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Author: The Guys That Have Microphones

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We are some guys and we have some microphones. We are high school geeks who just ad lib whatever comes to mind, so join us on the adventure that is Guys With Microphones.
10 Episodes
No Good Title -S2 Ep 1

No Good Title -S2 Ep 1


In this episode we are back for some more conversations that go aboslutely nowhere before being completly derailed for little reason.
The Joe Show Episode 1

The Joe Show Episode 1


Sorry for poor audio quality. I use a default keyboard song, describe why there is no podcast, and poorly play organ over it, hit a soda can with a drumstick, and "play" guitar.
In this episode, we actually manage to not talk over each other, and we're joined by Axel Rose, Paul's water bottle, Alex, and a new bit is introduced at the end.
In this episode, we're joined by Maddie and Ann. Also we have absolutely no method to what we're doing, and it becomes a complete trainwreck, albeit, a fun trainwreck,
Some stuff, most of it rather embarrassing for Joe, happens. And he really hopes Vivian never finds this.
We're joined by the great Maggie, Tom, and others for more weird, stupid fun.
In this episode, we answer some feminine questions. Then when Owen leaves part 2 is even better.
In this episode, well just please forgive us.
In this episode we are joined by the leader of Soviet Prushkia. Then it just turns into a horrible trainwreck from there.
This is the second episode, but because Kyle deleted the first one, we had to rerecord. Here we have 5 guys in the booth, Kyle, Joe, Owen, Paul and Jake. We promise future episodes will be better, but this one is still pretty good anyway. Also welcome visits from David Bowie, the Insane Clown Posse, JarJar Binks, and more.
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