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The Midwest is an incredible, evolving culture. We're here to make sure you know all about it. Join us each week as we break down our favorites from The Scout's good news daily email. We’ve got charm, we’ve got hustle, and we’ve got about thirty minutes to fill so you never know what you’re gonna get. We love you. And that’s not a weird thing to say on a first date at all.
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What did you discover about yourself in 2020? And what are you 'bout to do with it in 2021? Probably get a table for two at the new Chili's and hit up that 3 for $10, right?That's three questions and that means it's time to jump into Season Deux of The Scout Podcast.
That's it, folks. Season One of this experiment is in the books so we're doing it up right by going all political on school lunches, spotty Wi-Fi and Cockney accents. Plus, we're getting pre-lit to celebrate Christmas with the Bonners on Halloween.See ya in Season 2.
Jordan is officially off the socials, we're this close to starting a sidecar espresso shop and Christopher is probably still singing Smooth as we're typing this summary. It's Episode 38 and it. is. spicy.
If someone doesn't get to it first. Please, someone. Get to it first. In the meantime, we're talking new brews, unlimited movies and the Space Force.
The cave of wonders.

The cave of wonders.


Christopher had a week. Your boy is back in town and he regales us with tales from the northern Mojave Desert. National landmarks, 10 states, Area 51, nosebleeds and a fox; this story has it all.
For real. It's not too late.
What the Speck?

What the Speck?


Half-marathons, prosciutto, and corn hole officiating (are those regulation bags?). Beer me a Mich Ultra, it's just another Tuesday in the office with your boys.
For all our OCP lovers, this is your episode. Ya boys dive into the all-important issues of the day: pie vs. cake, what our hometowns smell like, and the key to a perfect snow cone.
Your boys react to new restaurants, new food trucks and a new local drive-in theater. They also ponder the current happenings of Enrique Iglesias. So it's another Tuesday.
New Cape restaurants, Will Smith and Mrs. Menley cookies. Do you really need more on a Tuesday? Fine, we've also got Wagyu and the best Dollar Store Express-adjacent ramen shop.
Remember chocolate peanut butter squares and that T-Pain app from '09? Then you'll love Episode 30: The Autotune Edition.We're talking Major League Soccer merch, ghosting, cajun hardboiled eggs and calling our shot on Whataburger locales.
Everywhere you look.

Everywhere you look.


Did you know there is an extended version of the Full House theme song? We won't play it here, but we do have Christopher's version. Plus more on a ride to cure diabetes, an intro to the Next Project and neature walks.
That second scoop.

That second scoop.


Some of the best nights (and episodes) we've ever had started with 90s country music. And ice cream. Which is pretty much episode veintiocho. Dirty 30, we see you.
The gang is back together for a meandering morning of boiled peanuts, biscuits and gravy, LinkedIn commentary, and new podcast recs from ya boys.
Things and Stuff.

Things and Stuff.


A Jeff-less Jordan and Christopher get wordy over pronunciations, difference-makers and the origins of The Scout Podcast. Hang onto your Uncle Bens, it's another origin story.
It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book but every page is a winner. Get nostalgic with Twister and chime in on where you stand with cilantro.
The taste you can see.

The taste you can see.


Like a good bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, this week's episode has it all: Hamilton talk, Mel McDaniel, Bruno the Black Bear and a cereal milk chaser.
The drive-in is having a moment and we're bringing Cajun food to the party. Plus, our intent is to find joy. See you out there and sorry, dogs, it's fireworks SZN.
If you've ever pondered the difference between quantum randomness and run-of-the-mill randomness and don't have a Ziggy in your back pocket, Episode 22 is the place for you. We've got TikTok mysteries, train rides and mistake Steven Spielberg for James Cameron.
All-you-can-eat crawfish, fancy coffee and the Assault Course from American Gladiators (Nitro included). These are a few of our favorite things. What would you buy with one million buried dollars?
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