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The podcast that talks all things health, safety, and performance when it comes to the food service industry.
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With last week’s episode about a chef finding success with managing his mental health I am very excited for this week’s episode. This week, I chat with Not 9 to 5 which is a non-profit organization empowering hospitality, food and beverage service workers by mobilizing education and support for mental health and addiction. Not 9 to 5 promotes harm reduction practices and helps to connect the hospitality workforce to mental wellness resources. We discuss changes in the restaurant industry, how to have a conversation about mental health with active listening, and why restaurants function how they do. Follow them @not9to5_ on instragram and their resources at: finally help them create better services with their survey:
This podcast has been a journey of hearing stories. But I would be lying if every story has a positive outcome to it. It is no surprise that working in restaurants leaves a trail of burnt out and exhausted employees that can have health complications because of it. But not all stories have that kind of ending. Today I chatted with Arron Carley. He is an accomplished chef based out of Stratford Ontario. And he has had battles managing his mental and physical health while working as a chef. But he turned a corner for the better when he reached out for the help he needed and learned how to better manage his mental and physical health. He tells his story on today’s episode and this one is an absolute pleasure to listen to! Follow us on instagram @balanced_Life_services
As I sit at home, I took an opportunity to get out some of the thoughts I have had in the last few weeks. I reference a New York Times article that was the inspiration for this episode. You can check it out here:
These days, COVID-19 has many people looking to leadership for guidance and answers. I think in times of emergency and crisis, the small gripes we may have with leadership don’t seem to matter quite as much. We are willing to work together in these times to work towards a common goal. If you work in a restaurant, you know this all too well. If you had to stop for every small problem a busy restaurant shift would fall apart. Leadership, direction, and communication are vital and necessary to getting the job done. For anyone who is new to hearing the direct, needs based, tone we may find in times of crisis. Welcome to what its like in restaurant almost every day. This week I chat with an excellent restaurant leader. Rebecca Gordon has managed me in the past and we discuss leadership in restaurants, what is happening now in covid-19 and what we seeing changing moving forward. Follow us on instagram @balanced_Life_services
Anyone else going through a bit of an existential crisis by staying inside? The wake of COVID-19 has caused many people to pause for the first time in a long time. This can sometimes come with the revelations that we may want to change some major things about our lives. I thought it would be worthwhile to chat with someone who saw where their life was going and decided to change it. Jenna Snyder, had the high powered corporate executive job but it was not making her happy. She left it all behind and got a serving job in Guelph where we met. We talk about our early serving careers and how corporate and restaurant life can be very different. And finally, Jenna leaves us with some words of wisdom when you feel like you need to make a change. Follow us on Instagram @Balanced_life_Services
In a global pandemic, it is time to rest, rejuvenate, and contemplate where we are at in life. This process will look a little bit different for everyone, but food service professionals are trained to use their bodies to create dining experiences. As a group, they are more prone to use their bodies to help cope with the stress of COVID-19. This week my guest, Jaime Glassman R.Kin discuss how movement is sometimes the key to unlocking our potential. We talk about our experiences as kinesiologists, and how we help our client feel and move better. Check out her website: our Facebook group: Follow us on Instagram @balanced_Life_services
With Covid-19 wrecking havoc on many small businesses across the world, it could be worthwhile to take a moment to reflect on where things may be headed for yourself. Many chef’s work long hours without much direction or focus once they finish culinary school. But taking control of your trajectory can create a fruitful career, if it is done thoughtfully and tactfully. This week I connect with Gaetano Pugliese, owner of Gourmet Solutions, and a professor of Centennial Colleges Culinary School. We discuss his career up to this point and how young chefs can find direction in the chaos of it all. We also discuss what we hope will change in the restaurant industry in the coming years. You can follow Gaetano on instagram at:@gourmet_solutions or @chefgaetanopuglieseJoin our Facebook group: Instagram: @balanced_life_services
