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Take a dive into Durty Talk with Angel Sand as she discusses organically gathered survey data collected from 50 guys ages 25-55 (both married, single, in situationships, and divorced). Each week a male guest will give their opinions and simply have fun talking “durty.” They answer these questions and more...Would you like to get spanked?Do you like getting your balls licked?What’s your favorite position for making love?Do you prefer to hear talking or moaning?..Catch up on the seasons!!!Tune in and listen!! Make sure to review and subscribe!!
31 Episodes
Hello Real Ones,I’m happy to share my new scripted audio drama podcast with all of you. If you like what you hear please go on over and listen to The Mermaid and The Lion on your favorite listening platform!Durty Talk will return next week!••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*FOR MATURE AUDIENCES- 18+*.Gazza is a just a young single guy living his best life. He’s already met some of his life goals and is looking to enjoy the success. Along the way, he meets the beautiful and older Kamora (Linnea of Unpacking the Box Podcast) who seems perfect for him. But as usual, there’s a secret! Check out this episode to learn about this stop on Gazza’s journey to finding the love he doesn’t realize he needs. Please don't forget to Like, Subscribe, and leave a review. If you would like to support The Mermaid and The Lion you can reach sign up for our Patreon us on Instagram: Nana Co (ENTER -- THEMERMAIDANDTHELION at checkout for a 15% discount) played by Linnea played by Fit MenanceGazza: played by Gazza the Following Music:Wrist Heavy by Rowdy Rahz available on all streaming platforms the Truth by Mar available on all streaming platforms Instagram: Find Mar’s Music: Engineered by Duke Mix Da Trak
Angel is blessed to be joined by the one and only One Take No Chaser!! This episode was destined to happen because they jumped through all kind of hoops to be able to record during a power outage. They discuss the question of the season and One Take answers like no one else can.  Tune in and learn what it means to be “Overcome by the Cheeks”!!!!!Follow One Take on Instagram: you want to Start or Improve your Podcast???Checkout My Coach Carla Wilmaris’ Idea to Launch Academy!!!!• Carla Wilmaris is the founder of Idea to Launch Podcast Academy and will be your personal coach! Take your podcast to the next level with her amazing program. You can also receive a discount if you use the link below.Idea to Launch Academy IG: @ideatolaunchLink: episode was recorded virtually. Please forgive any inconsistencies
 We are excited to have Harlem ( on Durty Talk to talk about celibacy, what men want from women sexually and his thoughts on what’s required to keep a relationship strong. Oh! And I happen to be calling out names!!!! 😂🤣😂Also make sure to check out Idea to Launch Academy. • Carla Wilmaris is the founder of Idea to Launch Podcast Academy and will be your personal coach! Take your podcast to the next level with her amazing program. You can also receive a discount if you use the link below.Idea to Launch Academy IG: @ideatolaunchLink: episode was recorded virtually. Please forgive any inconsistencies
After a great season 3 episode with Mansa Obi, I have a minutely erotic tale to share inspired by his words. Listen to this short narrated story and allow yourself to be stimulated by the verbal picture being painted for you. Angel
You know it’s about that time!!! Welcome to Season Three of Durty Talk. Our Season Premier kicks off with special guest Mansa Obi ( He comes into the episode with strong opinions about sex, relationships, and how humans should be have in general. Oh are you wondering what the question is this season? I guess you just have to tune in and listen!!!!! Please don’t forget to rate and review! Thank you for taking a dive in my ocean!Check Out my audio drama podcast THE MERMAID AND THE LION :
The Clean Up Season 2

The Clean Up Season 2


We always end the season with some Clean Up and this time it’s all about the show. An Episode like this wouldn’t really make any sense without a very special guest. So Angel invited the One and Only, Gazza (IG: @_flexondem ) to join her on the mic. P.S. Angel is in love with Gazza🤣😂We discussed •How he felt about Durty Talk at the beginning •His lack of ideas of what to bring in Season 3•He reveals Angel’s secret fetish without remorseFinally Angel and Gazza introduce their new project The Mermaid and The Lion. listen to the trailer today!!! Episode 1 coming May 19, 2020If you are ready to start a new podcast or take your podcast to the next level, make sure you hit up my podcast coach Carla Wilmaris host of “Sh*t I’m 30”! Use the link below for a special discount!!!Idea to Launch Academy IG: @ideatolaunch , @carlawilmaris , @shitim30podcastLink:
