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Author: Chris Walder

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Former NBA news writer Chris Walder (Bleacher Report, theScore, RaptorsHQ) interviews personalities from across the NBA, Toronto Raptors Twitter, and professional wrestling in a brand-new podcast where nothing is off limits.
68 Episodes
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Eric Smith (@Eric__Smith), the play-by-play man for the Toronto Raptors on Sportsnet 590 The Fan and the co-host of the "Smith and Jones" podcast, onto the program. Some of the topics the two discuss include: - How Eric has found longevity in an industry where it's usually hard to come by - His backup plan if broadcast media didn't work out - Working alongside George Stroumboulopoulos - If covering the 2019 NBA Championship was the most fun he had on the job - His close friendship with Jack Armstrong - The Toronto Raptors' short-term goals - The best of Pascal Siakam - The Raptors' inability to defeat Dwane Casey's Detroit Pistons - The Buffalo Bills' Super Bowl aspirations - Meeting actor Len Lesser (Seinfeld's Uncle Leo) - His "From Brooklyn to New York" album - His loyalty to his barber and so much more! 
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Amy Audibert (@amyaudibert), a sideline reporter and colour analyst for the Toronto Raptors on Sportsnet, onto the program. Some of the topics the two discuss include: - Amy's disdain for decaffeinated drinks - Amy's recent media whirlwind - If she has any added preparation working for the Raptors as opposed to the Raptors 905, college basketball, or WNBA - What it's like being an analyst while having to wear a mask during the pandemic - The all-women's broadcast and if it will return - An edition of "Likely or Unlikely" featuring Pascal Siakam's All-Star bid, Goran Dragic's future, and the beef/friendship between The Raptor and Devin Booker - Calling a 43-0 quarter - "Dexter: New Blood" - Drag Queens - Working at a casino - Her dog, Gus and so much more!  
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites his beautiful fiance Meghan Howe (@MeghanHowe_xo) onto the program for a special holiday edition of the podcast. Some of the topics the two discuss include: - Meghan's recent concussion following an unfortunate spill outside of their apartment - Chris almost setting their home on fire - Meghan's thoughts on "The Bachelorette" finale with Michelle picking Nayte over Brandon - Which Home Alone film is better? - Muppet Family Christmas, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Elf ... - Who is Meghan's favorite Toronto Raptor? - Chris having never seen a Star Wars film - Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, or Splash Mountain?? - Singing songs from "The Little Mermaid" and so much more! (Music: Christmas Village - Aaron Kenny, Canon and Variation - Twin Music, Deck the Halls B - Kevin MacLeod, non-copyright Disney music)
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Ben Carlos (@BenJCarlos), an on-air host for Yahoo Sports Canada and the host of the "Friends With Ben" podcast, onto the program. Some of the topics the two discuss include: - Deep diving for research into podcast guests - Their shared admiration for Sean Evans of "Hot Ones" - Being nervous reaching out to big-time guests - Ben's interview to land a job with the Toronto Raptors' interactive squad - The most gratification Ben's received from asking a question that's impressed a guest - What it's like trying to get a live crowd energized during a losing effort - How Ben joined Yahoo Sports Canada and any pressure he felt coming in following William Lou and Alex Wong's departure - Pascal Siakam's All-Star potential - Roman Reigns' WWE Universal Championship reign - The Raptors potentially moving OG Anunoby to the Pacers - Pixar movies which are better than Ratatouille  - Pablo Sanchez of "Backyard Sports" - Winnie the Pooh - "Survivor" legends and so much more! (Music: Conservation - Cxdy, Secret Job - Godmode)
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Savanna Hamilton (@SavHamilton11), a sideline reporter for the Raptors 905, as well as a producer for MLSE and on-air host for NBA TV Canada, onto the program. Some of the topics the two discuss include: * Reactions to the recent Not Guilty verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse * How to overcome any mental hurdles that come with overworking in sports media * If the industry is making progress in including more women and POC * The impact Duane Watson and Akil Augustine have had on her career * If she ever looks back on what could have been had she not suffered major injuries as a basketball player for the Ryerson Rams * Pascal Siakam's hot and cold start to the season * Likely/Unlikely on early Raptors storylines * Adding milk before cereal * Big Turk chocolate * "You" * Her twin sister and so much more! 
