief Best Friends WebsiteBusiness Friendships Funds Substack
Kicking off Season 3, we are talking with Rovik Robert, Co-Host of SG Explained!SG Explained explores and takes a deep dive into all things Singapore-related: from policies to racism and history of Singapore to lighter subjects like chicken rice (one of my favorite foods!).Since Rovik has been doing this for a couple of years now, I reached out to him to see his thoughts on starting this show and navigating through multiple topics of different levels of sensitivity in a multicultural context. Plus (of course), his observations on the Singaporean podcasting scene.We talked about:Rovik's podcast origin story and starting up SG ExplainedHis workflow and choosing the right topics and making sure, to get the most out of each opportunity in trending topics like racism, especially in SingaporeThe art of conversation, and the three types of conversations you can haveHow Rovik cooperates with his cohosts well, even if they have different opinionsThe other podcasts he's working on, including one internal within a corporate environmentEnjoy!LinksSG Explained Facebook PageRovik's InstagramMentioned Shows99% InvisibleDave Chen showNew Naratif's Podcasts
Hello there, Norman here and welcome to Podlovers Asia, season three, coming in. If you are just tuning into the show, Podlovers Asia covers the Asian podcasting scene through conversations with producers, hosts, and independence as well as leaders in the podcasting space covering anything related to Asia's podcasting ecosystem.And that as a very strange phrase to say, because what is the Asian podcasting ecosystem with every country, every market having, their own factors, their own nuances. That makes it unique. I, your host am on a mission to map that out so that anyone that is interested in tapping into the markets here would be much more informed and will collectively grow the ecosystem altogether.With season three, coming out, expect more conversations throughout the Asian continent from Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and many moreExcited to get back into this. If you have any recommendations for people that I should talk to.Tweet at me at Podlovers Asia, or send me an email That is And send me over someone that you think might be a great fit for the show. And we can have an amazing conversation about what makes up each and every Asian market. So without further ado, let's dive into season three, coming out soon. Take care.
Here's a not-so-quick review of Season 2! I'll be taking a month break for the time being to focus on the group, plan content for the future and much more!Full shownotes coming in later this week! (Sorry for the rush ep!)LinksPodlovers Asia GroupSplice Low-Res 3: Freelancing opportunities in spite of covid (Future Plans for Podlovers Asia)Splice Coverage
In this episode, we are having a chat with the host of Indian Noir, Nikesh Murali!Nikesh is a critically acclaimed crime and horror writer, as well as a globally acclaimed spoken word artist, the creator and voice behind India's number one storytelling podcast, Indian Noir. He is a Commonwealth short story prize winner and DWL story prize winning writer also received the honorable mentions for the Katha short story prize twice.He's also the author of a multi award-winning Amazon bestselling short story collection, the Killing Fields and novel His Night Begins is adapted to an audio version for his podcast. Nearing the end of the storyline, I reached out to Nikesh to talk to him about the origins of Indian Noir and his take on creating such an amazing show.We talked about:Nikesh's origin story, how he went from spending decades writing novels, doing spoken word to diving into the world of podcastingHis writing process: Using TV and screenwriting techniques to create fast binge-worthy episodesThe unique structure behind Indian Noir and its multiple showsNikesh's take on the creative podcasting scene and how to tap into it as a budding podcaster/creativeEnjoy!Timestamps4:57 Writing in a dying publishing industry: Nikesh's origin story8:18 Poetry and the beauty of recitation11:15 "I've always had a very dim view of the world" Focusing on crime, and the start of His Night Begins14:11 "What about our stories?" The void of Indian crime and horror stories18:43 Indian Noir's audiences span the globe because stories transcend cultural contexts20:31 Spikes in listenership from overseas (US, Middle East, Australia), and Horror in Asia22:46 A billion people and multiple languages: The sheer potential of translating Indian Noir24:46 Indian Noir's multi-show structure: Indian Noir X, One Shots, FearFM and Desi Crime29:09 "I do not think of Indian Noir as a podcast" Nikesh compares running his show to HBO29:56 "Television is the most superior, supreme form of storytelling, full-stop."32:37 The release