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Author: Kitty Blomfield

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Are you a woman who’s obsessed with her weight?

Have you jumped from fad diet to diet only to fail when your willpower gave out?

Have you cut dairy, sugar and entire food groups to try and lose weight?

Do you wonder if you can ever be free from food obsession?

Do you suffer one or more of these issues: inability to lose weight, hormonal imbalances, PMS or menopausal symptoms, hair loss, sleep issues, low sex drive, fatigue or bloating/digestive issues?

Welcome to the WinAtLife Podcast.

Kitty Blomfield, alongside various experts, explore the truth about fad/restrictive diets and why they never work, as well as education on metabolism, hormones, pro-metabolic nutrition, training and mindset.

Kitty has helped 1000s of women achieve their dream body and health goals.

The WinAtLife movement is all about empowering women and providing them with the right knowledge, tools and resources to help them break free from restrictive diets and restore their metabolisms by eating REAL food and strength training.

Are you ready to make a permanent lifestyle change?

Are you ready to go ALL IN?

Listen up, subscribe, and FINALLY start winning at life.

31 Episodes
Craig and I had half of the Strong Sisters, Ash Armstrong, on the show the other day! I love these girls. They're just so real and so genuine! If you don't know them go and check out their page they're starting a regenerative farm from scratch. We chat about everything from body changes to what men think and sex. This one is full of over-shares and realness😂 We talk about:➡️Their experience with amenorrhea ➡️Periods and the female body➡️Societal pressures to be lean➡️What men actually think of women’s bodies➡️How Ashley dealt with her body changes and weight gain➡️Past relationships➡️And more!LINKSFollow Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldFollow Ash Armstrong @strong.sistas 
Keith Littlewood, also known as Tommo, has a Masters in Endocrinology, is an expert in all things to do with the endocrine system and hormones, and he’s also about to embark on his Ph.D. I thought it’d be fun to sit down and pick Keith’s brain about estrogen and the misconceptions associated with it, and he didn’t disappoint. There is so much goodness in this next episode!We chat about:➡️ What causes estrogen dominance➡️ How too much estrogen suppresses the metabolism➡️ How stress contributes to estrogen dominance➡️ Why carbs can help your body detoxify excess estrogen and why low carb diets can contribute to estrogen dominance ➡️ Why and how over-exercising plays a part, AND➡️ Why your menstrual cycle is a good indicator of your health and whether or not a nutrition/training approach is working for youLINKSFollow Kitty @kittyblomfieldFollow Keith @tommolittlewoodGo fund me link:
Today I’m sitting down with our friend and author Hedley Derenzie. Hedley is the writer and author of six books, including her latest, Itsy & Bitsy: Two Little Boobs Who Dream Of Making It Big - a children’s-stylebook for adults inspired by a breast augmentation and then explant six months later.  I've had Hedley on the podcast before to talk about self-worth. If you’re a woman who struggles with self-worth I highly recommend you give it a listen. In this episode, we’re talking everything fake boobs. Hedly shares her struggles with body image and why she got her implants put in and then why only 6 months later she got them taken out. I’m also getting my implants removed and if you’re listening to this it means I've had my op and they're out! So If you’re a woman who’s considering getting breast implants or someone who has implants and has been thinking about getting them taken out then this is a must-listen. I just love Hedly I think she's warm, open and shares her experiences so authentically.  LINKSFollow Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldFollow Hedley Derenzie @hedleyderenzieBook
