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The advertising podcast from a millennial and old school point of view. Glint Advertising digs deep into how to solve issues such as branding, advertising, and business development using examples from building their agency and developing strategies for their clients. Listen to real-world advice on how to grow your business and get your brand inspired. The Glint Advertising corporate office has been located in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 2000.
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Holiday Marketing

Holiday Marketing


'Tis the season! Since we are launching into the holidays, this week we discuss why holiday marketing is so crucial. It's important to consider the past year, and knowing that covid-19 has changed buying patterns will get you further than you think. Now more than ever, holiday marketing allows businesses to captivate an audience who is more ready to purchase. So make those messages positive and uplifting, because if anything, this is the year to spread holiday cheer. Want to have your questions answered? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
Ageism in Advertising

Ageism in Advertising


It's no secret the advertising industry is obsessed with the younger generations. We worship the altar of imagination and align creativity with the youth. The root of ageism in advertising is making assumptions and is a common idea that the older staff are maintaining boundaries while the young are breaking them. So how do we overcome this? By having these conversations, we can challenge this industry norm and be more open-minded because when we overlook specific age demographics, we overlook the opportunity. Have you experienced ageism in your workplace? Email us at Support the show (
The Seven Year Cycle

The Seven Year Cycle


Every industry has trends of their own, whether in retail, finance, marketing, etc. As a business, it's important to know how these trends and cycles affect you and can leave a devastating impact if you don't pay attention. In the advertising industry, a trend we often see is the seven-year cycle, where clients switch between hiring internally or externally to handle their marketing efforts. In this episode, we break down what the seven-year cycle looks like for us and why exactly it exists in the first place. There will always be an argument on whether hiring internal or external is more beneficial. Although, it's safe to assume which side we lean towards. :) What are some cycles you see in your industry? Email us at Support the show (
Due to advancements in technology, the measurement of success, or failure, is made available rapidly. With that, society has become accustomed to having results instantly. So how can we gauge ROI in a world where patience is thin? Of course, we have an answer. In this episode, we discuss all ROI types and what that looks like in regards to marketing. Want to have your questions answered? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
Knowing your goals early and what drives those forward will always set you up for success. What will also set you up for success is having influencers in your life who have the same passion and commitment to their goals as you do. Whether that be a friend or a coworker, surrounding yourself with influential people will challenge you to be the best version of yourself. In this episode of The Glint Standard, we discuss the importance of the company you keep and how much that can benefit your career. We'd love to hear your helpful thoughts, as well. Shoot us an email at to join the conversation. Support the show (
Succession Plans

Succession Plans


The company you know of today is not the same company it was before. Change in leadership plays a major factor in your company's direction, which is why it's crucial to have a succession plan. Ensuring your company's successor will make the right decisions to help move your business forward can be a daunting task. In this episode of The Glint Standard, we take a more in-depth look into a proactive approach to creating a succession plan and what to look for when pinpointing the correct candidates. We'd love to hear your thoughts as well. Shoot us an email at to join the conversation. Support the show (
When you walk into our office, we have a variety of blue vases. Why? In this episode, we discuss the importance of the blue vase to our office and the story behind them. Blue vases are significant to Glint because it means understanding what it takes to be a go-getter. Go-getters are not order-takers, they're problem solvers, something this business knows a great deal about. Ultimately, the blue vase is a symbol of mentality that is our standard. The Go-Getter: you a blue vase person? Let's connect! email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
Saying No to Work

