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Author: Derek Lancaster

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All Saints High Wycombe is the Anglican parish church for the town.
A place for our whole community to encounter God.
20 Episodes
A new podcast series for Autumn 2021, in which Derek Lancaster explores our worship, how it came to be as we have it now, and what it means for our community. In the first episode - why come to church at all? and a bit of history....
Have a listen as you do your daily walk on or around Ash Wednesday, and give thanks for the love and life that springs from God. There are four short segments to listen to, each encouraging you to take in the world around you in more detail, and offer grateful prayer.
In this final episode of the series, Derek Lancaster explores how the God of Love came in Jesus to transform our lives
In this episode Derek Lancaster explores the topic of inclusion in the church. Radical change is needed to ensure that the church reflects the fact that we are all one in Christ.
In this second episode Derek Lancaster explores how our faith forms a basis for taking care of our planet, and sharing the task of renewing the earth as the Kingdom grows.
In this series of podcasts for Advent, a season of waiting, it's good to to consider 'What are you waiting for?'. In the first episode, Derek Lancaster explores 'Waiting to have enough', looking at wealth and poverty through the gospel passage Matthew 6.25-33.
How is our community to be a parable for the kingdom of God?
Bishop Steven of Oxford joins us as visiting preacher at our Charismatic Catholic Led by the Spirit Eucharist (see website), and shares a way of praying the Lord's Prayer using a knotted rope
Derek Lancaster, Licensed Lay Minister, explores how we are being rich towards God, and his abundant grace in response, by way of Grimm's fairytale about the magic flounder...
Derek Lancaster sums up the recent 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer initiative, and invites us to consider how the light of the Spirit of Truth can change us.
Don’t be afraid. Trust in God.
In his sermon at the Parish Eucharist on Palm Sunday, Derek Lancaster compares the pilgrims entering Jerusalem with our own pilgrims on the way in the parish. We are pilgrims who know the Story, and we know that the way to Resurrection joy and hope is through the Cross - and we cannot be silent in sharing that Story or the stones themselves will shout out!
In this episode, Mark Johnson shares his faith story and discusses the Palm Gospel - the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.
This week Derek Lancaster has a conversation with Eddie Samuel, who shares his faith journey and discusses the gospel for the coming Sunday.
This week on Pilgrims on the Way Derek Lancaster has a conversation with Kath Dunn., who shares the story of her faith journey and discusses the gospel for Mothering Sunday.
In our third conversation as pilgrims on the way in this series, Dawn Segrue shares her journey in faith and how it has led her to support for local homeless people, and we discuss the gospel for the coming Sunday - Luke 13.1-9
In our second conversation as pilgrims on the way in this series, Robyn Conelly, our new Children's and Families' Minister shares her journey in faith, and how Lent is a different experience for her this year, and we discuss the gospel for the coming Sunday - Luke 13.31-35
Have you ever wondered how other people came to the Christian faith? Well, we all have our own journeys - this week Elaine Dagnall shares her story and we discuss the Gospel for Lent 1 - the temptations in the wilderness.
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