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Author: TJ Barber & Shane Cowherd

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Making Blocks is a podcast about Apple, parenting in the world of technology, the life of software developers, and overall tinkering. Hosted by TJ Barber and Shane Cowherd.
33 Episodes
Shane and TJ discuss the future of automation on iOS. Shortcuts and App Clips create an alternative to traditional app development. Picks of the Week: TJ - Apple Developer App Shane - Coleman hot water heater Additional Links Pythonista Scriptable Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts Chrome OS / GSuite stagnation Safari Technology Preview HackingWithSwift SwiftUI Course Header Image Photo by Rock'n Roll Monkey on Unsplash
TJ and Shane discuss Shane's new puppy, his air conditioning situation and preferred temperature, and how we wish we had Xcode on the iPad.
Shane and TJ discuss the stigma of using your phone vs reading a book and the incredible SpaceX launch. Picks of the Week TJ - Love to Dream Swaddle Shane - Magic Keyboard Additional Links Podcasting Gear Twelve South AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter PoP voice Lavalier Microphone USB-C Microphone Adapter by CableCreation (10% off first year link) SpaceX Falcon 9 Computer Header Image Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash
Episode 30 Hammock Podcasting Shane and TJ discuss online tech support scammers and their tricks. Stereo Lavalier Microphone Kitboga - Scambaiting Jim Browning - Scambaiting 2020 iPad Pro 11" Cellular 128GB iPad Pro 11" Magic Keyboard Unreal 5 Demo TJ's Pick Halo 2 for PC Shane's Pick Magnetic Power charge cable Header Image Photo by Dean McQuade on Unsplash
Shane and TJ discuss Shane's broken microphone and new haircut, why TJ hates social networks, email, conferences, and more!
Shane and TJ discuss email providers, AR, new apps, and modifying macOS. We had a technical issue during recording. We're sorry that the last part sounds a little different!
Shane and TJ refuse to give into the negativity and unending discussion about COVID-19 and talk about the only two things that actually matter: puppies and video games.
TJ and Shane discuss N95 face masks, TJ's faulty mouse, Shane playing Minecraft with his 4 year old, and more!
TJ and Shane discuss their lives in quarantine (sigh), puppies, Dark Sky being bought by Apple, meat in a post-COVID world and more.
Shane and TJ discuss their changing habits now that we're working remotely (because quarantine), the National Cowboy Museum's Head of Security running their Twitter, country music, NASCAR and more!
TJ and Shane talk about coronavirus (we're tired of the self-quarantine, but we're doing it anyway) the new iPads we wish we could program on, and WWDC moving to an online experience.
TJ, Shane, and Austin have a recording in person! We talked about our in-person podcasting setup, Alexa devices, HomeKit, and more! And yes, we did get pancakes after.Special Guest: Austin McDowell.
TJ and Shane discuss Shane's loss of internet, companies tracking you online (it's creepy), preparing for baby, and Shane's acquisition of!
Shane, TJ, and Scott discuss TJ's stolen AirPods case, their home theater setups, the Magic Keyboard, iMovie, and more!Special Guest: Scott Jann.
Shane and TJ discuss Coronavirus, Google Stadia, the Ruby programming language, picking a marketable development stack, and more.
TJ and Shane discuss how we can anticipate questions from our users, appreciation of the Mac and iPhone, and applying the KonMari method to our digital lives.
TJ and Shane are joined by author and conference producer, John Wilker! We discuss his introduction to the Mac ecosystem, the origins of 360iDev, his book series Space Rogues, and where he's headed next.Special Guest: John Wilker.
Episode 16: After Dark

Episode 16: After Dark


TJ, Shane, and Scott kept the momentum going and ended up recording another episode after we finished Episode 15! We discuss Drafts, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and domain names.Special Guest: Scott Jann.
TJ and Shane are joined by a good friend of the show, Scott Jann! We discuss marble simulations, internet connections, parenting, Bitcoin mining, and more.Special Guest: Scott Jann.
TJ and Shane discuss their AppleCare, their first downloaded apps, and gigabit ethernet.
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