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Author: Omobola Stephen

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Don't miss the engaging,educating,and impactful episode of Life Well Lived by Omobola Stephen. We'll be covering all your favorite topics on relationships and life issues with the occasional help of amazing guests. And don't forget to favorite the episodes you like best,download, reshare and to leave a comment if you've got something to say.
The Show host, Omobola shares practical,engaging and true-life experiences on life,relationships,and business.
Omobola is a Life and relationship upliner and she loves to help people get past their emotional hurts,and past misgivings whilst they can still be able to live a worthwhile life.
Be ready for a frank,open and uninhibited talkshow that will transform your mindset. She also shares her insights on her blogsite,
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Quality of life reflects the difference, the gap, between the hopes and expectations of a person and their present experience. Human adaptation is such that life expectations are usually adjusted so as to lie within the realm of what the individual perceives to be possible. This enables people who have difficult life circumstances to maintain a reasonable quality of life. It's important for you to enjoy good quality of life no matter how it seems. Citing the word of Bryan Dyson,Omobola Stephen hit the nail on the head on this topic of discussion. Tune in.
Busyness is not essential. Yes, there is a lot to do, but believing you are always busy because you have so much to do is both false and unhelpful.It’s easier to simply react; to choose to try to do everything, rather than make the difficult decisions and “un-choose” things; it takes more courage to do less.However, in a world of too much, the last thing we need is more of anything. When everyone is so overwhelmed, the biggest scarcity is attention.We have become drudges, too busy to lift our heads and do the things we know will make an impact and differentiate ourselves. We don’t need to be more productive; we need to do less, better. You want to know more on this topic,tune in to your show host,Omobola Stephen.
Maybe you've had people be upset with you when you have said no. Maybe you feel guilty because you really want to help others, but you say yes so much to them that you're on the verge of burnout—and this will make you less healthy and less helpful. Whether you say "yes" instead of "no" out of guilt, inner conflict, or a misguided notion that you can "do it all," learning to say no to more requests can be one of the biggest favors you can do yourself and those you love.Think about it- What's most important to you? Having a stress-free life, or living life being a knee-jerk people pleaser?Interestingly,Omobola shares tips to helping you say No without feeling guilty. Listen up!
Self-forgiveness is not about letting yourself off the hook nor is it a sign of weakness. The act of forgiveness, whether you are forgiving yourself or someone who has wronged you, does not suggest that you are condoning the behavior. It means that you accept the behavior, you accept what has happened, and you are willing to move past it and move on with your life without ruminating over past events that cannot be changed. Omobola Stephen is very practical in this talkshow. You will learn how to move past the wrongs done to you; the regrets you had within those period and how you can live free and freer as a person.Listen up!
If you don't have a financial plan in place, it's really hard to be disciplined about how you spend your money because you haven't created any guidelines for yourself to follow. When creating a plan, look at both the short-term and long-term dreams you have. While a budget is part of the plan, the purpose isn't to prevent you from spending any money. Instead, having financial discipline allows you to make sure you have money for what's most important to you.Omobola talks about financial discipline and tips to help you by. You have got to be financially disciplined aite! Listen up.
Procrastination is a thief of the soul. However,it's a natural tendency for us to procrastinate-defering what needs to be done now till later date. Sometimes,the high expectations we place on ourselves can be a determining factor why we rather choose to defer things. We are somewhat overburdened by the tasks we give ourselves and the only way for respite is to procrastinate. It's time you take it easy with yourself and try to set your priorities right.Now,there are reasons why we do this,likewise,solutions to overcome the habit. Listen to Omobola on this talkshow to learn more about Procrastination and how to avoid its trap. Its worth the time.
Have you noticed that the word forgiveness is grounded by the word give? By forgiving, we give ourselves a gift. We choose to let go of the past,in the hope that by doing so,we will make a better life in the future. The path of forgiveness is the best way to travel unburdened. Often,it is the only way to unchain yourself from the past or any wrongs done to you. It's important that you learn to give yourself the gift of forgiveness so you can be free to live the life you really want.This is the topic for today's show- Forgiving those who screw you up. Listen to practical and proven tips that really works from Omobola Stephen. Tune in
To make something out of yourself,you must be willing to change. For without change,there can be no growth and progress both in your relationships and in any other life's endeavors.The challenge of most people is that they want things to stay the same yet also get better. Obviously,that can't happen. You can't eat your cake and have it. If you truly want to experience growth,commit yourself to not only by accepting change,but seeking it.Listen to Omobola in this truly practical and engaging talkshow on creating an atmosphere for change in your relationships. Go ahead and have an awesome listening experience.
The truth is,there is only person responsible for the quality of the life you live. The person is you.External factors don't determine how you live. You are in complete control of the quality of your life.Successful people take full responsibility for the thoughts they think,the images they viusalize,the kind of relationship they keep,and the actions they take. Sometimes,it may be a struggle creating a picture of the life you want to live. However,you can tune in to the signals around you. Looking toward others for help and guidance is helpful. But don't forget to stay tuned into yourself-behavior,attitudes,likes,and dislikes,and life's experiences.Do you desire a change in your life, then it's time to create that life. There's no better time than now. Tune in to learn more on today's show as Omobola shares practical tips to help you on your journey.