schedule for Indian Noir, the podcast run like a TV channel36:44 My own fiction show, Tempered Fables, the lore and continuity behind it40:38 The beauty of oral storytelling41:50 Oral storytelling has always been the oldest form of storytelling43:58 How Nikesh feels about ending His Night Begins45:37 "I get complaints if there isn't an episode" The fierce loyalty of His Night Begins fans46:18 The pressure of ending a show, and writing a satisfying ending49:48 Nikesh Murali will be the sole actor of Indian Noir, and why53:10 The challenges of being a single voice actor55:12 Indian Noir as a duty, novel adaptations, and the satisfaction of making a podcast58:33 Invest in your craft, invest in your skillset1:03:59 The learner's mindset1:05:20 What Nikesh would like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene - critical analysis of the scene itself1:11:13 EXTRA: More on fiction, backgrounds and accents!LinksListen to Indian Noir in your favourite appIndian Noir WebsiteIndian Noir on AudioboomIndian Noir TwitterNikesh's Website
This time, a quick trip to Singapore to chat with podcast producer Danny Koordi!Danny is a fulltime podcast producer and founder of Fabl Productions, creating narrative shows for clients and companies who want to convey a message in podcast format. I've known Danny since the Asia Podcast Summit last year, and this was a good time to get an update on what he's up to, building up Fabl Productions and more.We talked about:The leap of faith from auditing at KPMG to fulltime podcastingThe mindsets, struggles and worries behind starting your own independent podcast businessWhy countries in Asia are not 'advertiser-ready' yet, plus growing trendsEnjoy!Timestamp02:57 - Meeting with Danny's first client and his origin story5:59 - "He sent a thousand Facebook messages": hearing about Happiness Initiative inspires him9:08 - Leaving KPMG: What was going through Danny's mind?15:32 - Building up Fabl Productions, how Danny captures opportunity17:51 - Danny shares tips on how to dive into podcasting as a business20:07 - "They're not looking for one way, they're looking for the best way" what aspiring podcasters look for in Asia21:00 - Podcasting for money in the short term and McDonalds23:34 - Comparing success to the best podcasters, and Joe Rogan's episode one24:51 - The intangible benefit of podcasting, according to Danny29:00 - What is on Danny's podcast playlist? Renegade Radio!33:50 - What Danny would like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene?41:26 - BONUS! We chat freeform about my story, random stuff happening podcasting-wise and other shenanigans :)LinksFabl Productions websiteFacebook PageInstagramDanny's social media:LinkedInInstagramTwitterShows Mentioned青春抛物线 (Pillars Of Youth)The Anthropocene ReviewedPlanet MoneyFreakonomicsLike the show?Check us out on Podchaser!Join the discussion on Kyrie!Here's our main website!Buy me a coffee! :)
In this episode, we're traveling to India to have a chat with Naga Subramanya of the Passion People Podcast!Naga is a podcaster and host of the Passion People podcast, a show dedicated to sharing the stories of relatable people so that listeners can get encouraged to chase their dreams. He also co-founded O2 Pod Collective, an advocacy group of podcasters in Bangalore, India to push forward the medium of podcasting!In this episode, we talk about:The mission behind the Passion People podcast, Naga's observations and predictions on the Indian podcasting scene The definition of passion as a pursuit of expressionEnjoy!Timestamps02:55 Naga's origin story and how he got into podcasting05:30 "We're always safeguarded in India" Unlocking his source of passion10:26 The helm, the grain and the ripple star: Passion People's Logo14:53 There are no failed pre-interviews, and our different interview methods20:09 "I have no dream guest" How Naga keeps the podcast relatable22:45 About fans who reached out about losing their passion25:47 How does one find their own definition of passion?31:44 India's podcasting scene: Naga paints a picture (Indies, Companies, Monetization)41:12 How India's broadcasting companies are tapping into the podcasting space + challenges47:17 The rise in smart speakers, and religious audio content48:48 The rise of India's podcast apps50:26 Naga's predictions for Indian podcasting and O2Pod Collective's plans54:19 What would you like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene?56:19 Naga's podcast playlistLinksNaga's MediumNaga's TwitterPassion People Podcast TwitterAudioboom WebsiteMedium PublicationO2Pod Collective YouTube ChannelCommunity Building to Foster the Podcast Ecosystem - Saif, Faiza, Vishnu, Shankar & Naga – IndiaMentionsMaed in IndiaIVM PodcastsAawazSuno IndiaDarknet DiariesBhaskar BoseMusafir StoriesIndian NoirO2Pod CollectiveLike the show?Check us out on Podchaser!
