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What the Dev? is a podcast by the SD Times editorial team. We cover the biggest and newest topics in software and technology.
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In this week’s podcast episode, we talk about The Digital Transformation Progress Report in which surveyed 600 IT pros to get a sense of where they are in their digital transformations.We spoke to Derek Langone, the president of to find out more about the key takeaways from the report.
In this week's episode, we spoke with Don Jones, Head of Developer Skills at Pluralsight, about how developers can improve their skills through online learning options. Pluralsight is also hosting #FreeApril and is making most of their skills platform available for free throughout the month of April. Visit for more information. 
This week we talk to Emilia Breton, a mom of two and a Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coach, about how she adopted an Agile mindset with her family to respond to the pandemic and adjust to the realities of work from home life. 
In today’s podcast, we talked about the use of open-source technology in DevSecOps and what the pros and cons of implementing it in security strategies are with Stephen Gates, a security evangelist and senior solutions specialist at Checkmarx.Also, be sure to listen to our other podcast episode where Stephen Gates provides great insights on All about KICS, the open source solution for static code analysis of Infrastructure as Code - Episode 92
In this week's episode, we spoke with Charles Caldwell, VP of Product Management at Logi Analytics, about embedded analytics, how companies can use it to gain more insights, and some example use cases. 
In this episode, we talked about how organizations can assess their DevOps efforts together with Jayne Groll, the CEO of the DevOps Institute, which recently rolled out a crowd-sourced assessment of DevOps  capabilities. As DevOps has become an enterprise objective and an enterprise program, the ability to understand the capabilities of the team and the entire enterprise was essential to understand where you are, where you're going and have you gotten there.  
In today’s podcast, we talked about KICS, which is an open-source project for securing infrastructure as code together with Stephen Gates, a security evangelist and senior solutions specialist at Checkmarx, the company driving the effort. We talk about why infrastructure as code has seen a tremendous rise and about the origins of the KICS project. 
Today’s episode is on security in a hybrid remote world about what the threat landscape looks like today and how organizations are positioning themselves to deal with it. To talk about the matter, we have Rey Bango, a developer and security advocate at Veracode. 
In today’s podcast episode we’ll be covering passwordless and username-less authentication can increase security by reducing the risks of phishing and all forms of username and pass word theft and to provide for a more frictionless authentication experience. To learn more, we spoke to Ben Goodman, a CISSP and SVP at ForgeRock. 
This week we spoke to Barak Schoster Goihman, the CTO and co-founder of Bridgecrew, a company in the DevSecOps space,  to talk about their solution that helps developers catch issues in code as they’re in their IDEs.   
The CEO of Myplanet Jason Cottrell joins us to talk about  AI-powered interactions, chatbots vs. voice-based technologies, society's perception of AI, and how developers can build these interactions with consumers in mind. 
In this week's episode, we spoke to Dr. Aaron Cheng, the Vice President of Data Science at dotData, to talk about how adopting or evaluating AI versus actually benefitting from it can be far different challenges and what are the key things that can make AI adoption at organizations successful. 
In this week's episode, we spoke with DigitalOcean VP Raman Sharma about how the open source community has evolved over the past year. We discussed DigitalOcean's recent Currents report and talked about open source involvement, compensation, and inclusivity.  
In this week’s podcast episode, we spoke to Laura Santamaria, a developer advocate at LogDNA, to talk about the evolution of logging in the modern day. When people talk about logging they mainly talk about "how do I get my system working?" But, logging is really all about data streams and thinking about how data moves through an entire computing system and how it can be used for many different use cases.  
In this week's episode we spoke to Ben Sigelman, the CEO and co-founder of Lightstep, a company that recently released Change Intelligence, which is a solution that analyzes system-wide metrics and tracing data. We covered how ML and AI doesn't do well with operational data unless there is some kind of objective or function that it can be applied to and how Change Intelligence is built to address that problem. 
Maxwell Flitton, the author of the upcoming book Rust Web Programming joins us to talk about why developers should use Rust in their web development efforts, and the tools being made available for web programming with Rust. The hands-on guide to developing fast and secure web apps with the Rust programming language will be available on March 9, 2021. Listeners can pre-order the book here, or if you order by February 20th, use this link to get a 25% discount.
In this week's episode, we spoke about the resurgence of enterprise architecture as a lot of companies are looking to put an emphasis on business outcomes. Joining us this week is Tom O'Reilly, the COO at Sparx Systems. 
In this episode, quantum evangelist for Cambridge Quantum Computing Mark Jackson joins us to talk about recent advancements in the space, the impact this will have on software development, and what's still to come for quantum computing 
40% experience network brownouts at least several times a week, while one in five organizations experience them on a daily basis, new research from Accedian shows.That's why we talked to Mike Canney, the director of business development in North America, Accedian, about how these network brownouts affect businesses that mostly work remotely, what's causing them, and ways to fix the problem. 
In this week’s episode,  we spoke about the differences between what people have traditionally called application performance monitoring and observability with Bill Staples, president and chief product officer at the observability platform provider New Relic.Gaining more granular visibility into applications has really become critical in today’s complex application environments where performance monitoring has proved to not be enough. 
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