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Logan goes and sees the Undertaker's oneDEAD Man Show. Our friend Jay Pagliaro joins us to talk about Vince McMahon/TKO
Logan watched the Famous WOOOO Off between Jay Lethal and Ric Flair for the first time ever
Logan and JD watch the fan filmed match of the Undertaker vs Nailz
Logan discovers Blue Kane and WWE Fastlane is discussed
The possible buildup to a Taker Nailz feud is discussed as we watch the first confrontation between the two
We are back! Nia Jax return is discussed and Logan talks about the recent WWE releases
Logan and Barris Talk about some of their favorite Wrestling Stables
We give our predictions for SummerSlam '23. Also Barris addresses his anonymous email once again
Do you think AEW Collision is Doomed? Listen in to find out what JD, Logan, and Barris think
Logan gives his review of the 2023 Edition of Money in The Bank
Enjoy this replay of our interview with Vicious Vicki from February 22, 2022
JD brings up how is is just done with Ronda Rousey and Logan agrees with him. Also, the new womens title belts are discussed
We bring you the last ever edition of tweets from the Iron Sheik. Logan brings up current wrestling news. JD tells a funny story that has nothing to do with wrestling. Also, there is a wrestling match watchalong
Enjoy this replay of our interview with Former WWE Diva Cherry from November 19, 2021
Logan is eager to bring up his strong opinions on the current WWE storylines. Also, welcome back Jenni Santana
WWE Draft = 4/21/22

WWE Draft = 4/21/22


JD, Logan, and Barris talk about the WWE Draft. Also, Rabbi Barris is in trouble
Betting on WWE - 3/24/23

Betting on WWE - 3/24/23


Should you be allowed to bet on WWE matches? Logan gives us his opinion on the matter.
JD and Logan discuss WWE Legends House Episodes 1-3. Also, Jenni Santana checks in to let us know how she is doing
JD, Logan, and Barris discuss a few matches from the 2023 Elimination Chamber
Logan brings up his new favorite sport. Face slapping competitions
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Thank you, all of those episodes were amazing

Dec 18th
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