In this episode, I had a chat with the wonderful Evo Terra!Evo is the host of the Podcast Pontifications podcast, a podcast about... podcast pontifications. In this show, he talks about the things that you should be thinking about when starting your own show or talking about the podcast industry in general.With 16 years in the podcast industry and his first ever show in 2004, Evo is a powerhouse when it comes to podcasting, as host of show number 40 from the very beginning.In this chat, we talked about:His origin story, how he shared his first show with truck drivers who burned podcast CDs for long distance drivingBuilding up Podiobooks to launch the careers of many different authors (750 books!)Thoughts on privacy and why he doesn't mind compromising some of it in order to get the better experience online.I played a game with him, a hypothetical situation where we tried to grow the Asia podcast market!Anyway. Plenty of fun, laughter and amazing insight from him. Enjoy my chat with Evo Terra of Podcast Pontifications!Timestamps03:19 What Evo hates about today's podcast apps06:51 Mobile-only listening and the different types of podcast listeners09:49 How Evo started Show no. 40 on October 12th, 200413:46 How listeners get their podcasts in the early days of podcasting17:56 The first 40 podcasters, and the start of the Podcast Community19:19 19 - the number of shows that Evo has hosted over the last 16 years21:06 Launching the careers of many authors with 750 books through Podiobooks24:52 Being a paid podcaster for hospitals, and the mission behind Podcast Pontifications27:07 Podcasts are an easier way to gain access to expert insights29:57 "Retention rate of audio is vastly superior to video" and the 85% metric31:19 Is Apple the defacto source of data for podcast listener analytics?35:30 "Your privacy is an illusion" Evo gives a very different answer to Rob Walch of Libsyn on podcast privacy41:35 Hypothetical game: How do we grow the Asian podcast market? Thailand's barriers, and South Korea as the leading exampleReach out to Evo:Podcast PontificationsEmailTwitterInstagramLinks:iPodderX (NOW DEFUNCT)Juice ReceiverPodiobooksTee MorrisPodcasting for DummiesBangkok PodcastShows mentioned:Reply AllGeologic PodcastTwenty Thousand Hertz
In this episode, we'll be talking with Nathaniel Fetalvaro of Tech in Asia!Nat is the host of Startup Snapshot, a podcast by Tech in Asia, the leading publication covering the Asian tech scene. He is the interviewer, host and orchestrator behind the show, brought it together up to 3 seasons. Now launching a new segment called Deep Dive, Nat shares his experience growing a podcast for the tech audience in Asia. I've known him since the Asia Podcast Summit last year so this is more a catch up between the both of us :)We talked about:How Startup Snapshot started as an idea in Tech in AsiaThe different barriers in trying to capture a listenership for tech entrepreneurs (Written vs. Audio)The sensitivity of scoops that can undermine both a company and publication's reputationManaging the balance between listenership needs, desires, and creating content aligning with Tech in Asia's missionA whole variety of things we talked about here, from marketing to guesting, to starting a podcast network...? Enjoy!Timestamps03:18 The stress behind running Startup Snapshot04:54 Starting with cardboard boxes, and underestimating the format07:29 Tech in Asia's Unfair Advantage10:59 Why listenership from the website dropped significantly14:02 Tech in Asia's shownotes strategy, and how profiling helps that20:06 Best time to share content, and why we schedule written vs audio differently24:13 Tech in Asia's full-stack content marketing strategy for Startup Snapshot and audience adaptation29:35 "People would want to listen to work things over the weekend" readership vs. follower counts in the weekend32:28 Talking about business failure, the publication-business relationship, and the smaller players38:32 "The honesty came through in all the episodes" on PR agencies and sensitive issues49:45 Covering Asia-specific stories: breaking the language barrier52:49 "We want to create a Tech in Asia network for podcasts" Nat shares future plans for podcasting1:01:53 What is on Nat's podcast playlist?1:10:21 What Nat would like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene?Listen to Startup Snapshot on:Tech in AsiaSpotifyApple PodcastsPodchaserMentions:Willis WeeMaria LiGimletEric OandasanShows:The Weekly PlanetHello from the Magic Tavern The Daily Gimlet's Startup
In this episode, we're going to have a talk with Dave Visaya of Podcast Engineers!Dave is a specialist in podcast editing, providing editing services for renowned clients around the world. Not only that, he has his own show called The Big Picture, diving into the success stories of entrepreneurs all across The Philippines.We talked about:Dave's Superhero origin storyHow he got into podcast editing and building Podcast EngineersLessons that he learned going from a frustrated musician to teaching others how to build their own businessesEnjoy!About DaveTwitterLinkedInThe Big PictureBigger PocketsPodcast EngineersMain siteLinkedInShows MentionedLeaders of LearningAsia Podcast SummitNiko BolzicoRX IzotopeAudio-Technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone (Affiliate link)RadiolabThe Ed Mylett ShowSchool of GreatnessThe Brendon ShowUndeniably Curious
This is an episode hijack! With the advent of my new interview show, AntiFool, I'm on a mission to deconstruct wisdom from the few to share with the many.This one is about podcasting, hence why we're here!We talked about Malaysia's podcasting space, and how to build it from two different perspectives: as a solopreneur and as a business. An interesting chat with my good friend, Kelvin Tay of Renegade Radio.For the full info to this episode, you can check out the following link: more info on the show itself, you can check out:!