Season 2 is 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥Itty Bitty Titty Committee!Follow Up to Episode 5- “All Titties Matter” Take a dive into Durty Talk with Angel Sand and Mike (IG: @chapter_29_powder ) and oh yeah... a married guy too! As they discuss organically gathered survey data collected from 50 guys ages 25-55 (both married, single, in situationships, and divorced)..Swim with Durty Talk Podcast Season 2 every Wednesday!Tune in and listen!! Make sure to review and subscribe!! .IG: @durtytalkpodcast
Face Down A$$ UpDo guys have a favorite one night stand position? Well, we definitely dig into my return guest Korey’s (IG: @heretired2020 ) favorite! And as usual we get off topic and veer into discussing traditional gender roles, plus what each person in a relationship should bring to the table. I’m excited we were able to include our advice segment, Durty Views in this episode because this Durtiness quickly derailed into determining that people can break dicks and it’s apparently a good thing. Who knew! Come take a dive in my ocean! We won’t let you drown!!!Please take a moment to like, subscribe, review!!!! Thank You!!!
Oh! We Go Together!!!Ladies, do you ever wonder why you got ghosted after sex? Especially, when you know you put it on him! Well... it appears that women do some pretty annoying things after sex. What are those things you ask? Don’t worry!!! As usual we beat the streets and asked 50 guys this question. What’s the most annoying thing that a woman does after sex? We got a variety of answers and invited Bren from The Fade Up Podcast (IG: @thefadeuppodcast ) to give his opinion. FYI- He’s single and quarantining all alone! 😀Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!!!!Follow us on Instagram @durtytalkpodcastCome on and take a dive in my ocean! The water is just right!!!•This episode was recorded virtually and if you can tell, it is my best virtual recording yet! This is thanks to Carla Wilmaris the founder of Idea to Launch Podcast Academy! Take your podcast to the next level with her amazing program. You can also receive a discount if you use the link below.Idea to Launch Academy IG: @ideatolaunchLink:
I Wanna Marry the P^$$yEveryone talks about hooking up, but nobody wants to remember when they tried to move them in after only getting a taste!We surveyed the streets and asked 50 guys what could a woman do during a one night stand that would make you want more out of the situation. Not talking about more sex but an actual relationship. Join me and Cameron the host of IG: @milennialrelationshipsunlocked as he recounts the time it was supposed to be a one night stand and it turned into a two year situationship! Make sure to tune in for this Virtually recorded episode for a entertaining dive into my ocean!Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!!!!Idea To Launch Info:IG: @ideatolaunchLink:
Real or Fake- S2:E8

Real or Fake- S2:E8


Do you want to know if plastic surgery will make you more attractive to men? Heck, if the use a pocket p*ssy you might think plastic is their thing! In this episode of Durty Talk we discuss some of myths of what is visually appealing to most men. I am joined by two of my favorite guests Tremaine ( @efren_thomas ) & Quan ( @sheluvmyaura ). They are very open and honest with their perspectives of what attracts a man and keeps his interest. This is absolutely one of my most enlightening episodes, so tune in and hear their answers to “Do men prefer natural or surgically enhanced?” Don’t forget to rate, subscribe, follow, and leave a review!!!!IG: @durtytalkpodcast
OUR MOST CONTROVERSIAL EPISODE EVER!!Many men love the idea of a threesome until they hear it would be a male male female situation. Well it was no different for this week’s guest Money @deadtightrecords . .WARNING!!! He says a lot of things I don’t agree with but I promised this was a safe place for all men to express their point of view. So that is what I did. I get in a couple words too!.Tune in to hear us discuss a range of topics around a guy being willing to have a threesome with their girl and another guy..Don’t forget to rate and subscribe on Apple Podcast and Spotify. Please leave a review it means so much to me!!
