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D.S.O. The RRRadio

Author: DavidsonSchizofrenicOrchestra

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This is not an Orchestra. These are not musicians. The passages weren't played. This music exists 'cause all musics exist and it's all generated from a mind full of that musics. This is first monoBand web radio and it's with NO ADVERTISING. It gives you an original new passage daily more or less. You can download free. These are all "first taken passages" only, so may be some little imperfection could remain inside. But nothing you can eliminate with a normal re editing. This is music for the artist who neesd of a soundtrack and they don't have money to pay for music.
All the musics inside are by Davidson Schizofrenic Orchestra. All the music is completely free and it's part of an artistic project that produces music passages nightly from April 2019. The artist who's making this is Stefano Davidson and he is NOT a musician but a "fine art painter" and a author. Enjoy.
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