Hey there, this is just a quick bonus episode to let you know:I'm launching the Podlovers Asia Group soon! It's going to be in Beta and I'll have groups, topics, and much more for the podcasting community.Sign up for the beta here:!
In this episode, we're sitting down to have a chat with a successful podcaster based in Thailand!Greg Jorgensen is host of the Bangkok Podcast, and is on a journey to cover everything about the lovely city of Bangkok. Since 2011(!!), he covers a TON, from history to culture, specific locations and developments in the city over time, and more. All in 250+ episodes! With ~200 patrons in his Patreon, he has a whole list of loyal listeners supporting him which is amazing to hear.We talked about:Greg's journey to Bangkok and what compelled him to start the podcastHow he built a community of 200 paying members on his PatreonHis personal insights on the Thai podcasting sceneEnjoy!Timestamps03:14 How Greg arrived to Bangkok04:48 The intricacies of Bangkok as an interesting city09:57 Why a podcast? + The Origins of Bangkok Podcast13:20 How has the podcast evolved over time with different cohosts?16:40 How do you source for content about the city of Bangkok?23:32 How Greg grew his Patreon to 200 members26:07 Experimenting with premium content, failed segments and current events29:18 What is Thailand's national flower?30:55 Greg's insights on Thai podcasting scene36:18 The costs of living in Thailand as a foreigner39:30 Bangkok Podcast listenership, being friends with listeners and meetups44:19 Building a connection with the host46:41 Greg's podcast playlist, and dream episode to make52:34 'T.I.T': This is Thailand53:47 Love, Loathe, or Live With: The Asian podcasting sceneMain LinksGreg's WebsiteGreg's TwitterBangkok PodcastPodcast WebsiteTwitterFacebook PagePatreonShows mentionedPlanet MoneyRevolutions Podcast99% InvisibleConan O'Brien Needs A FriendEmperors of RomeFutility ClosetJoe Rogan ExperienceLast Podcast on the LeftTwenty Thousand HertzWTF with Marc MaronHardcore HistoryDoug loves movies
In this episode, we are going to be talking with Sheena Yap Chan of the Tao of Self Confidence Podcast!The Tao of Self Confidence Podcast is a show to boost the self confidence of Asian women. Spanning over 750 episodes (!!), Sheena has been on this amazing quest to share their voices, sharing their stories, vulnerabilities and lessons, to empower her listeners. I am personally a fan of Sheena, she has done so much for the Asian podcasting community. The first time I saw her name was when she wrote an ultimate list of Asian podcast! It was one of the influences in me starting this show.We talk about:How she built over 750 compact, powerful episodesThe factors that affect self-confidence in Asian womenHer personal story in what compelled her to start podcastingOur thoughts on Asian identityEnjoy the episode!Timestamps03:02 Lacking support systems for Asian women: Sheena's story in starting her show06:09 Sheena's Tao: Building self-confidence07:39 "As women, we are harsh to ourselves" Why Sheena thinks this happens10:23 Short, powerful episodes: Sheena shares her reasons and interview process16:32 "There's people out there who don't see your worth, but don't make it you": Creating something for yourself as an Asian woman18:39 The labels Asian women get from society and pushing past that narrative20:56 How can we support women who go through these struggles? Sheena shares her thoughts24:40 The biggest lesson Sheena learned about herself: Self-love26:42 What made her realise how short life is31:00 What Sheena would like to see more of in the Asian podcasting sceneThe Tao of Self Confidence LinksWebsitePodcast LinkFacebook PageTwitterInstagramLinkedInYouTubeUltimate List of Asian Hosted PodcastsSheena's Social MediaFacebook PageTwitterLinkedInLike the show?Check us out on Podchaser!Join the discussion on Kyrie!Here's our main website!Buy me a coffee! :)