I remember when I got lip fillers, it was back when we still had our gym. Jake asked me what I did to my lips😂 It just looked so awful. I never did it again after that.I then did Botox for 18 months. I felt the pressure of being on social media and so many of the women look so perfect, I wanted to look better. After 18 months, I decided I wasn’t going to do it again. I realised it just wasn’t in line with my values or beliefs. Here I was encouraging other women to accept their bodies, eliminating nasties in the food I ate, beginning to create a no-nasties skincare line with my good friend @thenutritioncoach, and meanwhile, I was injecting my body with Botox. It didn’t make sense to me.And it’s not that I don't think it’s okay for others to do it if it makes them feel good. It just didn’t feel right for me anymore. This is also why I’m getting my implants taken out. For the first time in many years, I’m going fully natural. I’m even growing out my grey hairs (I recently just cut it super short to try and hurry it up, I actually bleached it too much trying to get to grey 😂). I’m excited and nervous but mostly excited because I feel I’m finally going to be presenting my full and authentic self, something that is so important to me. I just didn’t want to lie to myself anymore.In this podcast episode, Kate Deering and I discuss everything from fake boobs to Botox, and our personal experiences with them. We talk about:➡️Kate’s scary Botox experience and the dangers of botox no one talks about➡️How health experts are also imperfect beings and still struggle with parts of themselves➡️Why you should embrace your authentic self➡️How many layers there are to healing and improving your life➡️And so much more!LINKSFollow Kitty @kittyblomfieldFollow Kate @katedeeringfitness
I get this question all the time: ‘How do avoid pregnancy if I'm not on hormonal birth control?’ I often joke and say just do anal it's the only safe way.....KIDDING!!! 😂We encourage women to avoid hormonal birth control, such as the pill as it shuts down ovulation and thins the uterine wall. This isn't great news for your metabolism because you're not ovulating and when you're not ovulating you're not making progesterone. Progesterone is amazing! Its pro-thyroid, it balances estrogen and it helps you sleep.So when women come off their hormonal contraception I always get asked what other birth control options are out there. Many women don’t fully understand the menstrual cycle and its importance in the female body (I didn’t for a long time either). But knowing how your cycle works and tracking it can help you determine how your metabolic function and health is doing. The menstrual cycle is like your monthly report card and because it's not essential to your survival its often the first thing to show signs of stress like under-eating, overtraining and life stressors. There have been many times on my journey when my cycle has completely stopped for periods of 6 months and the rest of the time it was painful and irregular and I had all the crazy PMS symptoms. In this podcast, Jessie and I talk about:➡️ How the menstrual cycle works and what a healthy cycle looks like➡️ What not having your period truly means➡️ Why ovulation is so important ➡️ Tracking your cycle with specific apps➡️ How you can use the symptothermal method to avoid pregnancy → And so much more!So many nuggets in this one ladies!! And the good news is with the right diet and lifestyle changes you to can experience regular and pain-free periods.LINKSFollow Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldFollow Jessie Brebner @fertilitycharting
Jane Davidson is such an inspiration! She's been in our Winatlife program for almost 2 years and her rheumatoid arthritis is now in remission. But she’s also struggled with her body image her entire life. I know so many women in our audience struggle with similar issues, so I decided to sit down with Jane and talk about how she’s come to accept her body and love herself. We chat about:➡️Her personal journey involving yo-yo dieting for 35+ years➡️How she learned to love herself and her body even when she weighed in at her heaviest ➡️How her relationships have impacted her body acceptance➡️Why body image and acceptance comes from withinAnd much more!If you’re struggling with your body image, give this a listen! You aren’t alone and it is possible to love yourself at every size.
I actually trained with Thomas twice a week for 12 months, and I enjoyed it so much! He’s such an expert when it comes to powerlifting. We also sold our NuStrength gym to Thomas and we were so happy it found a good home!!One of the things I love about Thomas is he is so passionate about his craft and he has a methodology that just works. I saw so many improvements with my squat and deadlift technique while working with him.In this podcast episode, we sat down and had a little chat about:➡️Sustainable transformation and why getting stronger is part of that➡️Why technique is so important➡️Misconceptions about lifting weights (including the idea that it will make you ‘bulky’)➡️Why it’s not easy to get ‘big’ or to ‘bulk’ up➡️Why eating enough is so important for building muscle➡️The greatness of the squat➡️ And more!Lifting is such an empowering feeling! I bloody love it. If you’re new to weightlifting or want to hear more about Thomas’s 15+ years of experience with powerlifting, then you'll love this podcast as much as I did.LINKSFollow Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldFollow Thomas Lilly @tombro7
