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Our mission is to help highlight the every day good in our world. On this show we explore the contribution of systems and people we often take for granted.

What corners will our curiosity take us into and how can we be grateful for what we find?
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#Gratitude & #eid |133

#Gratitude & #eid |133


A successful fast is worth celebrating. And, even if we didn’t directly participate we should be grateful for those who did.
As part of the prep for this episode I reached out to the audience on twitter and asked how does gratitude impact your expectations? The tweet got a couple of likes. Quite a few saw […]
Being grateful involves exercising a choice and your ability to choose is one of the most powerful aspects of our human experience. Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves by […]
Gratitude isn’t the same as gravity. It’s not something you fall into, but it is something you can choose. Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
Being grateful helps more than just ourselves. Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
One of the places I admire finished renovations and reopened on February 21st. Then COVID hit. Their determination to still serve their customers is worth being #grateful for. Visit Matlack’s in Boise: Subscribe: […]
Content creators often judge their success based upon the size of their audience. What if we based it on the friendships we make along the way instead? The podcast community is one of the most […]
What are you grateful for that others overlook? I’ve asked that question to dozens of people at this point and no two answers are the same. In this episode I share some unique responses, and […]
A mom tries to feed her kids. A judge tells her she’s selfish. This is a conversation that inspires gratitude. Source: Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves by […]
Can your everyday experiences really have lessons to help you grow as a person? What about something as simple as pulling the weeds? If you know how to look then everything you do can be […]
We often look at castles and feel jealous of the refinement and posh associated with royalty. The reality is that in many ways we live far better than most monarchs in history. Remember to be […]
The little things really do matter. Sometimes they save the world. Source: Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
What can we learn from the making of Start Wars? Small ideas and small acts can make a big difference. While our small acts may never lead to a fake global holiday, they can make […]
When we think of talents we often think of performance skills that can be done on a stage, but not everyone’s talents fit on a stage. In fact, most of our talents don’t fit. So, […]
How do you adjust to unwanted change? In this clip I talk about how considering the motives of those who caused the change can improve your appreciation of it. Subscribe: […]
How far would you be willing to go to stay connected to the right type of friend? Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
Now that our needs have changed what new possibilities have we recognized? When Sal had a family member ask for help it changed his life, and now it’s changing the world. One World School House: […]
Having different perspectives doesn’t require different destinations. Just ask my wife. Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
Have you noticed something in your life you’re grateful for? Why not share? Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
The same technique to distract a 6 year old can be used to distract an adult. Why not try it today? Cheerleader: Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain Waves […]
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