Warning: this episode is rated E for explicit!In this episode, we take a quick trip to the Philippines to have a deep and funny chat with Ron Baetiong of Podcast Network Asia!Ron is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 10 years building all kinds of things. Coming from a tech background, he's built a nightlife app called Partyphile that has closed down due to unfortunate circumstances, and from there he started, a chatbot solutions company.In the midst of all of this, he wanted to take his lessons (going through the different stages of success and failures) by creating Hustleshare, a podcast interviewing known leaders and their hustles. To give back to the podcasting scene, he created Podcast Network Asia, an Asia-wide network!We talked about:Ron's origin story as a serial entrepreneurStarting an Asia-wide podcast network and its implicationsTrends in the Philippines podcasting sceneBuilding the omnichannel analytics for podcasts: Podmetrics.coEnjoy!Like the show?Check us out on Podchaser!Join the discussion on Kyrie!Here's our main website!Buy me a coffee! :)Ron's LinksEmailLinkedInHustlesharePodmetricsLessons from Startup Purgatory: 13 things I learned from my failed StartupBounce back: 10 things I did to get out of startup purgatoryFrom Startup Purgatory To Startup Glory: 11 Things We Did To Get AcquiredPodcast Network AsiaWebsiteFacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramOther LinksKumu Social AppEntreLeadership Podcast
In this episode, I had a lovely chat with Saigoneer's Editor-in-Chief, Mike Tatarski!Saigoneer is a publication covering the city of Saigon, and Vietnam in general. They cover quite a number of topics ranging from culture, society, food and drinks, to serious issues too! Their podcast is a roundtable of the Saigoneer team talking about the latest happenings in Vietnam. Pretty fascinating!We talked about:Transitioning into Vietnamese cultureThe Saigoneer's mission to cover everything in SaigonHow the team curates its contentAn overview of the Vietnamese podcasting sceneDo we have plenty of English-language podcasts? How about Vietnamese-language podcasts? We find out more here. Enjoy!Reach out to Mike:LinkedInTwitterEmailMentioned links/showsThi BuiViet Thanh NguyenNew NaratifBangkok PodcastThe Renovation GenerationSeven Million BikesPolitical GabfestThe PressboxThe Big PictureThe WatchLike the show?Check us out on Podchaser!Join the discussion on Kyrie!Here's our main website!Buy me a coffee! :)
How's it going mates? We're going to be talking to one of the most talented podcast editors I've ever chatted with, Jarrod Watt!Jarrod is a serial producer, writer, journalist and sound-hound (it's what he calls himself as someone in love with beautiful sound design).The orchestrator behind many podcasts published by the South China Morning Post, Jarrod covers a multitude of issues in Hong Kong, coming from 2 decades of audio production experience.In that time, he discovered the truth behind a severely underrated Australian inventor by the name of Henry Sutton in the town of Ballarat, Australia, moved to Hong Kong and is now set to produce amazing shows. Honestly, you should check out his website to see what he does, there's so much! In this episode, we talked about:Australia's Greatest Forgotten Inventor, and what Jarrod did to find the truthThe dynamics needed to make an amazing podcast teamCreating podcasts in multilingual Hong Kong, the barriers and opportunitiesEnjoy!LinksJarrod's WebsiteJarrod's TwitterJarrod's LinkedInSCMP ProfileHenry Sutton PodcastThe inaugural Henry Sutton Oration: rediscovering the Australian who invented television, telephone handsets and networks in a - lifetime of innovationHenry Sutton's Book GofundmeShows Jarrod has worked on:Inside ChinaInside China TechEat Drink AsiaAdventure TrailAsia BriefingRecommended Shows by Jarrod:When Jesus Came to Hong Kong: The Derek Currie Story (Part 1)Twenty Thousand HertzThe Bugle
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