If you’re new here or to the pro-metabolic lifestyle, you're going to love this recent chat I had with Matt Blackburn on the dangers of polyunsaturated fats. It can help clear a few things up and help you understand why we tend to avoid and limit PUFAs (including what foods they’re found in!).It’s surprising how much the fitness and health industry demonizes sugar but very rarely mentions how bad PUFAs are and how many problems they can cause in the body.In this episode, Matt Balckburn and I talk about:➡️ What PUFAs are ➡️ Different types of fats➡️ How these fats act in the body➡️ What PUFA foods to avoidAnd much more!LINKSFollow Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldFollow Matt Blackburn @mattblackburnPristine Hydro water revival powder to make magnesium bicarbonate with carbonated water: code BLACKBURN10 to save 10% code BLACKBURN to save 10%Already-Made Ready-to-Go magnesium bicarbonate: code BLACKBURN to save 10%Vitamin E code KITTY15 to save 15%Shilajit tablets to take with coffee (2-5) code KITTY15 to save 15%
What really causes PCOS & Endometriosis & how you can improve them by eating sugar, carbs, and dairy with Tommo Littlewood.With PCOS and endometriosis, many women are met with ‘go on the pill’ as a one-stop solution to their problems.In this podcast episode, Tommo challenges conventional recommendations. Do you really need to go on the pill? What is really going on? He reveals:➡️ How the recommended ways to fix these problems often worsen your condition➡️ Why and how the thyroid plays a key role in PCOS & endometriosis➡️ The misconceptions about the causes of endometriosis and PCOS➡️ How your diet (what you’re eating) and undereating contributes to these issues➡️ How you can improve these conditions using non-conventional nutrition and lifestyle changes - yep eating sugar, carbs and dairyAnd more!LINKSFollow Kitty Blomfield: @kittyblomfieldFollow Keith Littlewood: @tommolittlewoodGo fund me link:
In our program, WinAtLife, we are all about training and nutrition. But I think there is so much more to it.Many women come into this program - their journey - (me too) with insecurities, fears, and feelings about yourself. And I think when you finally start training and eating right, you become brave enough to face those things and tackle them head-on.Low self-worth is something I had for so long. I’d seek attention from men and I’d drink. It manifests differently for different people, and in this podcast, Hedley and I dig into it and how we’ve both struggled with it. We chat about:➡️How self-worth doesn’t come from the outside world but it has to come from you.➡️How self-worth may start with feeling good and healthy.➡️How we often project our insecurities onto other people and the world.➡️How we’ve both navigated through low self-worth and relationships.➡️Hedley’s books and experiences involving self-worth.And so much more!LINKSFollow on Instagram:Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldHedley Derenzie @hedleyderenzieFacebook @AuthorHedleyDerenzie; or her website 
Are you wondering whether you should or shouldn’t give up alcohol during this process? If this sounds like you or you’re curious about giving up alcohol, you need to listen to this one!Joanne went through a very similar and very relatable journey involving alcohol. She’s coming up on two years in our program, but it took her about 11 months to really get her shit together.In this podcast episode, we talk all about her journey and challenges. For most women, it’s not the easiest of processes (changing your habits and trying something new is NEVER easy or comfortable), but once you come out on the other side, it’s so bloody worth it.Joanne and I chat about:➡️Her history with booze➡️ Her history involving thyroid issues➡️ Why she really couldn’t give up booze at fist➡️ Why she eventually decided to try not drinking ➡️ What she noticed when she eliminated alcohol from the equation➡️ The advice she would give to others in similar situations➡️ And so much more!Joanne’s journey is so inspiring. I really encourage you to listen to this - especially if you’re a big boozer (I used to be too and it was a really hard hurdle to get over). And ladies, giving up booze doesn’t mean it’s forever. It’s about giving your thyroid and liver the support they need and allowing your metabolism to heal. Once you allow that to happen, the occasional drink is okay! Follow on Instagram:Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield
