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Risk management is complex, and your time is limited. This podcast series helps you keep up on emerging issues in higher education and best risk management practices. Join URMIA leaders, peers, and insurance experts twice a month as they explore timely topics, URMIA member resources, and the profession.
30 Episodes
The best claim settlement is one that is reached early and makes both the injured worker and employer happy. Join URMIA guest hosts Julie Groves of Wake Forest University and Craig McAllister of the University of Miami as they talk with Dr. Fernando Branco, chief medical officer at Midwest Employers Casualty.  Dr. Branco provides a fascinating medical insider's view of best practices that will help risk managers achieve better outcomes with workers’ compensation claims.Show Notes [member login required]
As the call for 2021 presentations goes out, host Jenny Whittington talks with Gary Langsdale, URMIA’s education manager, and Craig McAllister, URMIA board member and executive director of risk management at the University of Miami. They explain how the framework of core competencies will explicitly guide the selection of URMIA's professional development offerings for members and others in higher education risk management. Show Notes [member login required]
Listen in with guest host Kathy Hargis, associate vice president of risk management & compliance at Lipscomb University, as she chats with Joe Storch, associate counsel in the SUNY Office of General Counsel and chair of the Student Affairs Practice Group, about what higher education risk managers need to know about updates to Title IX and the lack of a Clery Act Handbook as explained in this Inside Higher Ed  article.Show Notes [member login required]
Re-elected URMIA board members highlight accomplishments from their first board term, discuss how important the virtual delivery of professional development will be going forward, and, of course, their personal favorite URMIA member benefits. Listen in with Julie L. Groves, director of risk services at Wake Forest University, and Craig McAllister, executive director of risk management at the University of Miami.Show Notes {URMIA member login required}
Newly elected URMIA board members Keesha Trim, director of risk management & insurance at the University of Richmond, and Tim Wiseman, chief risk officer at the University of Wyoming, share their very different paths into higher education risk management. They also discuss how they hope to contribute as board members to URMIA’s mission of supporting members to meet today’s demands and preparing for future challenges in higher education risk management.Show Notes  {URMIA member login required}
Ellen Shew Holland shares insights from her long career as a higher education risk manager, an URMIA past president, and now as president of Strategic Risk Frameworks, LLC. She provides advice on how to elevate the risk manager’s role now and in a post-COVID future by helping the board identify strategic risks and opportunities, understand data that tracks the management of campus hazards, and anticipate future threats as higher education evolves.Show Notes {URMIA member login required}
Kathy Hargis, associate vice president of risk management & compliance at Lipscomb University – and co-chair of URMIA’s 2020 annual conference – chats with host Jenny Whittington about conference sponsors, social events, meditation breaks, and the value of being together at roundtable discussions to assess COVID-19 and the start of the fall semester. They even provide a sneak peek of the attendee goodie box contents!Show Notes {URMIA member login required}
Kim Miller, Ball State University’s director of risk management, insurance, and safety – and co-chair of URMIA’s 2020 annual conference – talks with host Jenny Whittington about the unique opportunities presented by taking the conference virtual this year. As she gives an overview of the upcoming September conference, she shares what URMIA values guided the intentional transition, what has surprised her, and how this event is more accessible than ever before.Show Notes {URMIA member login required}
Get the inside scoop on URMIA’s new member benefit: the Student Property Insurance Program (SPIP)! This affordable insurance program covers the personal property of individual students, faculty, and staff of member institutions. Coverage applies whether the individual is living on or off campus, including while studying abroad or away on internships, externships, or other experiential academic opportunities. Alex Aycock of Gallagher, who oversees the new program, talks with host Jenny Whittington to provide the details.Show Notes {URMIA member login required}
For those members who are new to the practice of higher education risk management or onboarding a new staff member, this episode highlights several URMIA resources that should be on your radar. Lou Drapeau, URMIA resource manager, talks with host Jenny Whittington about the new URMIA Shorts video tutorial series, progress on a complete update of the invaluable URMIA Resource Guide, and more resources for professional development.Show Notes  [member-only content, login required]
