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Author: Connie Sanchez

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Faith in action, what does that really look like? Can you really be a successful working mom and have it all? I just wanna share my heart on all the topics we go through as women and ultimately what God says about it all and how we live that out. I can't wait to hear from you as we take an action step from every episode and encourage each other in whatever season we're in. Let's walk in our calling and get bold doing it!

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The Fruit Speaks: JOY

The Fruit Speaks: JOY


What is the true meaning of joy, and how can we maintain it through life's ups and downs? What is the source of your joy?Joy isn't just another word for happiness; it's a steadfast assurance in God's promises that remains unshaken by life's circumstances. This episode delves into the distinction between temporary happiness and everlasting joy rooted in our faith in God. By understanding this difference, we can navigate life's challenges with a cheerful heart and unwavering trust in God's prom...
Being content does not mean you never desire for more or push towards a goal. But how do you do that and not be someone who's always striving or worse yet become lazy? I have my pastor hubby joining me with some GOLDEN nuggets of wisdom when it comes to finding purpose and joy in all seasons.
Swirly Brain

Swirly Brain


The burnout is real. Let me tell you where my swirly brain is and how I refuse to let it stay there.
My little sister is one of the most inspiring, hard working, incredible moms on the planet. She started her clothing business 12 years ago and has had 7 kids since. She shares what it takes to go after your dreams while raising a family and what makes the sacrifice worth it.
Being Content

Being Content


There's a lot of noise about hustling equaling discontentment. Content can have lots of meanings but for this episode I'm specifically going to talk to working moms who struggle with rest/sacrifice/hard work and the balance between them all. What does it mean to actually be content according to what God says? And how can we be content in all the seasons we inevitably go through in life? Here's my thoughts on seasons of rest and seasons of hustle.
The end of this series is ending on a high note. Martha and Mary. We're talking busyness and distractions as well as obedience and belief. I have some good questions for you guys and I can't wait to hear the answers!
I have a special guest for this one! Love his takeaway questions so much. Don't forget to share your feedback and tag me. I love seeing you all be encouraged.
Ruth, Esther, Martha, Hannah, Mary and Miriam were 6 women in the Bible who were truly OG icons in my opinion. What we can learn from each of them is as applicable today as it was in their time. I wish they had social media today so we could see all the things they thought or felt. I'm breaking down key things from each of them in this 3 part series and how we use their stories for our own bravery, discipline and purpose as Christian women.
What on earth are you here for anyway? There's two purposes we all have in life. And we all have a different calling that achieves those purposes. How do you know yours? Gonna dive in to this today and hopefully expand on it more in further episodes. It's a lifelong topic for sure.
It's Been A Season!

It's Been A Season!


I'm back! Over a year break... it was so hard to not be here. But, it was a season. A necessary one. In this episode I share where I've been and how I've dealt with understanding this past season and its purpose.
Ryan started Breaking Barriers United to bridge the gap between police officers and the community. His wife and I got to know each other through my Monat business but I never really knew what he was doing until recently. Last week I found his instagram because of someone sharing his thoughts on the murder of George Floyd and the riots that ensued. I quickly started watching everything he had put out and immediately was enlightened, inspired, encouraged and moved to compassion.&nbs...
Get Perspective

Get Perspective


How you guys holding up? Have you had all the emotions times 10 yet? I know I have! This episode I'm just sharing my response to what I've been hearing the past few days. Lots of people who don't want to show up and work in a time when others are losing their jobs and would give anything to be able to work right now. I don't get it. I'm fired up can ya tell? Hope this gives ya some perspective and encouragement to keep sharing and being a light no mat...
I had no intention of doing a home birth with my first baby. My sister had 5 of her babies at home and we had conversations about it and I started to ask more questions. She told us to take a Bradley class to just start learning about the actual birthing process. Wow. That opened our eyes to so much. We prayed about it and did more research and that's when we found Lindsey.We had interviewed other birthing centers and midwives and we knew Lindsey was our girl. She's go...
Nona Jones is head of faith based groups for Facebook. She is a huge inspiration to me as a woman who is not only extremely successful but also a pastor's wife, author and speaker. She shares how Facebook has shifted and why. She also shares about her new book "Success from the Inside Out" and how anyone can have impact despite their past.
Am I A Stingy Leader?

Am I A Stingy Leader?


Bob Goff got me good with this quote this week. "We determine how much influence we'll have when we decide how available we'll be." Everyone wants to have impact but not everyone wants to sacrifice their time to achieve it. How do you discern as a leader how to give your time and not be selfish and also have boundaries? Here's 6 questions that have helped me and still do.
It's the time of year where we share our thankfulness..... and I love it. I've been challenged to not just talk the talk this year but really see if my actions portray it.
People pleasing came from a good place. That's what I told myself. It's taken me a while to get here and let go of what I thought others would think. This is a little on my backstory, who I am and where I feel I'm called. I'm ready to commit to my calling even though I don't fully know what that looks like. Let's do this!
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Antonia Fuentes

Love your 3 part series, Women of the bible. Love your suggestion on works of GOD, and knowing when that is because it's not us! It has happened to me several occasions where I have thought to do some random act that I usually would not do, sometimes I will act on them, most times I ignore. Will remember your suggestion and continue to listen to those random calls of action.

Mar 17th