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) is once again joined by Jack Armstrong (@HelloooJack), the legendary broadcaster for Toronto Raptors telecasts.  Some of the topics the two discuss include: * Jack remaining positive during a time when seemingly everyone is at each other's throats * Ditching the television screens to return to the sidelines to call NBA games live in person * Any expectations he had for the Raptors ahead of the 2021-22 regular season * Toronto's decision to draft Scottie Barnes fourth overall * If Jack thinks he could call better plays than some of the head coaches he watches * If Jack has ever had the itch to return to coaching * Does Nick Nurse get enough praise for Toronto's success?? * Will the Buffalo Bills win a Super Bowl before the Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup?? * A Mt. Rushmore of Christmas Classics * Frank Sinatra hits to convert a non-fan * Jack's mother Mary's time as a lunch lady and so much more!  (Music: Aquarius - Cxdy)  
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Casey Bannerman (@CaseyBannerman), an NBA artist and illustrator who designs NBA merchandise, prints, and apparel, onto the program. Some of the topics the two discuss include: * What it's like seeing his apparel out in the open and being recognized in public * What inspired Casey to first get into art * How easy it is to be critical of your own work * How to take art to the next level and monitize * Dealing with the toxicity of social media and Casey's own battles with his mental health * Creating art of Pascal Siakam's father and the jewelry Pascal now wears regularly of it * Partnering with Fred VanVleet on his "Heart of the City" merch line * The initial reaction to Scottie Barnes getting drafted by the Raptors and the online backlash * Which professional sports logo needs a total makeover * Casey getting his driver's license * Casey's mother posing with celebrities * Halloween costumes we wish to never see again and so much more! (Music: Secret Job - Godmode, BSC State of Mind - Squadda B) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. Use promo code "TBPN" at for a free shot at winning up to $10,000.    
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) is once again joined by Jon Alba (@JonAlba), an Emmy award-winning sportscaster for Spectrum Sports 360 out in Orlando and the now former host of the "Living the Gimmick" pro wrestling podcast. They previously worked alongside one another at Some of the topics the two discuss include: * Jon changing careers and any anxiety he may be experiencing over his decision * The current state of Florida and its battle with COVID-19 * Working with Limitless Wrestling and his upcoming match in September * How All Elite Wrestling handled CM Punk's debut/return to professional wrestling * Punk's upcoming match at "All Out" and if Darby Allin is an appropriate opponent * Bryan Danielson's imminent debut with the promotion * Big changes coming to NXT * NXT booting fans from shows for posting spoilers * Who is the best professional wrestler on the planet today? * Karrion Kross, Becky Lynch, Adam Cole, and more in a round of "Likely/Unlikely" * Cutting wrestling promos on Chris Van Vliet * Jalen Suggs falling to the Orlando Magic in this year's NBA Draft * Disney snacks * Hosting game shows * The wave and other things Jon hates that fans do at sporting events and so much more!  (Music: Soft Feeling - Cheel, North Oakland Extasy - Squadda B) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. Use promo code "THPN" at to receive $200 in free bets for Week 1 of the NFL season.
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Reese (@RockLeeReese), a rising voice on Raptors Twitter and a co-host of the "3rd Intermission" hockey podcast, onto the program. Some of the topics the two discuss include: * If Reese has gotten over the Toronto Maple Leafs blowing a 3-1 series lead to the Montreal Canadiens  * Falling in love with hockey * Black hockey media and a lack of representation * Recent Twitter spaces with Jake Fischer, outdrawing the official Raptors Twitter account, and being high during those spaces * Potentially changing his opinion on Raptors fourth overall draft pick Scottie Barnes * Toronto possibly moving Pascal Siakam * Financial advice * Living in Chicago * Deep dish pizza * Anime * SahBabbi  * Twitter shoutouts * Fake accounts and so much more!  (Music: Secret Job - Godmode, Kalimba - Cxdy) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. Use promo code "TBPN" at for a free shot at winning up to $10,000.