If you’ve ever been tested for iron through blood tests, it’s time to LISTEN UP!And if you don’t follow Loren, you need to! She produces amazing content on IG, and I am so grateful she was able to sit down and share her amazing knowledge with our audience.In this episode, Loren reveals why the marker for iron blood tests is inaccurate and so much more. We break down a ton of myths and discuss what most of us are getting wrong when it comes to iron.We chat about:➡️ Why iron supplements may be creating worse problems for you➡️ The importance of including animal foods in your diet➡️ How iron is utilized in the body and what can go wrong➡️ How vitamin A plays a role in iron utilization➡️ Pro-metabolic foods Loren recommends and why.Follow on Instagram:Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldLoren De La Cruz @innatefunctionalnutrition
I sat down and had a GREAT chat with Jay Feldman, an independent health researcher and health coach who runs The Energy Balance Podcast, the other day. He’s a huge supporter of this way of eating and doing life. Jay has also had an interesting journey of discovering how to best fuel his body to achieve optimal results. It’s SO relatable for many of us who are on this journey or have been through similar. But we don’t stop the discussion there!In this episode, we also discuss:➡️ Why you won’t achieve results on a 1200-calorie diet➡️ The binge-restrict cycle➡️Why you need to get out of the quick-fix mindset➡️ How stress and anxiety impacts your body and weight loss goals➡️ How drinking heaps of water may actually be increasing your body’s stress response➡️ Why sugar contributes to a high functioning metabolismUltimately, living your best life starts with nutrition. You can also listen to this on The Winatlife podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and iHeart Radio by searching for The Winatlife Podcast.Ready to break free from restrictive diets, restore your metabolism and build a body you love sustainably? It's nearly time for our next Break Free Challenge! Click on the link below and register for the free info session 👇 everyone who registers will also get a copy of my free Crush your sugar cravings guide. on Instagram:Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldJay Feldman @jfwellness
Ladies… this podcast will flip your views around training for fat loss.SPOILER: Cardio is not the answer!!In this podcast episode, Craig and I talk with Damon Hayhow, President of Recomp, Australian Ambassador to the ISSN, and powerlifting and bodybuilding champion. We discuss getting strong and how you can achieve a toned and athletic body WITHOUT CARDIO. And it is jam-packed with nuggets that you can take away and apply to your training regime.We chat about:➡️ Why cardio isn’t going to help you look like you want to look➡️ How eating more food and not doing cardio leads to fat loss➡️ The most important exercises you should be doing➡️ What good technique/form really is➡️ Why a low carb diet might be throwing a wrench in your training➡️ Why being consistent is critical to your success➡️ The two variables (the weights you lift and the food you eat) you should be measuring and whyAnd so much more!Damon has heaps of knowledge and experience. It’s incredible, and you won’t want to miss this. You can also listen to this on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and iHeart Radio. Just search The Winatlife Podcast and look for episode 18 ✨And if you're ready to get started now click on the link in my bio and grab my FREE Metabolic Booster guide. It has a strength training program you can do at home or the gym, link below ⬇️ on Instagram:Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldDamon Hayhow @damonhayhow
THE TRUTH ABOUT SUGARIt’s been a hot minute since Kate Deering and I have sat down and discussed the factors contributing to a high-functioning metabolism. So, we finally caught up and recorded this new podcast episode.Kate Deering is a Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coach and published author of How To Heal Your Metabolism (a book that if you haven’t read, I can’t recommend enough!). In this podcast episode, we dive deep into sugar and why it isn’t poison. (I figured we’d dig up this topic again for new followers and as a friendly reminder that sugar isn’t all bad.)We chat about:➡️ WHEN and WHY sugar became the demon it’s considered by many today.➡️WHAT types of sugar are good for you and your metabolism.➡️Why sugar is necessary for optimal function and health.➡️ How sugar can actually help combat stress.➡️ The misconceptions about sugar and diabetes.➡️ And so much more!With sugar, you just feel better and function better. You also might get a little sweeter!Follow on Instagram:Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldKate Deering @katedeeringfitness
