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Tabletop game modfications, homebrew, DIY, etc., all out of love for the hobby and the brilliant work of so many designers! Let us know what projects you're up to or which games you find benefit from tweaks here and there. Likewise, if you have any suggestions for things for us to consider tinkering with, please get in touch. locoludus [at]
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Running Mausritter

Running Mausritter


In answer to a plea from Colin Spikepit, Barney discusses running Isaac Williams’ neat Mausritter RPG and offers a couple of small modifications to the rules.
Barney reflects on succeeding to wipe out last Saturday’s game team. Thanks to Colin @ Spikepit, Andy @ Expedition to the Grizzly Peaks and Jason @ Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast for their call-ins.
Isle of Death 1.1

Isle of Death 1.1


Barney reflects on last Wednesday’s game, Isle of Death, using Death Robot a Jungle and Electric Bastionland
Barney‘s offer of a lethal run through Death Robot Jungle using the Electric Bastionland system has some takers! Hear Spencer @ Keep off the Borderlands, Jason @ Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast, Colin @ Spikepit and Joe @ Hindsightless / Weal or Woe book their one-way* tickets! Others, too, are taking the trip (eg. Cody M. @ No Save for You!) or are thinking about it. Get in touch if you want to risk life and limb! *Return tickets are available on request, but must be collected in person.
Following a physically-distanced high-five endorsement from Colin “Spikepit” Green, Barney unboxes the LP RPG setting DEATH ROBOT JUNGLE from Games Omnivorous/Exalted Funeral and the multi-media brainchild of Andre Novoa, Manuel Pinheiro, Jason Bradley Thompson and Alex Figueira. At the end Barney throws down the gauntlet... (with a shout out to People and Other Diseases). Get Death Robot Jungle here: or here: You can also listen to the music here: Get in touch with Loco Ludus: or leave a message on the Anchor page...
Barney and Spencer (from Keep Off the Borderlands) continue their musings about the great roleplay capital city, Bastion, and the fallout from Chris McDowall's RPG rules systems Electric Bastionland and Into the Odd. They discuss solo roleplaying and Ray Otus' Oracle gaming tool (link below), Barney's Amberwood borough in Bastion (see Electric Bastionland rules p.326-8), Mausritter (which utilises the ItO rules) (link below) and, last but not least, they roll up a pair of Rook Tamers (Emmy Allen's special failed career. See Electric Bastionland rules p.56-7).  You can find the first episode of The Bastion Social in the Keep off the Borderlands feed here: Ray Otus' Oracle: Mausritter: Get Electric Bastionland here: Keep up with Chris McDowall at and by listening to his podcast commentaries about the making of Electric Bastionland here:
In this interview, Barney speaks with Andre Novoa, the main man behind new publishing venture, Games Omnivorous. They discuss Andre’s 17th Century Minimalist rules and all the swashbuckling that comes with it (!!!), the publishing house’s exciting Manifestus Omnivorous and Random Psych Weirdness lines - in particular TODAY’s new release: Death Robo Jungle!!!! Here’s the link:
Barry discusses his homebrewed Judge Dredd skirmish game, Periphery - really insightful stuff for designers! Find Barry on YouTube at:
The Swashbuckling Life

The Swashbuckling Life


A epic, watery traversal of swashbucklery for RPG’ers, featuring: Colin Green @ Spikepit, Che Webster @ Roleplay Rescue, Joe Richer @ Hindsightless / Weal it Woe, Jason Connerley @ Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast and Spencer @ Keep Off the Borderlands. The episode begins with some feedback on recent interviews, with messages from Che Cormack @ Friday Night DnD, Goblin’s Henchman @ Goblin’s Henchman and Andy Goodman @ Expedition to the Grizzly Peaks. Thanks all! Reference is made to the following Dungeon Craft YouTube video: Get in touch! Leave an offering to the Ludic Behemoth!
An interview with Patrick Stuart, author of many things, including Fire on the Velvet Horizon, Silent Titans, Veins of the Earth, Maze of the Blue Medusa and... Deep Carbon Observatory currently on Kickstarter as a remastered edition: Patrick‘s other webpages: A hearty hit for Jason @ Nerd‘s RPG Variety Cast...
Bonus episode of Barney, Ian and David Rolling up two Stoud Halfling twins. It’s almost ASMR, certainly relaxing, sometimes funny and the soundtrack is killer.
Everything you wanted to hear about Swashbuckling but were too afraid to ask...maybe. Get in touch - throw your doubloon into the ring! Is Swashbuckling a fundamentally funny word? Say it out loud: are you smiling? Also: Barney plays D’n’D. Eh? And reports on his luxury gaming visit to the UK. Thanks to Jason @ Nerd‘s Variety and Che @ Roleplay Rescue, Colin Green @ Spikepit, RFED, and Dave Aldridge @ dpercentile.
In this episode I interview Joe Norris about his cyberpunk board game Nightlancer which launches on Kickstarter tomorrow (24th Feb 2020). Joe discusses how he developed the game, worked with illustrators and graphic designers and much more. Lots of great insights. Take a look at Nightlancer here: and here:
Dirk and I discuss his experiences creating hacks for Gamma World, Strontium Dog and more. Thanks for listening!
More discussion with Tom Barbalet @ My Rules Are Better, this time about his game Just Plain Chaos. We also talk miniatures, Games Workshop’s chaos, dice and more. Thanks for listening!
Hi! A short update announcing three interview episodes to be published over the next week: Tom Barbalet @ My Rules are Better, part 2; Joe Norris, designer of Nightlancer, launching very soon on Kickstarter; and Dirk the Dice @ The Grognard Files. Plus a few thoughts about Chris McDowall’s Electric Bastionland, Dave and Claire Aldridge’s Mudharbour and Appendicitis - the occasional series recently begun by me and Andy Goodman @ Expedition to the Grizzly Peaks. Thanks for listening!
Amazing Anchorites!

Amazing Anchorites!


Call ins sharing gaming-related compliments from John Alan Large @ Red Dice Diaries, Julz Burgisser @ Jewels From NZ, Larry Hamilton @ Follow Me, and Die!, Jason Connerly @ Nerd’s Variety Cast, Andy Goodman @ Expedition to the Grizzly Peaks, Joe Richter @ Hindsightless and Weal or Woe and Colin Green @ Spikepit. Thanks all!
A first dip into Warlord’s new Dredd skirmish game with a nice call in from Joe Richter @ Hindsightless and Weal or Woe.
In their new sub-series, Appendicitis, Barney and Andy Goodman of Expedition to the Grizzly Peaks discuss works NOT on the infamous AD&D Appendix N. They begin with Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast. They discuss how it might be of use in roleplay games, ending with a discussion of the campaign Andy created based on it, followed by a digression into Cthulhu. Look out for Appendicitis as and when. Thanks!
Gaming-related compliments: call in, get in touch and share the best compliments you’ve ever received and how they’ve affected you. Big thanks to Spencer @ Keep Off the Borderlands, Jason @ Nerds’ RPG Variety Cast and Andy @ Expedition to the Grizzly Peaks.
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