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Jerome Cheng (@blackdragonroll), a multimedia producer for The Athletic and a co-host of the Marvel Cinematic University podcast, onto the program. The two discuss Jerome's recent viral video involving Atlanta Hawks forward Kevin Huerter and Rick Astley, if he's ever felt the need personally or professionally to go viral on the internet, and whether or not he feels people during the pandemic focus too much on internet credibility. They then turn their attention to the 2021 NBA Finals and how the series has exceeded expectations, the recent online push by certain individuals for Khris Middleton to receive Finals MVP votes, Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry trending on Twitter after Game 5, Lowry's future with the franchise, non-Americans taking the league by storm, and much more. Shifting gears to baseball, Jerome reveals his initial thoughts after hearing Stephen A. Smith's remarks pre-apology about Shohei Ohtani not being able to be the face of baseball because he uses a translator, and what the best-case outcome is following such controversial remarks. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Jerome talks about the relationship with his father and how sports has brought them together, if he's a better dancer than former guest Jordan Hayles, video bombing Drake, how he'd rank the Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, which Avengers he'd use to comprise a starting lineup for basketball, and much more. (Music: Summer of 1984 - RKVC, American Vernacular - RAGE, Fairfax - Cxdy) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. Use promo code "TBPN" at for a free shot at winning up to $10,000.
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) is once again joined by Amit Mann (@Amit_Mann), the host of the "5 Observations NBA Podcast" and a part of the team over at Yahoo Sports Canada. The two discuss Amit getting his show off the ground during the pandemic and any personal growth he's seen from his first episode to now. They then dive into the upcoming NBA Finals matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns, talking about how surprising the matchup is, if the pairing is good for fans and the league as a whole, what a title win would do for Chris Paul's legacy, as well as that of Giannis Antetokounmpo, as well as predictions for both the champion and Finals Most Valuable Player. In a new segment, Amit reveals if it's a big deal, little deal, or no deal at all that Canada lost to the Czech Republic in its bid to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in basketball, Kawhi Leonard's rumored attitude towards the Clippers' medical staff, and the Golden State Warriors' potential interest in Pascal Siakam. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Amit talks awful online memes, annoying characters in his favorite television shows, missing important life events to attend a game, if hot dog eating contests should be considered a sport, Chris Paul saving another lowly franchise, and so much more. (Music: Far Cry - Cxdy, Shadowing - Corbyn Kites, A Caring Friend - Bad Snacks) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. Use promo code "TBPN" at for a free shot at winning up to $10,000.
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Kishan Mistry (@_KishanMistry), a highly-acclaimed photographer who currently serves as a social media content specialist for Uninterrupted and both a live content creator and social media designer for Major League Baseball, onto the program. The two discuss Kishan's early "Mistry Hockey" YouTube channel and how it inspired his passion for content creation, whether or not he cringes at his old work, the key differences between an amateur and professional photographer, shooting the Toronto Raptors' 2019 NBA championship run, any sense of urgency in uploading photos for viral potential, any changes he makes in shooting a concert as opposed to a live sporting event, and much more. The two then dabble into some hockey and basketball talk, including Toronto Maple Leafs fans being sour grapes about the Montreal Canadiens being in the Conference Finals, any upside there may be for the Raptors not qualifying for the postseason, and Kishan's Finals predictions. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Kishan attempts to answer questions he had previously gotten wrong on BarDown hockey quizzes, reveals which shows he's binged during the pandemic, attempts to find the adult equivalent of roofing a ball during recess, shouts out some fellow photographers and graphic designers, ranks some of his favorite albums, and so much more. (Music: Conservation - Cxdy, Empire Seasons - Dan Henig, Beam Me Up - Spazz Cardigan) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. Use promo code "TBPN" at for a free shot at winning up to $10,000.
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Katie Heindl (@wteves), an NBA features writer for Dime on UPROXX and a co-host of both the "Dishes and Dimes Basketball Podcast" and "Uhh, Basketball?" podcast, onto the program. The two discuss Katie potentially being overwhelmed with the amount of media responsibilities she has, one of her recent stories being repeated by an ESPN writer, and the amount of coverage women in basketball are receiving. They then get into some NBA playoffs discussion, including the Milwaukee Bucks struggling against the Brooklyn Nets and the ramifications of a playoff exit, what could happen to the Los Angeles Clippers if they fail to make the Conference Finals, the Phoenix Suns perhaps being the best story remaining this postseason, the winners of the 2020-21 NBA Awards, and much more. And in her final rapid-fire questioning, Katie reveals how she'd run a Rasheed Wallace-themed bar, what she's currently binge-watching, advice she has for anyone receiving their first tattoo, what it was like meeting Doris Burke, her true thoughts on Doug Ford, and so much more. (Music: Fairfax - Cxdy, Treat Yourself - Dyalla) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. Use promo code "TBPN" at for a free shot at winning up to $10,000.