What causes menopausal symptoms and weight gain and how you can improve them without HRTDo you have any other following menopausal symptoms?➡️ hot flashes➡️ weight gain➡️ insomnia➡️ night sweatsIf YES, this episode is for you. Keith Littlewood has been in the health and fitness industry for 20+ years. He’s worked for various organizations as a trainer and has his masters in Endocrinology. He offers insight into what’s happening beneath the surface in terms of your hormones and the body’s functions during menopause.In this podcast episode, Keith and I reveal why menopausal symptoms are NOT normal.We chat about the role of progesterone and thyroid hormone when it comes to menopause, as well as what contributes to estrogen dominance and related issues. He also talks about what you can do to rebalance your hormones and reduce your menopausal symptoms without hormone replacement therapy. Hot flashes and a lack of sleep don’t have to be your new norm!This week we hit 30K followers on Instagram so to celebrate and thank you for your support we are taking $30 off the enrollment cost for our Break Free Basics program. That means you get lifetime access to this amazing program for a one-off payment of $49. Click on the link below for all the details and don't forget this special finishes Sunday 30th August. LINKS on InstagramKitty Blomfield: @kittyblomfieldKeith Littlewood: @tommolittlewood
I get this question all the time from women. They ask why cellulite happens and how they can get rid of it.And I know it’s possible to get rid of it because we’ve had women in our program who have done just that.SWIPE ACROSS to see an example of this ➡️⁣⁣⁣In this podcast episode, I talk to Emma Sgourakis, my good friend, nutritionist, and the co-founder of @saturee_officail, about why cellulite happens and how you can get rid of it. Cellulite happens when the tissue becomes more permeable. This means the cells become leaky and lose their structure.This is often because of estrogen dominance.You can become estrogen dominant from not eating enough, not eating enough of the RIGHT foods, from stress, overexercising, and more. For example, if you don’t get enough Vitamin A or enough calories in your diet, your body is unable to make progesterone which balances estrogen so you end up estrogen dominant.In this state, the body doesn’t heal well. Estradiol, a certain type of estrogen, increased fat cells and causes fibroblasts, the cell that synthesizes the structural matrix, to become ineffective. This means you end up predisposed to edema, leakiness, rigidity, and nonfunctional cells, and that tissue sits in pockets, particularly around the thighs and bums where you have that dimply look of cellulite.Easy ways to reduce estrogen dominance is by:➡️ eating the carrot salad daily.➡️ eating MORE food.➡️ reducing PUFAs (swap out cooking oils for butter, ghee etc).➡️ eat more frequently (every 3-4 hours).➡️ consume sugar and salts (salt helps reduce excess estrogen).➡️ eat more gelatine- containing foods, like bone broth and collagen.If you want to learn more about estrogen and its impact on cellulite, check out the whole podcast where Emma and I dig into all the nitty-gritty details. 
😢Many women suffer from eating disorders, or binge-purge cycling, but they just don’t talk about it. A lot of these women keep it a secret due to the guilt and shame associated with it.Sonia Bridgewater used to be one of those women.Sonia is 46 years old, married, with 3 boys - all of whom have special needs. I admire her a lot.From the age of 9, Sonia has been in a constant battle with food. It started with anorexia. She had been sick and lost a few kilograms. When a boy made a comment about liking her bum in her jeans after being sick, she started restricting her food. She’d have secret binges then throw up afterwards.Food began to consume her life. It was a prison she couldn’t escape. She also started over-exercising. At 16 years old, she started seeing counsellors about it. But the cycle continued. She became a functioning bulimic where she would binge and purge a couple of times a week. She also tried various diets