One of the recent findings in evolutionary psychology is the observation that men and women differ in the characteristics they prefer in their potentials mates.Men strongly prefer looks over resources while women value resources over looks.When smart women meet a partner, they aren’t wooed by good looks and the smooth talk, after all those come a dime a dozen. These women are looking at how their potential partners spend money. Does he have an emergency fund? Is he current on their monthly bills such as the car payment and rent/mortgage? Does he spend more than he earns? Does he put money aside in his his savings account? They’re listening keenly to understand how their potential mates relate to money. Is it a tool? Is it a crutch? However,men are turnoff by women who appear to be financially attracted to them. Relationship should be more than that. Listen to Omobola as she talks more on this hot and juicy topic. Grab that cup of ice tea and just chill.
As a lady,are you suddenly bothered by your man's behavior lately? Does he seem to be irritated or avoiding you? Pause! Your man is actually turned off by an extreme behavior coming from you. You are overly clingy and needy. To him,he feels overburdened by your insecurities and lack of self-confidence. He wish you can grow up and be stable with your emotions. He wish you could throw away the childish behavior and become the mature, self-confidence,and independent lady that he would be proud to have around.Exactly so. Here comes Omobola with her openness and Frank demeanor as she shares practical and real-life encounters on the reason why men get turned off by needy and clingy women and ways you,as a lady,can have a paradigm shift inorder to have your man stick around you. Want to know more. Chill out and listen up.
While there are many aspects of your life that you can't control,there are absolutely those you can control. One of them is how you want to be seen and accepted by those in your life. Women,generally, are gap-fillers and by doing this,we tend to ignore our very self. Our body image is a crucial aspect to having a pleasant life and relationships.If we fail to take care of our selves,who will? Is it the man in our lives? No they won't. They probably get turned off when we don't look well put together from head to toe.Lady! You have got to hear this... Your man may be turned off on bed when you don't appeal to him physically. Listen to Omobola in this talkshow as she discusses more on this topic. She also shares helpful tips to help you on your way to making the man in your life appreciate your individuality. Tune in.
Introducing- The lady who can talk the roof down. She's the blabbermouth. Unfortunately,she takes this habit along with her into the bedroom. Her man is so pissed off with her because of the blabbering. He becomes disinterested in the whole bedroom thing and walks out on her.Hey! Lady,your man wants to enjoy the lovemaking thing and you will be distracting him with your blabbering. Knock it off and try to calm your nerves.This is another extreme turnoff Omobola will be discussing on today's show. Omobola knows how to put these lines together. Listen up!
Hey! Ladies, What do you think you are doing to your man that's making him wanna puke on bed? Now,there are extreme bed habits that you put up as a lady that drives your man crazy. I call them sexual turnoffs.The same way a man is turned on visually is the same when he's turned off visually. This is because men tend to get trapped by the physical unlike the women.Omobola is uninhibited in today's talkshow. She's damn frank and open as she discusses about the sexual turnoffs in bed focusing on the sexual corpse- Women that lie motionless on bed and allow their men do the rowing while they become the passenger. You are interested in something like this? Tune in
Simplifying your life will bring balance, freedom, and joy. When we begin to live simply and experience these benefits, we begin to ask the next question, “Where else in my life can I remove distraction and simplify life to focus on the essentials?”This is a very important question especially as we come to realise that life demands can be overwhelming and the need to focus on what is truly important and beneficial to our overall wellbeing is key to living a blissful and peaceful life. This and many more is what Omobola will be discussing about on her show today-How you can simplify your life.Listen up.
Is what you feel really love or are you infatuated?So often in life,we hear the expression,love at first sight. Two people met at a bookstore,the next thing ,they are already in love.Love does not grow overnight. It is a gradual process. One which is given adequate attention and time.Love and infatuation are two antithetical words whose usage and application are often interchanged in our society today. Infatuation, which is definitely the wrong reason to marry anybody,is a feeling that is often confused with love.To enable you to understand and differentiate between love and infatuation,Omobola comes up with proven checklist in her talkshow today. It's a show you want to liste to. Tune in.
One definite way of knowing you are capable of loving someone else is to have allowed love to dwell in your heart. Our relationship with God brings perfection and forms the basic character trait we need to make our relationship work. Only God can give you the validation you often seek in other people or in things.Today's topic focuses on Love. What does love mean to you?It's time to tune in as Omobola wade through the tides to share deep insights on the definition of love. Stay tuned.
As adults,we are good at pointing fingers at ourselves. We look back at earlier situations,the ones we feel we should have handled better,and we begin to sit in judgement. This is what a guilt can do. And then,we begin to worry about what is going to happen next. We lock ourselves in this emotional prison and forget that life is passing us by. In today's talkshow,Omobola focus on guilt and worry as two emotional extremes that needs to be checked. She highlights healthy tips to help overcome them. Why not tune in now while you have a really worthwhile listening experience.
Our daily task do not have equal importance. We need to keep asking, "Am I focused on my top priorities?" Too often,we surrender to the tyranny of the urgent. Each time the phone rings,we answer it,even when we are in the middle of an important project that requires total focus.Avoid interruptions. At the end of the day,you don't want a guilt hangover,mentally beating yourself up because you allowed other people to ruin your focus. Omobola with her frank,and engaging finesse highlights the importance of balancing your priorities in this talkshow. Why not grab a glass up of chilled fresh juice and listen up.
You can control your ability to design your life and your philosophies. A philosophy of personal responsibility allows you to live from an inner core of integrity thereby bringing a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.How much responsibility do you take in your own life? Are you an active participant or a bystander? Listen as Omobola dives through this important topic on taking personal responsibility for your life. She cites quotes from renowned personal development coaches among which are Theodore Rososevelt,and Micheal Korda.It's worth tuning to.
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