Well. We have no guest this week because I am social isolating to give our health care workers the best chance to fight this thing.So instead I go over a few of the resources available to you when you no longer have work. Some ideas of how we may need to change the industry and a few self care tips of yours truly in this difficult time.This article has a bunch of resources: our Facebook group: Instagram:
*This episode was recorded before the current COVID-19 crisis had taken over the globe. Future episodes will take this into account*This week I chat with Tyson and Yves of Take action Toronto. They help small and medium sized restaurant businesses ‘move the needle’ to increase revenue and lower costs. This in turn can create a better workplace for employees.Check out to see everything they do.Join our Facebook group: Instagram:
I know I have been sounding like a broken record but I do think we need to start seeing restaurant work as an athletic feat. So I went to Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Josh Ford and Assistant Strength Coach Mac James to talk about just that. We talk about the similarities between the restaurant and the gym. And how we could manage the health of our employee better. Follow Josh @Jdford85And Mac @king2jamesThe podcast I mention is: AND FINALLY:Rate, Review, and Subscribe where ever you find your podcasts. Follow us on instagram @Balanced_Life_Services
This week I chat with Devin, and we get into his story with burnout and inclusion in the workplace. He works as a pastry cook and is currently on stress leave from work.We discuss why it can be difficult to feel safe in the food service industry as a person from the LGBT community. And why finding ways to create a inclusive workplace will help boost retention.If you are looking to create a more inclusive workplace, check out the Pflag website: our Facebook group: Instagram:
This week I chat whit Joseph Sinopoli. He is a chiropractor who has just started his own practice called Rehab Science.Joseph spent his formative years growing up in his family’s restaurant business. He is an expert on treating injuries and the common ones that happen in a restaurant.Check out his business at: and follow him @rehabshcJoin our Facebook group: Instagram:
This week I chat with Leo Moncel who currently manages culinary Tours for “A Culinary Adventure Company”We talk about his time as a chef and why you may love food but not be a great fit for the food service industry.You can find a tour in your city at: our Facebook group: Instagram:
This week I connect with head chef Daniel of the Restaurant Bistro Grande.We talk about one thing that has not been brought up yet on the podcast. Efficiency of movement and how it is the keystone to fantastic chef performance. We also talk about some of the dumb ways people get fired from a restaurant. Join our Facebook group: Instagram:
This week I had the pleasure of talking with Vanessa and Charissa. We talk about how to find success as a server, the challenges of providing an excellent restaurant experience, and their wish list to improve health and performance for restaurant teams. We also have the funniest restaurant story to date. Join our Facebook group: Instagram:
This week I interview Kirstie Mckinlay. She has 25 years of experience in the field and has seen a few changes over the years in the food service industry. We talk about longevity in food service, why some health and performance solutions won’t work for businesses, and invaluable skills you learn in a restaurant. Join our Facebook group: Instagram: our email list to be notified of new episodes each week!
This week I connect with Katrina McGuire of Danforth Reduces. Her organization helps train and build programs to reduce single-use waste in restaurants. We talk about the problems single use containers have for the environment, the health policies a restaurant should be aware of with reusable containers, and how this can be directly tied to the health and performance of a restaurant team. You can follow Danforth Reduces at: or email them at: danforth.reduces@gmail.comJoin our Facebook group: Instagram: our email list to be notified of new episodes each week!
This week I talk with former Army member and current head chef Manny Singh. We talk about his inspirations to be a chef during his time in the Army. How he manages his energy and performance in the kitchen. And finally we talk about some crazy restaurant stories! Join our Facebook group: Instagram: our email list to be notified of new episodes each week!
This week I talk with an anonymous guest. He spent some time working in food service and wanted to tell his story. We talk about the challenges of working in a place that does delivery services like Uber Eats, some ergonomic challenges in the food service industry, and why restaurants seem to behind in training and development. Join our Facebook group: Instagram: our email list to be notified of new episodes each week!
Specialty coffee is sometimes a forgotten part of the food service industry. Many Barista’s go through just as many health and performance issues as other food service employees.To better learn about a career in coffee I connect with Jay Lee. They discuss their start in roasting coffee, why it can be hard to train people well, and what we see in the future of specialty coffee. Jay’s Business serves specialty coffee for private events and services.Follow me at:Instagram:
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