including carb cycling, paleo, high fat, high protein, no carbs, green juices, soup diets, and more.At her lowest, she was 37 kilograms. Today, Sonia has been in WAL for 18 months. She was tired of feeling weak and having food control her life. Originally, she joined to have more direction when it came to her training. But she discovered it to be so much more than that…Since joining WAL, Sonia:➡️ Is now 62 kgs➡️ Sleeps through the night➡️ Has more energy➡️ Has better skin➡️ And generally, feels better.She no longer purges or experiences binging episodes. Sonia says understanding her nutrition and mindset had a lot to do with that. She says,“It’s never too late to write a new book.”It’s entirely possible to free yourself from food and restriction. If you suffer from disordered eating or food obsession then you need to listen to this episode. Sonia shares her journey and how she beat her food demons. 
I just loved this podcast soooo much!The Strong Sistas, Ash and Sarah, are SO genuine and honest about their journey. I know a lot of women that could relate to exactly what they’re going through. If you don’t already follow them, check out their page!  In this podcast episode, I talked to these two Strong Sistas about their health journey and how it’s evolved, especially as of late. They are constantly learning and transforming their definition of health - it’s bloody inspiring!  Three months or so ago, Ashley and Sarah started incorporating more Ray Peat ideas into their diet. They had originally been on a carnivore diet (after vegan diets, fasting, and more).  Previous to this more recent change, they had developed autoimmune conditions and stopped having their periods.  They found the carnivore diet helped with their autoimmune conditions and helped them discover a more sustainable way of eating (in terms of environmentally and animal-friendly approaches). Yet, they both still didn’t have their period back.  Recently, Sarah got hers back and they have both been eating a ton of great food in an effort to improve their health and try to get back in-tune with their hunger cues.  On their Instagram page, they show their honest, transparent, and up-front journey toward better health. They don’t shy away from sharing all the details from self-love to what they’re eating each day.  I can’t say enough kind words about these girls! Check out this podcast to learn more about their journey and how they’re dealing with weight gain throughout it and their mindset change. 💛
Do you struggle with severe digestive issues? Thyroid issues or an autoimmune disease?Is constipation a frequent problem?Let me introduce you to Lisa Vaughan.Lisa is a nearly 50-year-old mum, and she has her own business, so she’s got a lot happening in her life.Lisa has experienced constipation since she was born. She had IBS and even had her appendix taken out as a kid since doctors thought it would help. About six years ago and after a ton of research, she uncovered that she had SIBO, an excessive bacteria in the small intestine. She did numerous diets that she thought would help - from water fasting to 21-day liquid-only diets to paleo. Each time, they would work but then all her symptoms would eventually come back. She couldn’t maintain the restrictive parts of them and it had got to a point that she didn’t know what to eat and was even afraid to eat.This started to change when she joined WAL nearly two years ago…Lisa has been a huge part of our community and she gives back a lot in it, helping other women. But she’s been through a lot. As she changed her eating and exercise routine, she had times where she would feel better and then times where she would go back to how she felt previously and be constipated for days.Eventually, when she decided to start focusing on improving her health, she started realising how much stress was the culprit affecting her healing journey.She says, “Never underestimate stress.” She was doing everything right from the diet and exercise standpoint but it wasn’t until she started practising stress reduction strategies and meditating, and truly tuning in to her body and listening to how food makes her feel that things truly began to improve. Today, Lisa:➡️ Experiences regular bowel movement.➡️ Has less stress.➡️ Has more energy.➡️ Knows what food works for her.➡️ Has decreased her body measurements.Lisa shares what she eats, what supplements she takes, the mindset shifts she's needed to have and her advice for any woman who suffers from digestive issues, SIBO or an autoimmune disease. 
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