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MIT TALKS sets out to bring you the stories that shape the people of MIT. Have you ever wondered what brought someone to MIT, to do the work they do, what challenges they might have faced, and what influenced them along the way? Co-hosts Dana Attar, Vyda Bielkus, and Sarah Trice bring you their stories on this engaging and inspiring podcast series. Tune In! Listen! Learn! Grow!
19 Episodes
Michael Hecht, Associate Director for Research Management at the MIT Haystack Observatory and the Principal Investigator for the MOXIE oxygen ISRU demonstration experiment on NASA’s Mars 2020 (Perseverance) talks about MIT Haystack’s Observatory and the fascinating work being conducted including the efforts that went in to capture an image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy and how the observatory team is helping make oxygen on Mars for future planned missions to the red planet.&nb...
In this episode, Heather Kosakowski shares details about her current work at the MIT Brain and Congitive Sciences Department where she is a PhD candidate. Her dissertation research focuses on the development of higher-level visual processes in the awake infant brain. To this end, she invented techniques to increase the quality of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data collected from awake infants leading to the discovery of face-, body-, and scene-selective responses in infants' ve...
In this episode, Neil Rasmussen takes us on his life journey starting as a high school student who had an insatiable appetite for fixing things, then completing bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering at MIT, and growing and pivoting APC to become a force in uninterruptible power for computing and other industrial uses. Now retired, Neil provides an important perspective to MIT through his service on the MIT Corporation. He also runs a philanthropic foundation with his wife. Y...
In this episode, Ayr Muir the founder of Clover Food Lab shares his journey from graduating from MIT with a Bachelor's and Master's in Materials Science & Engineering to becoming a leading food entrepreneur. Ayr is the founder of Clover Food Lab, a fast, casual, vegetarian food chain that continues to grow. Clover was inspired by Ayr's desire to make lasting positive improvement on the environment. Listen and learn how a purpose driven mission built an incredible busines...
In this episode of MIT Talks, the highly celebrated professor Regina Barzilay discusses her inspiring personal journey that shaped her career. Regina is a Delta Electronics professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research interests are in natural language processing, and applications of deep learning to chemistry and oncology. Sh...
In this episode, Andrew Lo shares some insights from his journey with innovation. Through his work, Lo utilizes financial engineering to tackle some of the greatest challenges we are facing today such as Cancer, Climate Change, the Financial Markets, the Pandemic and its associated economic challenges and opportunities. Andrew W. Lo is the Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor, a Professor of Finance, and the Director of the Laboratory for Financial Engineering at the MIT Sloan School...
In this episode, James Rhee discusses how we can drive both positive revenue and positive social impact through conscious compassion and empowering people. James is an impact investor, CEO, senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and has recently been appointed Johnson Chair of Entrepreneurship as well as Senior Adviser to the newly endowed Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership at Howard University.
Dr. Angelique Adams is an engineer with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, operations, strategy, and innovation most recently serving as the Chief Innovation Officer at multi-billion dollar European steelmaker, Aperam. She has a Ph.D. from Penn State and an MBA from MIT. In this episode Dr. Adams discuss her book "Women in STEM" and her personal journey.
Sonal Singh & Jim Peranio Founders of Spatio Metrics share their personal and professional journey of being an entrepreneur. Architecture affects our health. Spatio Metrics generate spatial data, visualize it, and reveal ways to improve operational efficiency and well-being.
Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee


Andrew McAfee is the Co-Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management. In this episode of MIT TALKS, he shares his experience of what it was like for him to speak at TED, what his new revealing book is about, and what he does to challenge himself in his downtime!
Introduction to MIT TALKS new season and co-hosts
Host Gayatri Aryan talks to Prof. Ed Roberts. Pronounced as "Godfather of Entrepreneurship" now, he helped establish Entrepreneurship as a branch of science that could be taught.Prof. Roberts has recently published a book: Celebrating Entrepreneurs. All the author proceeds from this book will be donated to the MIT Entrepreneurship Program.-----Guests: Prof. Ed RobertsProduced by: Dave LishanskyArtwork by: Vibha VermaMusic by: Marco Valentino
Host Gayatri Aryan talks to Paul Levy. As CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), one of nation's preeminent academic medical center, Paul received national attention in 2009 for leading the workers at BIDMC to avoid hundreds of layoffs by engaging them in the crowdsourcing of ideas to save money as the hospital faced deficits due to the national recession.Paul, along with his colleagues, published the following HBR article recently articulating their thoughts on layoffs du...
Martin Trust Center

Martin Trust Center


Host Gayatri Aryan talks to Dr. Trish Cotter, Executive Director at Martin Trust Center and Carly Chase, Founding Managing Director at NYC Startup Studio (an extension of MTC). -----Guests: Trish Cotter and Carly ChaseProduced by: Dave LishanskyArtwork by: Vibha VermaMusic by: Marco Valentino
TB Innovations

TB Innovations


Host Gayatri Aryan talks to Dr. Eric Miller and Dr. Malvika Verma about their moonshot to deal with world's leading infectious cause of death: Tuberculosis. While Eric is focused on streamlining the diagnosis process, Malvika is innovating around medication adherence.-----Guests: Dr. Eric Miller and Dr. Malvika VermaProduced by: Dave LishanskyArtwork by: Vibha VermaMusic by: Marco Valentino
Host Gayatri Aryan talks to Kathleen Stetson. CEO and coach, Kathleen helps many-hats-wearing people better understand themselves and the world around them.Kathleen led the first self-awareness program for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Confidence and Communication (ECC), for MIT Sloan's delta v accelerator in Summer 2019.-----Guest: Kathleen Stetson ( by: Dave LishanskyArtwork by: Vibha VermaMusic by: Marco Valentino
MIT Energy Initiative

MIT Energy Initiative


Host Gayatri Aryan talks to Dr. Diane Rigos, Executive Director at MIT Tata Center for Technology & Design. Tata Center is part of MIT Energy Initiative, MIT’s hub for energy research, education and outreach.In addition, we get to hear from three Tata Fellows working on ground breaking ideas and their impact on people in developing countries:Kriti SubramanyamSomya SinghviPiyush Verma-----Produced by: Dave LishanskyArtwork by: Vibha VermaMusic by: Marco Valentino
Host Gayatri Aryan introduces MIT Club of Boston, its mission and the goal for this podcast series.Produced by: Dave LishanskyArtwork by: Vibha VermaMusic by: Marco Valentino
Professor Frank Schilbach talks about his work at MIT in the field of behavioral economics, including his recent work in India on sleep and its impact on productivity, working to help the poor and others improve their lives. Your host is Vyda Bielkus.
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