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Jack Logar and Nikki are both proud West Virginia natives. Jack's lifelong love for broadcasting began in an abandoned coal mining town on Point Mountain, where the elevation allowed him to pick up signals from distant radio stations. Jack's unguarded, homegrown style makes for a "warts and all" approach to radio that keeps him unique among his peers. Nikki returned home to West Virginia after broadcasting on stations in Ohio, Mississippi and New York. Her passion for radio is exceeded only by her love for chocolate, coffee and cookies.

Relive your favorite moments or get caught up on all the hilarity from the week with WVAQ's dynamic morning duo.
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Jack and Nikki begin the show with a look at excuses you use to avoid speeding tickets. Do any of them really work? There's also news from the world of science about the very specific smells being produced by teenagers and a debate over the proper way to sort your garbage.
What would YOU say if you commandeered a store's PA system? That is the first order of business on this week's Jack and Nikki Show podcast.Up next, it's a look at "Rumpology." What, if anything, can be learned about a person by reading the creases in their butt? Finally, many things are revealed when they delve into the world of secret addictions...
This week's show begins with a question: How often do you host people at your house? Are you friendly and welcoming to guests or do you hide under a pile of coats and wait for them to stop knocking on your door? Jack and Nikki also analyze the questionable behavior of an aggressive school bus driver and then take your calls and texts as they discuss the surprising number of people who have befriended wildlife.
Jack and Nikki reveal the one thing you can say to your kids to guarantee that they WON'T listen to you, talk about that time you met a celebrity and reveal the song that is surprisingly popular in the teen community.
This week's show begins with news out of Alabama that makes West Virginia look good... like most news out of Alabama. There's some talk about how to handle aggressive tipping and then it's back to more West Virginia news... except, this time, it's confusing news that makes West Virginia look kind of... ehhh? There's also a public service announcement at the end about your cat. Are you responsible enough for cat ownership? Let's find out...
Jack and Nikki explain the "3 3 3 Plan" some companies are using to encourage social interactions among employees. Is it a good idea? Is there really anything your employer can do to get you to like a co-worker? They also discuss your mate's gross habits and then get into a conversation about unusal attachments after Jack reveals that he nearly had a mental breakdown trying to drop off an old television at the Salvation Navy.
Jack and Nikki open the phones for your thoughts and analysis of the "worst songs of all time." Are they, though? Is this list incomplete? You know what they say about opinions. Once the weeping and gnashing of teeth subsides, Jack makes you paranoid with his theory on why you shouldn't hand over debit cards in restaurants. It's all very educational...
The show begins with a question: How long do you wait for a Zoom call? Jack and Nikki then analyze the stupid and misguided things people do to try to look cool. Later, Just Jaime joins the show to kick off a discussion about "butting in" with her story about how she was accosted by an aggressive neighbor.
Last week's show started with an impressive story about Nikki's surprising physical abilities. This week's show begins with a story about how Jack was discovered eating out of the garbage. After that, Jack has the audacity to join the discussion about common sense laws for people who lack common sense and they wrap it up with a ranking of the latest pick up lines.
The show begins with an impressive revelation about Nikki that shocks Jack to the very core of who he is as a person. Jack collects himself and they move on to analyze the story of the woman who was refused service at Panera because her kid was too loud. The episode concludes with a look at "cat calling." Has this ever been an effective dating strategy for anyone?
Jack and Nikki kick off this week's show with a question from a listener about fears and phobias, pose a question about whether you're better off with no siblings or many siblings and then ask you to sit in judgment of Nikki and her questionable hygiene.
This week's show begins with a look at omens. Is the universe trying to warn you of impending doom or are you a narcissist living in a fantasy world that revolves around you? Jack and Nikki also have some news that makes West Virginia look good and all of the details on how you can participate in an upcoming naked bowling event... because nudity is always enhanced with lifting and squatting.
This week's show begins with a discussion of the things in life that make you instantly furious. You go from 1 to 10 and become instantly unhinged. What is it? The answers may surprise you. Then, Nikki tells the story of what happened when she forgot her purse at a restaurant in Westover and they wrap it up with a look at dating red flags.
Remember last week's podcast? The Jack and Nikki sampler platter of comedy? Well, this week's podcast is exactly the opposite. This time around, Jack and Nikki do a deep dive on a couple of topics: Dueling and seemingly conflicting research about West Virginia and the most commonly mispronounced words in America.
This week's Jack and Nikki Show podcast breaks with tradition. Instead of taking a few topics and running with them, they offer a sampling of many topics from different shows. It's all here: Jack's mental breakdown at a gas station, fake cakes, shower music, eating baby powder, dealing with pubilc outbursts, flavorflation and the mystery of the Pittsburgh infidels.
Jack and Nikki kick off this week's show describing a dystopian future in which you will pay for everything, but own nothing. The laughs keep coming with their analysis of "the bird test" that reportedly will reveal if you and your mate will stay together and they wrap it up with a question from a listener about whether or not their recent parking lot meltdown was petty.
Jack Logar and Nikki Drake discuss delivery paranoia caused by stories of the weird things people find in their food, cause a surprisingly passionate debate among the listeners over a woman using a pizza dough recipe for revenge and consider the story of a man who found a way to cheat on his wife, but remain faithful to the family.
Jack Logar and Nikki Drake talk about the "friends and family" approach to matchmaking, discuss the ethics of a woman who used her own breast milk to get revenge on her co-workers and wrap it up with a conversation Jack had with an outlander who struggles to drive in West Virginia.
Jack Logar and Nikki Drake unpack research showing that West Virginians complain more about their spouses watching football than people in any other state, tell you what you're doing at restaurants that makes the server's job more difficult and share the surprising story of how one company terminates its employees.
Jack Logar and Nikki Drake look at some news about West Virginia that is not very encouraging, discuss what happens when your co-worker finds the nasty letter you've written about them and analyze petty break-up revenge tactics.