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What the Dev? is a podcast by the SD Times editorial team. We cover the biggest and newest topics in software and technology.
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In this week's episode, we spoke to Preety Kumar, CEO of Deque Systems about the steps developers should be taking to make their products accessible to all users. Check out the resources referenced in this episode:Agile Accessibility HandbookDeque System's accessibility SlackAccessibility browser extensionsAxe Con
In today’s podcast episode, we spoke about the importance of the developer role in making sure that applications are secure with Chris Campbell and Juan Mazo of Veracode.Be sure to check out the upcoming webinar How to get developers hooked on security on Wednesday, December 2 ,2020 | 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT.
Lorne Kligerman, director of product for the software reliability company Gremlin, joined the podcast to talk about the state of chaos engineering, why it's important now than ever, how to be successful at it, and new Kubernetes features from the platform. Be sure to tune into the virtual KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020 event that gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities from November 17 – 20, 2020. 
In this week's episode, we spoke to Daniel "Spoons" Spoonhower from the observability company Lightstep about the importance of observability into Kubernetes. Observability is really about understanding changes and the effects of those changes on  your application. We also covered where the future of monitoring is going with more organizations embracing OpenTelemetry. Be sure to tune into the virtual KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020 event that gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities from November 17 – 20, 2020. 
In today’s episode of What the Dev? we’re going to be talking about how to empower developers in the SaaS decision-making process at their organizations. A recent report by Auth0 found that companies that implement more SaaS components innovate faster than those that don’t; and those that do innovate faster are relying more heavily on developer teams for input in SaaS purchasing decisions.Joining me today is Jarod Reyes, who is the Director of Developer Marketing at Auth0 where he works to empower developers to innovate while securing their apps with Auth0. Prior to joining Auth0, Jarod most recently served as a Manager for the Developer Evangelism Team at Twilio and a Senior Front End Developer at Voxy.
COVID-19 has driven a significant demand on real-time data analysis in cloud and edge environments but organizations are severely limited in their ability to achieve real-time analysis with AI, due to the current size and speed of deep neural networks. Dr. Eli David, a pioneering researcher in deep learning and neural networks and co-founder of DeepCube, has been working on solving this exact problem and believes the answer lies in rethinking the way we train deep learning models to more closely mirror the human brain’s early childhood development.
In this episode, OutSystems' Forsyth Alexander joins us to talk about how AI can be used in development tooling to make things easier for developers. Listen to OutSystems new podcast Decoded to hear from real developers about their career journeys. 
In this episode we spoke with Jen Akullian, psychologist and co-founder of Growth Coaching Institute about burnout in tech. She explained some of the coping strategies that people can use to alleviate burnout, what signs to look for, and how management can help their employees. Here are some resources we spoke about in the episode, as well as a talk Jen gave at KubeCon EU on the topic: OSMI (Open Sourcing Mental Illness)KubeCon Europe: Mental Health & Stress in Technology
Web 3.0 has been on the horizon for a couple of years, but what is it and what does it mean to developers? In this episode, we talk to Corey Petty, head of security for Status, about the changes developers should expect and how to educate end users. 
In today's special edition of What the Dev(Ops)?, we spoke to Adam Furtado,  Chief of Platform at Kessel Run, a U.S. Air Force digital transformation initiative revolutionizing how the Air Force builds and delivers software. Adam led the growth at Kessel Run from a team of 5 to over 1400 in just over three years. He has been bringing a user-centered approach to DevOps into the world’s largest bureaucracy in an effort to solve some of the nation’s toughest challenges.Check out some of the great presentation from the Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit from last week! 
In this week's episode, Chris Hill, senior manager of developer platforms at T-Mobile, talks about the reality of virtual conferences, how T-Mobile has been adapting to the pandemic and remote working, and how his experience in different industry verticals has helped him prepare and improve DevOps at T-Mobile.Check out Chris's talk as well as many more great presentations at the Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit that ends today!
Joining us for today's special What the Dev(Ops) episode is lead value stream architect for Walmart Technology's DevOps Dojo Bryan Finster. Bryan goes over the DevOps journey at Walmart and at the Dojo as well as some best practices and lessons learned along the way. Bryan will be talking more about Walmart's DevOps journey at the Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit on October 14th at 12:05pm PT/ 3:05pm ET.
In partnership with the DevOps Enterprise Summit, we spoke with Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop, about how organizations can diagnose the health of their value stream. This has become an especially important subject now as the pandemic has emphasized the need for quick and effective value stream management.Kersten will be a keynote speaker on October 14th at the DevOps Enterprise Summit. Be sure to sign up for the DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas between October 13th -15th for expert talks and three full days of immersive learning!
In today's episode, Matt Martin, the CEO of Clockwise shares his insights on the moves that actually increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, along with tips on how to best incorporate diversity training, engage leadership, and measure your progress.
We spoke to John Allspaw, the principal and founder of Adaptive Capacity Labs, a consulting company that helps organizations deal with data incidents, to talk about the growing concept of resilience engineering.In a nutshell, reverse engineering is concerned with adverse external events that can lead to system failure. It tests how much an organization can withstand stress and other challenging factors to continue performing its core functions and avoid loss of data.Be sure to check out Allspaw's talk at the DevOps Enterprise SummitLas Vegas on October 13th to learn more! 
In today's episode we spoke with Kevin Brennan, author of A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, and Bob Galen, the president and principle agile coach at RGalen Consulting, about Agile and project management.
Peter Wang, CEO of Anaconda, talks about why data science is gaining so much attention lately, tools necessary for businesses to be successful, and how Python plays a role in all of it.
The FreeBSD Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. We talk to Deb Goodkin, executive director of the foundation, about how the foundation got started and where it is going as well as some new resources for developers to take advantage of. 
In this week’s episode we’re speaking with Ensono’s VP of Product Management, Lin Classon (@lin_IRL), about how the representation of women speakers have improved over the years, what issues they face at in-person and in virtual conferences, and what work is still to be done.2020 Speak Up report: 
In this week's episode, we talked about the LinkedIn Fairness Toolkit (LiFT) that measures fairness in large-scale AI applications with Senior Machine Learning Engineer at LinkedIn Shriram Vasudevan and Machine Learning Engineer at LinkedIn Cyrus Diciccio. 
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