Do you prefer if she looks cute while giving head or that sloppy toppy?? @elzfalco and @rainbanquo are back on Durty Talk bringing in all the laughs. The most important lesson is that guys are just happy to get head period!.Show sponsor @fantasymedspa (IG). .Segment 1:The guys hilariously answer the question and discuss the data results from the survey. .Segment 2:Do guys care about a girl’s hair and makeup being done?.This episode is hilarious!!! .Don’t forget to rate, follow, and subscribe! @durtytalkpodcast (IG)
Listen to the one and only Bajan Passion Poet spend the entire episode praising women in all their glory. Then at the end he drops a bomb on his perspective on cheating and love. Tune in for this short and sweet episode that features his poem Devour Me read by none other than me, your Favorite Mermaid!!!
Deez Nutz Not Coconuts Do you like getting your balls licked? Link in Bio @durtytalkpodcastJoin @therealangelsand and Hiram as they discusses what it feels like for a guy to get his balls licked. •Segment 1: Durty TalkHiram describes the sensation of getting his scrotum stimulated. •Segment 2: MertalesHiram reluctantly describes what he wants physically out of a woman. •Segment 3: Durty ViewsHiram and Angel give advice on question sent in from one of Angel’s Real Ones!! She doesn’t like Oral Sex!•Segment 4: Durty MindsHiram gives a word of advice to all men who are still on the dating scene. •Stay Tuned for the excerpts!!!
Choke me! Spank me! Pull my hair! That’s what we say in the song. Apparently that’s not what guys want done to them.  In this episode we talked about spanking during sex, but not spanking a girls behind. We had to find out if guys want to get their tails whipped!!Tune in and listen to Elz Falco and Rain Banquo share if they’re ready to get spanked or not. Going by the title I’m pretty sure you can tell what the answer is. This  is a short funny episode this week! Can’t wait to hear your feedback. Please make sure you write and leave a review!!In this Episode:•Rough Sex•Spanking•Why They Call Me a Mermaid •Why Guys Shouldn’t Go for 10s
George! George! George! We have  George Baskerville on the show wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day by revealing his Sex Secrets!!!! Tune in to hear the question of the day, George’s advice and thoughts on love!!!Also don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe!!!Thank you for Taking a Dive in my Ocean!!...Sex SecretsDo you have a sex position reserved for making love?George Baskerville the host @soulboxinshow joins Angel to tell her his sex secrets!  He discusses was intimacy is to him and the games he likes to play with women!!•Segment 1: Durty TalkGeorge answers the question at hand and gives his opinion on the data•Segment 2: Durty Minds George provides a word of advice for our male listeners •Segment 3: MertalesWhat kind of woman would keep George interested for life? He lets us know!!!•Segment 4: Durty ViewsGeorge and Angel give advice on question sent in from one of Angel’s Real Ones!!•Stay Tuned for the excerpts!!!Thanks for taking a dive in my ocean!
Fun and insightful men Korey and Tony discuss whether or not they prefer talking or moaning during sex. The reveal some of their most intimate thoughts and goals of helping others in 2020. Make sure to tune into this lit and accidentally flirty episode!
Durty Talk the Clean UpFor the past 9 weeks, guys have answered the questions we wanted the answered to. With that being said, all that Durty Talk needs to be cleaned up!  Take a moment to listen to a conversation about. The evolution of sex. Societal Norms. Willingness to serve your partner And much more...
In the second to last episode of Season 1, we welcome back Winston ( @winston.robertson ) and The Married Guy. They do their best to share their opinions while being drunk as hell. Totally hilarious and slightly insightful episode. 
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