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Join Josh Ellsworth and Jax Castle-Waddell this Friday at 12pm EST as they discuss photography for heat printing businesses!  These are just a  few things you'll learn: - The importance of using good photos for promoting & selling your products. - Secrets to taking great photos even as a novice. - Strategies for lighting, set up, equipment, and so much more!  Bring your questions!
New year, new plans! Join Jenna Sackett and Josh Ellsworth as they discuss goals for apparel decorators in 2023.  Come and ask questions, share ideas or just listen as we go live each week with relevant topics from thought leaders and apparel decorators.
In this episode we meet get a chance to speak with Todd Downing and Aaron Montgomery, founders of “Our Success Group”.  Todd and Aaron has a wealth of experience including running their own shops, podcasts, Facebook Groups and more.  In this episode we discuss their ideas around 5 Keys to Launching or Growing a Business for Apparel Decorators.  Todd and Aaron have a goal to help hundreds of businesses reach their definition of success in 2020 through their latest initiative.  Listen in as we comb through some of what they’re seeing, recommending and have found to be true when it comes to creating a recipe for success.
In this episode we meet Marshall Atkinson from Atkinson Consulting.  Marshall coaches apparel decorating businesses, runs a sales and marketing conference and has managed art and operations for several large decorators around the country.  In this episode you’ll learn more about Marshall’s journey in the world of decorating apparel and what he’s working on.  This is a great episode where you’ll receive sound advice in areas such as measuring downtime, setting up processes and human to human marketing.
In this episode we meet Nancy Julian from Huckleberry Ink in Rochester, WA.  Nancy started with a $500 loan from her Dad and began doing business in her laundry room after responding to a Craigslist ad.  Now, her sales are booming and she is not only succeeding but inspiring other apparel decorators along the way.  In this episode you’ll learn more about her journey, her equipment investments, her shop layout, unique hours and how she continually grows sales.
In this episode we meet Nas Rodriguez from Undisputed Custom Uniforms in San Antonio, TX.  Nas started as a sneaker retailer and eventually expanded his business into team uniforms.  Recently he has been working on growing his sales into t-shirts and other custom apparel.  In this episode you’ll learn more about sublimation printing, how to scale through freelancers and ideas for growing sales while being inspired by sports.
In this episode we meet Kelley and Kylie Waltz from Sparkly Tees in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This mother daughter duo is experiencing continual success in their apparel decoration business.  In this episode we discuss a variety of topics from trends that they are seeing in their retail store to why they decided to hire employees when they did.   We also have some fun discussing some of their craziest heat transfer projects.  Listen in as we explore their story.
In this episode we meet Eddie Thompson, owner of Thompson’s T-Shirts from small town Indiana.  In this episode we learn how Eddie has increased his average ticket size, become a go-to source for t-shirts in his community and successfully expanded his business. We share ideas about selling to larger clients, selling apparel at festivals and becoming a one-stop shop.
In this episode we meet Stacy Murphy, owner of Written in Stitches, a home based monogramming business turned heat printer.  In this episode we learn how Stacy has begun to set boundaries for her customers as she continues to grow. We share ideas about promoting her business on social media, collecting payment for orders and creating artwork for customers. 
In this episode we meet Milissa Marshall, a former public-school art teacher turned apparel entrepreneur.  Learn about how she created her business, Brag Swag, that sells wholesale, at events, offline and online to individuals and groups.  We explore what makes her unique as a decorator and uncover the successes and challenges as she tries to take her business to the next level. 
This episode features Brenda Garcia, business owner of a wholesale custom apparel business and online boutique.  Learn why Brenda and her husband decided to split their business into two divisions to better reach customers and how that is benefiting their sales.  Also get inspired by her personal journey and how she is finding fulfillment in her new career, all while her providing high quality branded products to a variety of clients. 
This episode features decorating expert Erich Campbell.  Erich is an educator, writer and thought leader in the world of decorated apparel with an in-depth knowledge about embroidery.  Learn why Erich thinks that heat transfers are an easy expansion for an embroidery business as well as exactly what products he’s found to be successful.  Listen in as we unpack topics from pricing to production in this insight filled episode.
Want to learn the story of a serial entrepreneur that’s entered the promotional apparel space?  Bob Ewald from Fresh Horizons Group has successful businesses in a variety of industries. He’s 9 months into his new venture, a wide format printing and custom apparel business. He shares tips, tricks and advice from his journey. Learn about the equipment he invested in, how he attracts customers in his community and the challenges he’s facing in the early stages of the business. After listening you will be inspired to find a way to say YES to any order and be in a position to deliver on your promise.
This episode features Gina Seibel of KC Swagger. Gina is an entrepreneur who has made the jump from side hustle to full time business owner. Since starting in 2015 Gina has experienced growth every year.  Learn more about her journey into printing and what has made her successful, including practical marketing tips for beginners. 
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