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Our mission is to help highlight the every day good in our world. On this show we explore the contribution of systems and people we often take for granted.

What corners will our curiosity take us into and how can we be grateful for what we find?
139 Episodes
Would you travel half way around the world to go to a country in revolution just so you could say you’ve been there? Subscribe:… Read more "And Used to That Vibe | 98"
Have you ever noticed how your attitude determines your happiness? Recognizing that there are a lot of things in life we’re not in control of is good.… Read more "And a Bright Personality | 97"
What do you call the years where you do hard things? In our house we call them your dogfood years. Subscribe: music… Read more "And Your Dogfood Years | 96"
What if you helped out but did the least you could? With quarantine impacting our daily lives doing the little things can be fun. Subscribe: … Read more "And the Least I Could Do 2 | 95"
In this edition I share an invitation to fast with 15 million other people. President Nelson’s Invitation to fast: Jacob & Melody Bateman’s Trail to 100… Read more "And an Invitation to Fast | 94"
In this edition I talk about how our COVID experiences include a lot of things to be grateful for even if the systems we’re a part of… Read more "And Millions of Good Choices | 93"
In this edition I share Veronique’s article on titled, Coronavirus Pandemic Inspires Private Generosity. It’s great that other people are seeing the good in the world.… Read more "And Pandemic Generosity | 92"
In this edition we talk about how COVID-19 has created scarcities and percieved scaricities and how we can manage our perception to be able to make sure… Read more "And the Yeast Explains Us | 91"
The part about Frozen II starts at the 10 minute mark. In this edition Brent and I head into the unknown and cover a lot of ground… Read more "And Why I Hate Frozen II | 90"
In this edition I ask Brent to represent the entire country of Canada and its diverse population to talk about how the people in the country disagree.… Read more "And Disagreeing With Canadians 🇨🇦 | 89"
In this edition I talk about how there’s a lot of scary in the world, but we also have a lot to be grateful for. Subscribe:… Read more "And YOU Built the Internet | 88"
In this edition I get to talk with Brent and we discuss a situation where someone lied and it became noticeable. Follow Brent: Brunch With Brent:… Read more "And the Lie of the Episode | 87"
In this edition I talk about my parents returning home from their mission and the impact of the COVID-19 virus on our lives. Subscribe:… Read more "And the Blessings from Hard Things | 86"
A classic fairy tale story like you’ve never heard it before. Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain
In this edition we come to you from Meridian Idaho and talk about drivers training. We also talk about where italics came from. While most people know… Read more "And Where Did Italics Come From❓| 84"
In this edition I share a few updates and talk about embarrassment. I share about why I podcast with my family members. I was also featured on… Read more "And Some Updates & Embarrassment 🤦‍♂️ | 83"
Michael returns for this edition to discuss one of our favorite shows for Sunday. Returning the Favor: Subscribe: music by Dyalla Swain… Read more "And Returning the Favor | 82"
In this edition I get to share a wonderful article by J.D. Tucille from Article: Ell’s Twitter: Excerpt: After I dropped out of law… Read more "‘Specialization Is for Insects’ | 81"
In this edition we talk about how the great men and women we see in life are there because they’ve worked through hard things. Your Future Demands… Read more "And Grandpa’s Superman 👴 | 80"
In this edition we share Lucius Clark’s audio retelling of how he and other Mormon Pioneers were kicked out of Mexico. Lucius Clark Book: Subscribe:… Read more "And the Bandits Attack | 79"
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