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What is Ring The Bell Radio? We have always said it's the wrestling podcast that we always wanted to hear. We just don't discuss what is happening in the "Now" of pro wrestling, we talk about the past, present and what the future of pro wrestling holds. Don't get me wrong... there is plenty of comedy and hijinks that come along with this program as well. Join JD, Barris and Logan as they talk wrestling. Email us at
57 Episodes
In this Minisode, JD, Logan, and Barris discuss the failed WCW Invasion in the WWE --- Send in a voice message:
Jay Pagliaro Joins JD and Logan on the show. Jay goes in detail about the Arizona Wrestling Federation that he is involved with.  Jay also discusses the amazing talent that the AWF produces  and what kind of wrestling you can expect to see. --- Send in a voice message:
Former WWF Superstar Barry Horowitz joins us on the show. JD goes down memory lane and discusses the Survivor Series when he was the Red Knight and how he ended up being that character. Logan talks to Barry about what he is doing now and how he is still involved in the business. Barris bring up the famous Chris Candido victory. --- Send in a voice message:
In this Minisode, the guys discuss some of the greatest ribs in pro wrestling.  Jim brings brings up one that was pulled on him by the British Bulldog.  Logan gives us his review on the WWE series Undertaker: Last Ride --- Send in a voice message:
JD, Barris, Logan, and Jim Powers continue their discussion of psychology in Wrestling.  Logan brings up a valid point that finishing moves are just another move and that they are meaningless in today's wrestling. Jim also brings us some points involving Hogan and Warrior in Wrestlemania 6. Barris gives us his spiritual advice. --- Send in a voice message:
JD, Barris, Logan, and Jim Powers discuss the lack of psychology in pro wrestling today.  Jim bring up how it is somewhat of a lost art and how the wrestlers lack the know how to tell a story and connect with the audience. JD and Barris bring up a manager from a local wrestling organization they feel lacks the know how to be a good manager. Jim also beings up, in his opinion, one of the greatest minds to ever set foot in the ring.  --- Send in a voice message:
Former WWF/WCW Superstar Jim Powers joins us on the show.  Logan asks Jim what type of "Gimmick" matches he would be up to doing. Jim also discusses his role in the move The Wrestler.  Barris jumps right in and gets Jim's thoughts on AEW  and much more.  --- Send in a voice message:
JD, Barris, and Logan have a surprise caller on this weeks show. Former Co-Host and founding member of Ring The Bell Radio The Marvelous One joins the discussion.  Matt, JD and Logan go down memory lane and talk about what really happened when they interviewed the Late Paul Bearer. Logan also gives his views about the current state of wrestling.  --- Send in a voice message:
JD, Barris, and Logan Discuss their favorite I.C Champions.  The recent releases in the WWE are discussed. JD and Barris also bring up some funny stories that happened at WWE Live Events. --- Send in a voice message:
JD reveals that they have received more Fan Mail.  Good friend of the show Logan is back again to join the discussion.  JD brings up the question of why are wrestlers still wrestling when all the other sports are shut down.  Frank arrives late and is extremely upset.  Also, Logan takes a quiz. --- Send in a voice message:
Barris receives more fan mail.  The gang invites longtime friend of the show Logan Wiltshire to join them on the show. Logan, Frank and JD go down memory lane about how Logan scared Paul Bearer off of the show.  Former WWE Superstar Jim Powers is brought up along with our thoughts of Wrestlemania. --- Send in a voice message:
JD and Frank discuss the Undertaker and his new look.   Frank also touches on if empty arena shows will affect how the wrestlers perform.  --- Send in a voice message:
Join JD, Barris, and Frank as they discuss how they feel about Tito Ortiz coming to WWE.  Frank gives us an update on where he has been and why he was in Greenland.  Barris receives more hate mail from a fan that can't stand him. JD brings up his theories on why the higher ups decided to put the belt on Goldberg.  Also, frank takes a wrestling quiz. --- Send in a voice message:
Barris surprises JD with inviting his former arch enemy Josef Von Schmidt on the show.  Josef brings up what projects he is currently working on.  The three of them go down memory lane when Josef and Jim Powers joined us for Wrestlemania 27 and Schmidt bring up his Virgil Story.  JD also lets Barris know that he received hate mail.  Also Von Schmidt brings up his Pro Wrestling Academy. --- Send in a voice message:
A Royal Mess - 2/21/20

A Royal Mess - 2/21/20


Yup! Just like the title says. This episode is a royal mess. Join JD and Barris as they are all over the place talking wrestling.  They being up reports of Sasha Banks appearing in The Mandalorian Season 2. Barris brings up what if story line if Kane had a twin brother. Doink The Clown ( Matt Borne) is discussed.  Also, past and current kings of the WWE are brought up. --- Send in a voice message:
Listen in as JD and Barris talk about the New World Order. Barris also brings up the creepy voicemail he received from a fan of the show --- Send in a voice message:
Royal Rumble - 1/30/20

Royal Rumble - 1/30/20


JD and Barris talk about the 2020 Royal Rumble.  Tune in to see what their opinions are as they critique the PPV.  Barris takes a pop quiz. Also, the studio has received a message from a fan wanting to come on the program. --- Send in a voice message:
Join JD and Barris as they give their opinion(s) on why they think RAW has declined over the years.  The Wrestlemania 6 Main Event between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior is discussed.  Also, JD brings up his story about his run in with Virgil.  Listen in to this special one hour episode.  --- Send in a voice message:
On this Minisode.  JD invites Charlie Kruel of Angel Gate Wrestling on the show. JD quickly learns that Charlie and Frank have a sketchy past and it's all brought out in to the open. Charlie also talks about why she decided to become a professional wrestler.  You can find Charlie on facebook at --- Send in a voice message:
That's right.  Just like the title says. We have no idea what to talk about in this show.  Listen up to see what we actually discuss. --- Send in a voice message:
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