Are your institution’s academic, sports, and virtual camps for minors adequately insured? Join host Jenny Whittington and her guest, A.J. Morgan, to learn more about the URMIA Camps Insurance Program administered by RPS Bollinger Sports & Leisure, a division of Gallagher. This special insurance program is available as a benefit for URMIA member colleges and universities to help provide broad coverage for camp liabilities, including sexual abuse and molestation, camp staff auto accidents, and more. Show Notes  [member-only content, login required]
As is evidenced by the rapid growth of URMIA’s relatively new Compliance Community, enterprise-wide compliance risk is a critical challenge touching almost every area of campus life. Jeff Chasen, Associate Vice Provost for Integrity & Compliance at the University of Kansas, and Jenn Anderson, KU’s Director of Policy & Compliance, discuss key process trends, timely hot topics, and areas of concern for the future. Show Notes [member-only content, login required]
The URMIA Risk Inventory – an organic, member-curated compilation of risks common to colleges and universities – has just been updated by an URMIA volunteer task force. Lou Drapeau, URMIA resource manager and leader of the task force, and URMIA member Brian Burns, director of compliance and risk management at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, give an overview of what’s new in this resource, how it can be used by risk managers for ERM and other purposes, and how anyone can contribute to it. Show Notes [member-only content, login required]
Higher education is facing unprecedented challenges in 2020, and risk managers on campus are at the forefront of helping to make critical decisions. This edition of URMIA Matters highlights advice for new higher education risk managers from experienced URMIA members and National Office staff on how to leverage URMIA resources to get the most value from their membership in these tough times.Show Notes [member-only content, login required]
Erike Young, who has helped prepare more than 2,300 students for The Institutes’ Associate in Risk Management (ARM™) designation, talks with host Jenny Whittington about why the ARM designation is useful for higher education risk professionals, the new focus of the updated ARM, and what his Risk Management Study Group offers to students who are preparing for the tests. The Risk Management Study Group is available as a free benefit for URMIA members, including those who already earned the ARM and just want to brush up on new content. Show Notes [member-only content, login required]
URMIA offers affiliate membership to those who work for companies or organizations serving the needs of higher education risk management. Amy Daley, FM Global’s health care and education practice leader, chats with host Jenny Whittington about the value of URMIA's unique engagement opportunities for insurance companies, brokerages, law firms, and consultants from the perspective her own experience on the URMIA Board of Directors and Affiliates Committee, as well as being an educational presenter and conference sponsor.Show Notes [member-only content, login required]
Listen to the fascinating time-capsule version of the 2020 Eastern Regional Conference recorded on site with some of the presenters just as the initial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic were being felt in the United States. Whether the topic is travel, cyber security, health, or something else, common themes emerge as URMIA president Chauncey Fagler interviews Steven Dunham (UNC-Charlotte), John McLaughlin (Gallagher), Meghan Fisher and Evan Small (Elon University), Tammy Downs and Bryce Porter (UNC-Greensboro), James Keller (Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP), and Lynne Sanders (UNC-System). Show Notes [member-only content, login required] 
Glenn Klinksiek, URMIA president (1998-1999), reflects in his distinctive style on URMIA’s development over more than two decades, its education plan, and more with host Jenny Whittington. Now retired, Glenn led risk management efforts at the University of Chicago from 1988-2012, at which point he became URMIA’s part-time education manager through 2018. Glenn discusses why and how such educational resources as the Risk Inventory and Core Competencies for Higher Education Risk Managers were developed. Show Notes [member-only content, login required] 
Make sure you’re addressing all possible international travel risks with URMIA’s International Travel Guidelines, a new resource that will be continuously updated by URMIA’s International Committee. A kind of risk checklist for higher education risk managers, its purpose is to provide an overview of every kind of global travel risk imaginable. Join Mike Gansor, risk manager at West Virginia University, who led the effort to develop the document, and Gary Langsdale, URMIA education manager and university risk officer (retired) of The Pennsylvania State University, as they chat with host Jenny Whittington about how the guidelines were developed, what’s covered, and how you can provide feedback to help update the resource.Show Notes [member-only content, login required]
Episode 11: Membership

Episode 11: Membership


Do you wonder if you’re taking full advantage of your URMIA membership? Or, if you’re not a member, are you exploring if URMIA is the right choice for you? Hear from Joelle Marcum, URMIA’s member services coordinator, as she provides an overview of different types of URMIA annual memberships, plus the association’s member benefits. She also provides tips on how to maximize networking with peers online and at conferences. Show Notes [member-only content, login required]
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