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Author: Jay Davis & Eliah Stokes

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32 fighters enter from the universes of video games, anime, cartoons, TV, and movies and only one will prevail. Each episode is a match in our seasonal tourney where we decide who would win and who goes home. All the way from the Round of 32 to the Final Four, we bring you the madness that can only come from brackets of this magnitude. Your personal "multiverse level" bracketologists, will guide you through every stomp, upset, and nail biting battle you can think of.
58 Episodes
S2 E24: A guest! Once again we invite another person into our world of insane imagination and we couldn't have asked for for a better man for the job. We welcome Kyle from the GeeKKetchUP Podcast to have a chat about Maui taking on the upstart of the tournament so far, General Grievous! Kyle brings every ounce of his geek expertise to help the boys find out who will come out on top between the Polynesian demi god and the laser sword swinging robot! Talking points include: Melting through Maui, Grievous gets posterized, and a whole lot of fishhook versus lightsaber. 
S2 E23: A goliath match for you! The number one seeded Hercules takes on She-Ra this week and to help us figure this one out, we have Zack and Dylan from Some Nobodies! Once again, lots of love for she-Ra to go around BUT, will that be enough to overcome to powerhouse that is disney's Hercules? Find out today! Suggested talking points: You should make your kids watch She-Ra, going the distance with Hercules, and the real fight between Pegasus and Swiftwind. 
S2 E22: We heard you want to see the daddy edge lord take on the best boy? Well, here's Lemillion, who wants to save a million lives, versus the being called Dracula, who wants to wipe out Europe on a regular basis. In this special second round match, we introduce a new segment! Super Bracket Bros now has a call line! We take our first caller today and get their perspective on who would win, and YOU can call in and leave a message for a future matchup at 608-619-1338. Talking points include: Terrible Dracula impressions, How to "Plus Ultra" politeness, and one spectacular Alan Rickman shoutout. 
S2 E21: This episode features the artist and performer formerly known as Doom Slayer as the number one seed of the North Bracket taking on the artist and performer and fourth seed currently known as Ben 10! Can any of Ben's aliens help him out against this walking apocalypse? Let's find out together! Talking points include: Pulling back the curtain (too much?), quadruple disadvantage on intimidation, and a lot of naked Doom Guy. 
S2 E20: The number two seeded Overhaul takes on the upstart Yennefer of Vengerberg this week! Can this fearsome anime villain snuff out one of the most cunning and powerful mages on The Continent? After pulling off the upset last time, is Yennefer poised to keep her Cinderella story alive one more round? Come hand out with us and find out! Talking points include: quirk nullification guns=guns, what happens when something is burned, and Yennefer calling Overhaul out for his anime tropes. 
S2 E19: We have our number one overall seeded Mewtwo defending his audience given title against the upstart Ahsoka Tano! Can the psychic legendary pokémon use his wits to out smart a force sensitive opponent? Find out this week on Super Bracket Bros! Talking points include: Tube Science, fanboy gnomes, and can a lightsaber fit a Master Ball inside it?
S2E18: It's time for another round of Marvel versus DC! We have the symbiote anti hero himself, Venom, taking on Cyborg from the Teen Titans! Who will move on past the second round of the tournament? Who will take home a win for their respective comic book universe? Find out this week on Super Bracket Bros! Talking points include: The strategic mind of Venom, Pokemon logic, and is Venom versus Cyborg better or worse than a nuclear explosion?
S2 E17: The start of the Super Sixteen is here! And it is episode 50! This week the boys are discussing the number one seeded All Might taking on the fourth seeded Samus Aran. Can the Shonen tritagonist continue his revenge tour? Or can the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter pull off the upset? Along with our usual discussions, we have a special announcement regarding bonus content! Talking points include: All Might punting bombs, Samus' real laser vs Samus' Smash Bros laser, and how heavy is that suit anyways? 
S2 E16: The end of the Round of 32 is here! We are halfway through Season 2 and we have an absolutely amazing match for you today! Jay and Eli get to talk about two of their favorite characters of all time in this, as Stitch takes on She-Ra. Can the princess of power handle the little blue weapon of mass destruction? Can Jay and Eli ever stop talking about how much they love She-Ra? Find out this week on Super Bracket Bros! Talking points include: Gay Avatar, Ohana hitting you right in the feels, and the Law of Multiversal Energy Conservation.
S2 E15: The final one seed makes their appearance on Season 2... It's time to Go from Zero to Hero with Hercules as he takes on a returning character from Season 1, Danny Phantom! Despite the lopsided power difference here, Jay and Eli have a fantastic episode cooked up for you. Talking points include: Pegasus + Overshadow?, Frozen Tundras, and #CancelZeus
S2 E14: We welcome the other half of The Wait For It Podcast, Phil the Filipino! He is here to help us figure out a match for the ages between two titanic science fiction franchises! The Xbox mascot, Master Chief, takes on the Jedi hunter extraordinaire, General Grievous. Who would win in this fight between Halo and Star Wars? Tune in to find out! Talking points include: Master Chief just being a badass, lightsabers go brrrrrrrr, and the completely true story of how George Lucas came up with General Grievous
S2 E13: Another wild and nonsensical match for you today! There's no guest this week either to help our boys figure out who would win between a shape shifting demigod and a telekinetic girl... Fear not! Jay and Eli are here for you to take you through a fight between the three seeded Maui from Moana and the sixth seeded Eleven from Stranger Things.  Talking points include: Lin Manuel-Miranda getting caught up in our hipster-ness, Stranger Things getting stranger, and can a neck be broken if there is no neck? 
Round of 32: Ben 10 v Azula