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) is once again joined by Jordan Hayles (@MR_STIXX), a video editor who's the host of the "YOSTiXX" podcast and a part of the "3rd Intermission" hockey podcast. The two discuss the Toronto Maple Leafs recently blowing a 3-1 series lead in the opening round of the NHL playoffs to the Montreal Canadiens and whether or not the Leafs franchise is in fact cursed. They then dive into some basketball and chat about the recent string of fan incidents, including popcorn being tossed on Russell Westbrook, Trae Young getting spat on, and Kyrie Irving having a water bottle tossed at him, and if the league needs to take more drastic measures to prevent them from happening. Jordan also talks about LeBron James' legacy and if it will be blemished should the Los Angeles Lakers fall to the Phoenix Suns. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Jordan discusses being a mentor at the Nia Centre for the Arts, working on "Late Night with Lilly Singh" and if Lilly receives too much hate, ketchup chips being overrated, Doug Ford's tenure as Ontario's Premier, and so much more. (Music: Hollow Bells - Cxdy, Goestories - Noir Et Blanc Vie) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. 
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Chase Thomas (@chase__thomas), the host of "The Chase Thomas Podcast," onto the program. The two discuss what it's like for Chase to be a podcast guest after having Chris on his show several times in the past, any potential burnout Chase may have from doing so many shows, and if he ever has days where he doesn't want to talk at all. They then get into some professional wrestling talk, chatting about fans returning to live events during the pandemic, how AEW's upcoming "Double or Nothing" pay-per-view should be formatted, why NXT is currently struggling in the ratings, and much more. Chase also takes part in a round of "Likely or Unlikely" to talk Samoa Joe's return, Jimmy Smith joining "Monday Night RAW's" announce team, Roman Reigns' Universal title reign, Tom Phillips' release, and more. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Chase recommends three matches ever non-wrestling fan should check out, reveals his love of reality television, tells Chris why Cory Matthews can be a frustrating character on "Boy Meets World," tells memorable interactions he's had as a bartender, and more. (Music: Aquarius - Cxdy, World War Outerspace - Audio Hertz, American Vernacular - RAGE) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. 
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Wendy Sparks (@WenSparks), the host of the "Court-Side Moms" podcast and the mother of Toronto Raptors center Khem Birch, onto the program. The two discuss her podcast and the origin story behind it, including how she goes about her research and if she was ever hesitant to get it off the ground. They then get into Khem's basketball journey, which includes not enjoying the sport at first, Wendy's role in nurturing his love of the game, being away from her son while he was playing abroad, if she's able to handle smack talk from fans against him while she's attending games, and much more. Wendy also chats about her roles at the Union United Church in Montreal, her faith and how important it's been during these trying times, if Khem intends on remaining with the Raptors beyond this season, his relationship with Kyle Lowry, the proper pronunciation of "KLOE," and more. And in her final rapid-fire questioning, Wendy reveals the secret behind amazing fried chicken, her love of "The Masked Singer," if St-Viateur Bagel is worth the hype, what her ideal cold-pressed organic juice looks like, what her Mother's Day was like this year, if she regrets going after the Raptors' social media account, her picks for the upcoming Maple Leafs-Canadiens NHL series, and so much more. (Music: Kalimba - Cxdy, Easy Sunday - Bad Snacks) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. 
