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So you want to outgrow porn. But how? How do you change your brain, heal your heart, and save your relationship? Welcome to Husband Material with Drew Boa, where we answer all these questions and more! Each episode will help you achieve lasting freedom from porn more quickly, easily, and permanently—without fighting an exhausting battle. Porn is a pacifier. This podcast will help you outgrow it and become a sexually healthy man of God.
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Do you ever felt trapped? Let me give you 5 empowering choices when it feels like porn is the only option...and along the way, I'll tell a story I've never shared in public before.This episode comes with a free PDF worksheet.Text Drew at 805-398-6170.
Many of us grew up without a clue about what it means to be a sexually healthy man. That's why I'm so grateful for Andrew Bauman and his new book, "The Sexually Healthy Man." Join us for a rugged conversation about true masculine sexuality.Andrew J. Bauman and his wife Christy run the Christian Counseling Center for Sexual Health and Trauma, where they "provide high-quality experiential, narrative-based psychotherapy from a Christian worldview." Andrew is the author of several books, including The Psychology of Porn, A Brave Lament, and Stumbling Toward Wholeness.Get Andrew's new book: The Sexually Healthy ManTake Andrew's online quiz: Are You A Sexually Healthy Man?Connect with Andrew and read his blog at http://www.andrewjbauman.comJoin our free private community for men: Drew at 805-398-6170.
The global anti-porn movement is gaining momentum. In this episode, you'll hear about it directly from Clay Olsen, co-founder of Fight The New Drug. Fight The New Drug (FTND) is a youth movement dedicated to raising awareness of the harmful effects of pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation. Learn more at are 2 amazing resources by Fight The New Drug everyone needs to know about: Brain Heart World - brainheartworld.orgThis is a 3-part documentary series about the effects of porn. It's funny, fascinating, and free.Fortify - is a mobile app that helps you enjoy life without porn. It's free with the option of upgrading for premium features. Support Husband Material by using the link above to create your account.Text Drew at 805-398-6170.
Learn the two styles of relating you need to outgrow in order to enjoy the freedom of life as an adult.Interested in outgrowing porn? Learn more at our free private community for men: Drew at 805-398-6170.
Within each of us, there are three bears in three chairs. Listen to Marnie Ferree explain why, and you'll understand yourself in a whole new way.Marnie C. Ferree is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Nashville, Tennessee, where she directs Bethesda Workshops, which provides Christian-based treatment for sex addicts, their partners, couples, and teens affected by sexual addiction. Learn more at is also the author of No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction: Stones is one of my all-time favorite books!Text Drew at 805-398-6170.
It's the most triggering time of the year! Have yourself a healthy little Christmas with tips from Greg Oliver as shares the 4 challenges we all face at Christmastime, the CPR method for staying healthy, and how to redeem the hand you use to masturbate.Greg Oliver struggled for over 25 years with an addiction to sex & porn. Since 2009 he has been on a journey of healing and recovery. Greg is a certified Sexual Recovery Pastoral Counselor and the Director/Co-founder (with his wife Stacey) of Awaken, a ministry that helps individuals, couples, and ministry leaders find hope and resources for sexual brokenness. Some of the resources offered by Awaken include in-person & virtual recovery meetings, 1-on-1 and couples coaching, and recovery intensives & workshops. Learn more at awakenrecovery.comContact Greg by emailing can book a session with Greg at our free private community for men: Drew at 805-398-6170.
Shame sucks. In this episode, Stephen Thomas shares a childhood story of humiliation, his struggle with porn and same-sex attraction, and how he found lasting freedom through radical vulnerability. Stephen is a husband and father who has had sobriety from porn for over 12 years. He has led multiple Pure Desire groups and is now joining Husband Material as a private small group leader. Stephen is passionate about seeing men who feel hopelessly buried by addictions come alive and realize the strength God has placed in them. Apply to join a Husband Material Small Group at Drew at 805-398-6170.
How does the gospel speak into sexual brokenness? This episode is all about who Jesus is and who we are as sexual beings in Christ.Free resource: check out my list of Identity in Christ statements with Scripture references included at Alert: In the middle of this episode, there is a rap. Bet you didn't see that coming! In case you're wondering, the song is "The Cross (3 Hours)" by Shai Linne.Join our free private community for men: Drew at 805-398-6170.
What's the difference between lust and love? Hear from Josh Glaser as he shares his story of healing and we talk about what it means to not just avoid lust, but grow in Christ-like love.Josh Glaser is the Executive Director of Regeneration, a Christ-centered ministry that helps men, women, and families to learn and live God’s good, holy, and beautiful design for sexuality.Check out Josh's podcast at Josh to inquire about coaching at Drew at 805-398-6170.
If lust is your lullaby, this episode is for you. Learn the unique reasons why porn serves as a sleep aid and how to find a better solution. Join our free private community for men: husbandmaterialmen.comText Drew at 805-398-6170.