Round of 32: Ben 10 v Azula


S2 E12: This week we welcome Mark from the Fandom Effect to the show to help us out! We take a dive into whether or not the cocky kid who can turn into aliens, can stand up to the cold and calculating teen with blue fire at her disposal. It's a close one this week as the fourth seeded Ben Tennyson takes on the fifth seeded Azula as we round of the North region this week on Super Bracket Bros! Talking points include: Azula being eaten, does controlling a fridge make you a waterbender?, and way too many aliens to keep track of. 
S2 E11: This episode had its challenges, we'll admit. THE Doom Slayer, a number one seed, is not one to be messed with lightly. Beast Boy, our eight seed, is one who will mess with everybody no matter what. Good thing we invited our long time friend and photographer, Gordon Patterson, to help us out this week! Talking points include: The difference between a Doomguy and a Doom Slayer, Beast Boy being a baby brother, and what happens when these two fight in black and white. 
S2 E10: This week we welcome TWO very specials guests to the podcast, Steve and Chris from The Would Win? Cast! They are here to help us out and discuss the hero who wants to save a million people versus two heroes who usually just want to save their mom and dad. It's the two seeded Lemillion taking on the seventh seeded Dash & Violet Parr this week on Super Bracket Bros! Talking points include: Dash fanboying out, Violet giving no bothers, and Lemillion being absolute best boy.  
S2 E9: The first match of the North! We once again welcome to the podcast, a member of Level Playing Field, Caleb Van Nice! He brings a plethora of knowledge on both our combatants who come from far and wide across the multiverse this week. Join the three of us as we discuss the lord of darkness himself, Dracula, taking on everybody's favorite VW transforming robot, (6) Bumblebee! The yellow Autobot makes his return after an early exit last season on Super Bracket Bros, can he pull off the upset this time? Tune in to find out who would win! Talking points include: Holy Autobot Weapons, Stage 2 Dracula, and one, over-sized mystery monster (hint, it's not Dracula).
S2 E8: "Geralt of Rivia v Ahsoka Tano" The last match of the West! Join us for a tale about the lone white wolf battling Anakin Skywalker's Padawan from a long, long time ago.  Helping us tell this tale is the host of The Level Playing Field Podcast, and major Witcher fan, Andrew Kimball!  Can his vast pool of knowledge help (4) Geralt of Rivia overcome the one-two combo of the force and a couple of lightsabers wielded by (5) Ahsoka Tano? Tune in to find out the many ways in which these fighters are different but yet the same and most importantly, who would win in a fight! Talking points include: The smell of onions, more magical weapons versus lightsabers, and bombs are different than blasters. 
S2 E7: "Mewtwo v Hermione Granger" The number one overall seeded psychic Pokemon defends his ranking against the brightest witch of her age this week on Super Bracket Bros! Joining us on our journey this week is Emily from the Game of Groans podcast! She is here to lend us her knowledge as we navigate (1) Mewtwo taking on (8) Hermione Granger! Can magic and the power of friendship stand up to an overwhelming psychic force? Tune in to find out if this battle of intellect goes the way you think it will! Talking points include: Mewtwo torpedo, Ron & Harry in a bag, and Hermione "going all Braveheart on his ass"
S2 E6: "Overhaul v Skarlet" On with the West bracket! A very special guest from the Wait For It Podcast, Mr Eric almighty is here to help us out and discuss the head of the Yakuza versus the blood thirsty disciple of Shao Kahn! Earning the number two seed, Overhaul, takes on the number seven seeded, Skarlet. Can the matter manipulating villain of My Hero Academia fend off the ultimate blood bender, the likes of which Super Bracket Bros has never seen!? Tune in to find out what we have to say about this incredibly gory match up! Talking points include: Overhaul zombies, zombie blood, and two very terrified apocalypse survivors. 
S2 E5: "Falcon & Winter Soldier v Yennefer of Vengerberg" We move into the West bracket! It's back to being just Jay and Eli this week and they take the first few minutes to discuss how the losers of this season are doing right now before jumping into the match! This week they try and figure out who would win between the sixth seeded Yennefer of Vengerberg and the three seeded team up of Falcon & Winter Soldier. This one is a close one and it's another match that is been gifted a lucky (for some) arena! Talking points include: Guns versus fire, no time for MCU quips, and Katara shooting a sniper rifle. 
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