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We have always said it's the wrestling podcast that we always wanted to hear. We just don't discuss what is happening in the "Now" of pro wrestling, we talk about the past, present and what the future of pro wrestling holds. Don't get me wrong... there is plenty of comedy and hijinks that come along with this program as well. Join JD, Barris, Logan, and Jenni as they talk wrestling. Email us at
184 Episodes
JD and Logan bring up their favorite parts of Wrestlemania 40. Also, Barris is out on the road.
Joe Panther from the Dudes at Ringside Podcast joins us on the show just to ramble on about wrestling, ghostbusters and whatever else comes to mind.
You might not remember him, but we discuss the flash in the pan WWE Superstar Phantasio
Rhea Ripley vs Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber Match 2024 is discussed
We are back after an unscheduled time off. We talk about The Rock, Vince McMahon Lawsuit, and JD has a secret question for logan
We are back for 2024. We get up to speed discussing The Rock's return amongst other things
Live Morgan's arrest and Charlotte Flair's injury is discussed
JD and Logan are joined by Vinny from Suds and Squared Circle Podcast to discuss and have a watchalong of the 2023 Women's War Games Match
Of course, we discuss the 2023 Edition of Survivor Series War Games
Logan goes and sees the Undertaker's oneDEAD Man Show. Our friend Jay Pagliaro joins us to talk about Vince McMahon/TKO
Logan watched the Famous WOOOO Off between Jay Lethal and Ric Flair for the first time ever
Logan and JD watch the fan filmed match of the Undertaker vs Nailz
Logan discovers Blue Kane and WWE Fastlane is discussed
The possible buildup to a Taker Nailz feud is discussed as we watch the first confrontation between the two
We are back! Nia Jax return is discussed and Logan talks about the recent WWE releases
Logan and Barris Talk about some of their favorite Wrestling Stables
We give our predictions for SummerSlam '23. Also Barris addresses his anonymous email once again
Do you think AEW Collision is Doomed? Listen in to find out what JD, Logan, and Barris think
Logan gives his review of the 2023 Edition of Money in The Bank
Enjoy this replay of our interview with Vicious Vicki from February 22, 2022
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Thank you, all of those episodes were amazing

Dec 18th