Saying No to Work


When is it okay to decline work, and how does this affect your business? In an industry as competitive as ours, it is important to identify clients and opportunities that might not fit your business. Do they see the value in your work? Can your company deliver what the client wants at the highest quality? In this episode, we discuss all the factors that come into play when deciding to take on the next project and emphasize the significance of aligning your brand with the right consumers to ensure both parties' profitability.As a consulting agency, it's our job to navigate these challenges efficiently, but that doesn't mean we don't want to hear your thoughts as well. Shoot us an email at to join the conversation!Saying No,Ideal Work,Branding Agency,Marketing Firm,Advertising Firm,Branding,Marketing,Advertising,Fort Worth,Texas,Dallas,DFW,Fort Worth Agency,Dallas Agency,DFW Agency,Advertising,Branding,Agency Life,The Glint Standard,Glint AdvertisingSupport the show (
Most marketers struggle to maintain a healthy balance between their work life and their personal life. The pressures of leadership often only further blur these lines. Today we are talking about keeping the two separated. With over 20 years of experience running an agency, our leaders discuss helpful tips for any marketers who struggle with the line between work and personal getting blurred. We'd love to hear helpful tips and tricks you use, as well. Shoot us an email at to join the conversation.Support the show (
How all of your marketing efforts connect and work together to enhance each other is the base for an integrated marketing strategy. Doing individual campaigns can bring success, but coordinating multiple efforts to accomplish a goal further bolsters each campaign. On today's episode, we discuss the importance of having an integrated marketing strategy and ways to think about getting started with your big campaign idea. As an agency, we've seen the pitfalls some will experience, and we're here to help. Reach out to us directly the show (
What's it truly mean to be a problem? Have you ever thought about how problem-solvers affect your bottom line? In this episode, we analyze all angles of how problem solvers can impact a business and what qualifies someone to lead through providing solutions. If you are looking for your step-up in your company or agency, being the go-to solution maker may be the right path. Share your insights! Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
Should full-time marketers and designers freelance on the side? We know everyone likes having a little extra cash on the side, so on today's episode, we discuss how freelancing affects your position, clients, and your work full-time. Get the employees and agency owner's perspective. We also go over some suggestions on policies for your agency to consider. We want to hear from you! Email us your thoughts and questions at the show (
What's the difference between a typical agency and a specialized agency? Does focusing on one industry help or hurt the clients of the agency? We dive into the reality of the pros and cons of both mentalities. Join us in our discussion and provide us what you think about how these two very different structures benefit or hurt the people they want to help most.Email us your thoughts and questions at US:Blog: the show (
As Summer approaches, many college students are starting to seeking out new opportunities to better themselves through "real life" experiences. But what should these young minds be looking for during their search? What should they expect when they get there? How can they ensure they absorb as much information as possible? We answer all of these questions are more during this week's episode.If you have a question, we'd love to answer it. Send us a message the show (
The next step in your marketing outreach should be personalized messages. Relating to your audience and providing them a one-to-one touchpoint dramatically improves your results with minimal effort. Today we discuss ways to implement personalized marketing to existing marketing strategies and the best practices for ensuring your message is connecting with the right people in the right way.Have a question you want answered by the experts? Send us an email to the show (
Everyone is feeling the effects of COVID-19 and working from home, but what does it mean for business owners and employees? In today's very special episode, we provide insights for business owners, managers, and their employees on how to thrive while working out-of-office.Want to have your questions answered? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
In today's market, it takes more than one touchpoint to make a connection and get a sale. With the introduction of remarketing and retargeting, the process for reaching ideal buyers as been made a whole lot easier. It's not a simple process to get started, but the cost-per-results when you implement an integrated marketing strategy across multiple touchpoints has significant value.Want to have your questions answered? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
Video marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods for reaching nearly any target audience. As we move into 2020, video production, advertising, and content planning should be at the top of every marketing director's mind. In today's episode, we dive into the complex world of YouTube advertising with our resident expert, Ryan Noel, who has years of experience working with global brands to advance their video marketing strategies. Want to have your questions answered? Email us at the show (
Being part of an advertising agency has its benefits. The struggle of working so closely together, though, especially a small agency, is keeping your personal-life and work-life separated. In this episode, we explore how employees can overcome adding some of their personal life into their work without taking it too far. We'll give helpful hints from an agency veteran's perspective while discussing how company culture plays a significant role in how you position yourself with the environment.Support the show (
Taking your Facebook advertising further than just boosting a post is nearly a necessity in today's competitive digital market. So what steps should you or your agency be taking to ensure you reach the right people at the right time? In this episode, Ryan, an expert in social marketing, takes a deeper dive into how to advance your Facebook and Instagram advertising without breaking your bank.Support the show (
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