People say Matt and Laurie's marriage is impossible. Laurie's same-sex attraction and Matt's addiction to pornography almost led them to divorce. But this impossible marriage—and all marriages—are made possible by God. Laurie Krieg is a writer, speaker, and ministry leader whose mission is to teach the church how to approach sexuality with the gospel.Matt Krieg is a licensed professional counselor and director of counseling at Caring Well Counseling.Laurie and Matt are the authors of the new book, An Impossible Marriage: What Our Mixed-Orientation Marriage Has Taught Us About Love and the Gospel. Together, Laurie and Matt host the Hole in My Heart Podcast and live in beautiful West Michigan with their three young children.Buy their book here: to their podcast here: Drew at 805-398-6170.
Behind the scenes of sexual addiction, the inner child is running the show. Porn is his pacifier and lust is his lullaby. So who is this kid, and how can we help him heal? Join me and Eddie Capparucci as we discuss the 9 types of inner child...and why the road to recovery runs through your childhood. Dr. Eddie Capparucci is a Christian therapist who specializes in the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction. He's the creator of the Inner Child Recovery Process (ICRP) and the author of "Going Deeper: How The Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction."Eddie's book and other resources are all available at will be joining us this week for a Live Q&A about The Inner Child inside our private group for men at Hope to see you there!Text Drew at 805-398-6170.
What does it mean to "be a man"? What is true masculinity? Dr. Doug Carpenter cuts through the clutter and defines masculinity in a way that empowers men to be who we really are.Dr. Doug Carpenter is a clinical psychologist and the co-owner of Insight Counseling Services in Rochester, Michigan. He's the author of "Childhood Trauma and the Non-Alpha Male." Buy Doug's book here: Childhood Trauma and the Non-Alpha MaleDoug will be joining us for a Live Q&A Call inside the Husband Material Men Facebook Group this week. Bring all your questions about trauma, masculinity, and gender-role conflict!Join our private community for men: husbandmaterialmen.comText Drew at 805-398-6170.
Learn the G.R.O.W.T.H. model for helping men outgrow porn:G = Going FirstR = Repeating & RephrasingO = ObservingW = Weaving & WaitingT = Telling The TruthH = Having Fun!Join our private community for men: husbandmaterialmen.comText Drew at 805-398-6170.
How can we help the next generation develop healthy sexuality in a pornographic world? That's the question Rodney and Traci Wright answer on today's episode.Rodney & Traci are the authors of How to Talk With Your Kids About Sex. They're passionate about helping parents communicate healthy sexuality with our kids. In their work for Pure Desire Ministries, Rodney and Traci share their personal journey of recovery and hope based on 30+ years of experience as speakers, pastors, and counselors. They have raised three children and currently reside in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.BONUS EPISODE: Rodney and Traci will be joining us for a Live Q&A Session inside the Husband Material Private Facebook Group on Sunday night, October 18th. Join the group so you can attend the Q&A at husbandmaterialmen.comBuy How To Talk With Your Kids About Sex here: Rodney at or call him at 208-691-3872Email Traci at traciw@puredesire.orgText Drew at 805-398-6170.
Does the Sabbath seem like a boring, outdated obligation? It's not when you treat it like sex!Download the free “Design Your Day Of Delight” worksheet at Drew at 805-398-6170.
Guys, we're not the only ones who need to outgrow porn. Shout out to all the ladies following Husband Material even though it's meant for men! Whoever you are, you'll love this conversation with Crystal Renaud Day.Crystal is the host of the upcoming SHE Virtual Recovery Summit for women struggling with porn and unwanted sexual behaviors. Don't worry, men are invited too. Register for this free online conference at shevirtualsummit.comCrystal Renaud Day is the founding director of (formerly Dirty Girls Ministries), an online ministry helping women overcome porn and sexual addiction. Her books include Dirty Girls Come Clean, 90 Days to Wholeness, and Dating Done Right.If you're a woman struggling with porn, join Crystal's private Facebook Group for women here: Drew at 805-398-6170.
How To Outgrow Porn (LIVE)

How To Outgrow Porn (LIVE)


In this special 2 hour presentation, I'll share the most powerful way to change your brain, heal your heart, and save your relationships without fighting an exhausting battle against your secret sexual desires. (Get the video replay at'll learn:Five reasons why purity culture doesn't work and makes you feel worse about yourselfThe secret trick to "hack" your sexual fantasies and strip porn of its seductive powerThree steps to build a porn-free world that sets you up for lasting freedom (without accountability software, internet filters, or downgrading to a flip-phone)And at the end...I'll introduce my brand-new program: Husband Material Academy (HMA)!Join HMA now at http://joinHMA.comNot sure if you want to join?Text Drew at 805-398-6170.
Men don't get hooked on porn...boys do. In this episode, I'll guide you through an exercise to help you build trust with the young boy in your heart who was originally exploited by porn.This LIVE episode is a sneak preview of my brand-new program, Husband Material Academy (HMA). To learn more, visit joinhma.comNot sure if you want to join HMA? Come to my FINAL free live class this Tuesday night, September 15th @ outgrowporn.comAttend future live episodes inside our private group for men at husbandmaterialmen.comText Drew at 805-398-6170.
Outgrowing porn is about so much more than eliminating unhealthy behavior. At the same time, preventing relapse is a necessary short-term skill, which you can develop and improve. In this episode, I'll explain three proven tools to help prevent relapse..and my #1 tip for how to use these tools effectively.Download the "Relapse Prevention Toolbox" one-page worksheet here: more free training at outgrowporn.comJoin our community at Text Drew at 805-398-6170.
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