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Seeding Change: The Conservation Podcast

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Bringing to life environmental conservation, travel and eco-living. Inspiring a love and respect for the natural world through honest conversations. Celebrating the wins, highlighting the challenging realities of protecting nature and the vital importance of self care within the conservation community. Hosted by Megan Richards and Morgan Pettersson. Music: Idle Hands by Aaron Ximm
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In this very strange moment in time, many of us are confined to our houses and isolated. During the lockdown, Meg and Morgan want to share their personal reflections based on their own experiences working and living in remote locations around the world. In particular, ways to cultivate creativity and reconnect to our earth during this time, while also embracing the invitation to rest.Time is often the one commodity that we don't have enough of, and suddenly we have the gift of unlimited time. We hope that wherever you are in the world, that you are sprinkling seeds of creativity during these changing times.As always, please feel free to continue the conversation with us @seedingchangepodcast
Volunteering is an amazing experience but it is vital to choose a responsible, ethical project that is having a positive impact. That's easier said than done... the growing 'voluntourism' industry means there are now more projects than ever to choose from and finding an ethical volunteer project can be confusing, challenging and can even overwhelming. With so many potential projects, how do you know which ones are good and which ones aren't? Meg and Morgan give you insider tips to help you find the right project. They discuss red flags that indicate a project may not be ethical and key questions to ask before committing to volunteer. If you found this helpful, share it with a friend so they can make more informed volunteer choices too. Social media: @seedingchangepodcast 
Writing for Healing

Writing for Healing


In today's episode we explore the power of writing and how intuitive writing can help in healing and calming the mind. Both hosts are writers as well as conservationists and are very passionate about this topic - they have both found writing to be a simple yet hugely beneficial tool. Intuitive writing is a way of giving yourself permission to be creative. We know at first it might feel awkward or embarrassing to sit with yourself and write down whatever is on your mind but this practice is for you and only you. You cannot fail because you are succeeding just by doing it. Social Media: @seedingchangepodcast If you are interested in writing for healing, Morgan has a three day course available here: Side note: We know this episode is not the best recording in terms of quality, unfortunately we experienced some technical issues but we hope this will be ironed out by the next episode. :) 
Experiencing empathy burnout, compassion fatigue and eco-anxiety are all too common within environmental conservation, but... it hardly ever gets talked about. We want to change that today. Burnout is something both Seeding Change hosts have experienced and this episode is not only an acknowledgement of the realities of this but is also a reminder of the importance of self care. Morgan and Meg share some of their own self-care routines and recognise the challenges of working within conservation as well as the emotional exhaustion that comes with scrolling through constant bad news on social media. Instagram & Facebook: @seedingchangepodcast
This is a lighthearted end of year episode where Megan and Morgan discuss their first volunteering experiences and key moments that helped shape their lives in conservation. Hear about Morgan's interactions with rescued bears, Megan's first day at a rhino orphanage (it involved six hungry rhinos charging towards her) and find out what it's like to see animals you've helped raise be released back into the wild. BONUS: You'll also hear the noise rhino calves make when they are hungry!If you're interested in volunteering with wildlife this episode may help to give you a glimpse into those adventures and experiences. 
Simple, creative, low-cost ideas for a sustainable festive season. The holidays are one of the most wasteful times of the year, in this episode we think about how a more minimalist, mindful approach can help change this for the better (while still celebrating in style!). Taking a look at how we can reduce our impact by choosing environmentally friendly options, including ideas for greener decorations, gifts, wrapping paper, food and more.  Remember small changes make a big difference so this year reach for natural alternatives, stop sending stuff to landfill and celebrate the season while caring for the earth. Instagram & Facebook: @Seedingchangepodcast
Taking a closer look at why trees are vitally important and how they could be the answer to the current climate crisis. In this episode we hear about Morgan's experience in the rainforest, the inspiring story of the Sungai Utik community in Kalimantan and the amazing work of Jadav Payeng (The Forest Man of India). We also look at a few ways we can all help restore ecosystems and make the world a greener place. Instagram & Facebook: @seedingchangepodcast 
This episode discusses what conservation is and takes a look at some of the different roles within the industry. Detailing personal experiences within wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, field-based communications and ecosystem restoration. Hosted by Megan Richards and Morgan Pettersson. Instagram & Facebook: @seedingchangepodcast Music: Idle Hands by Aaron Ximm 
Two conservationists join forces to open a door into what it is like working to preserve, conserve and protect nature. In this introductory episode find out about the shows hosts, why they have created this podcast and what you can expect from the series. Hosted by Meg Richards & Morgan Pettersson. Instagram & Facebook: @seedingchangepodcastMusic: Idle Hands by Aaron Ximm 
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