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Striving for truth on faith, politics, and society. Kurt Jaros interviews theologians, philosophers, authors, and social leaders, on a variety of issues.
211 Episodes
In this episode, Dr. J reflects on his two recent interviews about Christian Nationalism and shares his thoughts on that movement: the good, the bad, & the ugly. He also talks about Project 2025 and responds to a video by Dan McClellan.
In this episode, Dr. J interviews philosopher Mike Austin, author of American Christian Nationalism: Neither American nor Christian, on why Christians should not embrace that political ideology.
In episode 209 of the Veracity Hill Podcast, Dr. J interviews Tim Stratton of Free Thinking Ministries to discuss his reasons in support of Christian Nationalism.
In this episode, Dr. J and Mark respond to a quote made in a recent episode of the long running British sci-fi series Doctor Who.
In this episode, Dr. J interviews Dr. Mike Licona on his new book, "Jesus, Contradicted: Why the Gospels Tell the Same Story Differently."
In this episode, Dr. J goes toe-to-toe on Christian theology against an X-Men Mutant.
In this episode, Dr. J continues his survey on what American Evangelicals think about their faith. He also replies to Mason Mennega's critique of Christian Apologetics.
In this episode, Dr. J looks at the data from on what American Evangelicals think about their faith. He also responds to Dan McLellan's video on whether Jesus thought of himself to be God.
In this episode, Dr. J hosts an oval table discussion with the Faithiest Atheist/Freeist Deist and Chris Lilley about doubt.
In this episode, Dr. J sits down with a curious skeptic, the Faithiest Atheist. But is he really a deist? What we know for sure is that he is a skeptic.
The indefinite hiatus is over and Dr. J is back with a new format and fresh ideas! In this episode, Dr. J ponders over a tricky subject: What do we mean when we say that someone is or is not a Christian? He also introduces you to a Progressive Mormon who he'll be critiquing from time-to-time. Sit back and enjoy the program, welcome back to Veracity Hill!
What's a great way to communicate to people that the Christian faith is reasonable to hold? In today's episode Kurt has the distinct honor of talking with evangelist and apologist Lee Strobel to talk about his testimony and the Case for Christ.
Why should we look at the big picture of the New Testament? In today’s episode Kurt is joined by *the* Mike Bird! Dr. Bird lives in Australia and comes to us from the future.
How can we learn from the saints of long ago? In today's episode Kurt chats with Stephen Backhouse on the importance of learning from Christian history.
Do theologians and apologists make mistaken claims about the New Testament text? In today’s episode Kurt interviews Peter Gurry on myths and mistakes in New Testament textual criticism.
Is Christianity any different than Mormonism? In tomorrow’s episode Kurt will be joined by cult specialist Rob Bowman to talk about how the historical grounds for Christianity are much better than the historical grounds for Mormonism.
Is Christianity influenced by Greco-Roman thought? If so, is it a bad thing? On today’s episode Kurt is joined by Joey Dodson & Dave Briones to talk about the Apostle Paul’s intellectual thought.
Is global Christianity on the decline? Secularism gains a foothold in the West but hope remains. In today’s episode Kurt is joined by Brian Stiller to talk about the factors for the growth of Christianity in the global South.
When you see movies, do you ever wonder if there could be a Christian perpsective? What makes film good art? In this episode Kurt, Chris, and Mark are joined by William Romanowksi as he discusses his book, "Cinematic Faith."
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Steve Davis

I really like the Podcast. I enjoy the lengths of the episodes, and the many various topics.

May 2nd

Dave J

Favourite apologetics duo!

Feb 19th

Mathieu Catellier

pretty sure that last advertisement blew the speakers in my truck...

Aug 15th

Ify Nsoha

love this! haha the Christian community in the CZ is so connected, my former mentor in highschool knows Brad, I think they did anEnglish camp together. appreciate this podcast, Jesus is Lord fam

Jul 23rd
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