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) is once again joined by William Lou (@William_Lou), a Toronto Raptors reporter for Yahoo Sports Canada and the co-host of both "Run It Back" and "Raptors Over Everything Live" on YouTube. The two discuss Will's preference when it comes to the content he creates, whether he's seeing any positive strides with media outlets expanding their diversity on staff, and if he ever takes a step back to enjoy the success he's had as one of the top Raptors beat writers going today. They then recap the disastrous season that was (and that's nearly complete) for the Raptors, how much of an impact playing in Tampa had on the win-loss record, if the franchise should have made more of an effort in bottoming out, if Malachi Flynn can step in for Kyle Lowry moving forward, which bench player has the brightest future with the Raptors, if management blew it with the center position earlier in the season, while also chatting about Masai Ujiri's immediate future and which moment from the 2020-21 campaign will be remembered the most fondly. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Will picks his favorite Pokemon starter from the original games, reveals his top YouTube soccer compilations and location to shoot at during the early days of "Run It Back," explains why cats are superior to dogs, chooses between Oasis and Coldplay, gives Raptors Twitter a team to invest in during the upcoming playoffs, and so much more. (Music: A Caring Friend - Bad Snacks, Turbo - Cxdy) Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. 
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Sandra Appiah (@sandiesideup), the creator of the popular "Dishes and Dimes" basketball podcast, onto the program. The two discuss the infancy of her podcast and how the idea came to be, the impact the show has had on up-and-coming women in the industry, the experience of being a fan and having the opportunity to interview players, gaining media access, and more. Sandra then dives into the NBA's play-in tournament and defends the concept against recent criticism, if the postseason could survive without the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, if the Toronto Raptors should be vying for a spot in the tournament, and more. Sandra also participates in a round of "Likely or Unlikely" to talk Carmelo Anthony, Kyle Lowry's future, more all-female telecasts, and a Lakers-Clippers matchup. And in her final rapid-fire questioning, Sandra gives her thoughts on the Raptors retiring jerseys, crappy reality television, "The Misfits" and "The Boys," which of her co-hosts she'd want by her side in a zombie apocalypse, Doug Ford's handling of the pandemic, and more. (Music: Cocktails - Underbelly & Ty Mayer, American Vernacular - RAGE)    Use promo code "WALDER" at for free shipping and 20 percent off of your next purchase. 
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) invites Shemroy Parkinson (@Shem), the executive producer of KISS 92.5's "Roz and Mocha Show" and a correspondent for Breakfast Television, onto the program. The two discuss Shem's journey in radio and how he ended up working on a high-profile program in Toronto, why he decided to ditch Criminal Law to enter radio, and if there's a certain level of paranoia that comes with being in the industry. The two then move on to the global pandemic and how it's affected Shem personally, how his faith has helped him during these trying times, and what it's like seeing the likes of Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson encouraging people not to get vaccinated and avoid wearing masks. Shem then gives his thoughts on the Derek Chauvin trial, and how he deals with racist trolls on social media. He also chimes in on the Raptors season that is, if he'd like to see the team aim for a playoff berth, if he's still found moments of joy in a difficult season, and if the 2019 championship gives the franchise any leeway. And in his final rapid-fire questioning, Shem talks WWE's WrestleMania event, "Wentworth," his passion for soap operas, "Passions," Scarborough eateries, Cadbury mini eggs, stove tops, "The Bachelor," and so much more. 
Host Chris Walder (@WalderSports) is once again joined by Blake Murphy (@BlakeMurphyODC), a Toronto Raptors beat writer for The Athletic and co-host of both the "Raptors Reasonablists" and "Columbia House Party" podcasts. The two discuss the recent guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, how the last year with the Black Lives Matter movement has affected the Raptors' players and organization as a whole, if he's had to adapt with his coverage for a team accustomed to winning that's now well below the .500 mark, the reactions he's seen on Twitter from a fanbase split on whether the team should pursue the play-in or a lottery pick, which Raptors reserve has been the most pleasant surprise, and much more. Blake also participates in a round of "Likely/Unlikely" to talk Stephen Curry's MVP bid, Kyle Lowry's future in Toronto, and a potential Los Angeles Lakers/Brooklyn Nets NBA Finals. And in his rapid-fire questioning, Blake chats about the Aron Baynes Fan Club, "Scrubs," Linkin Park, the WWE releases of Bo Dallas and Wesley Blake, his note-taking, his impact on other writers, and more. (Music: American Vernacular - RAGE, Orange - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena, A Caring Friend - Bad Snacks)
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