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Author: Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

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New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country. It’s not an easy place for wildlife to hang on. In spite of the constant threats brought on by development, the garden state remains a haven for a vast array of flora and fauna.

As climate change looms, the survival of many species that call our state home is being called into question. The State of Change podcast will bring together expert voices to explain these threats. Each month a new episode will be released online, free to stream and download at all major sites where podcasts are found.
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As the threat of climate change looms over New Jersey, one of the types of wildlife in the most immediate danger are our beach nesting birds. Already pushed into small enclaves by the explosive urban development on the Jersey shore, sea level rise and powerful storms threaten their future.Music in Order of Appearance: "Ruby" by Chad CrouchLicense:"Bountiful" by Podington Bear License:"Celadon" by Podington BearLicense:"Storm Passing" by Podington BearLicense:"Paper Boats" by Podington BearLicense:"Time Passing" by David HilowitzLicense:"Turquoise" by Podington BearLicense:"Nature's Way" by The New Mystikal Troubadours License:
The Red Knot's Journey

The Red Knot's Journey


Red knots are a species of bird whose migratory lifestyle takes them annually from their breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic to the southern tip of Argentina. Sadly climate change and other threats put them in danger at every stop along the way.Music:Music from"Wholesome" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ("Celadon" by Podington BearLicense: from"Garden Music" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ( from"Concentration" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ( from"Touching Moments Four - Melody" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ("Friends...Home" by Dave Merson HessLicense:
Pollinators in Peril

Pollinators in Peril


Pollinators are among the most important animals on the planet. A massive portion of the Earth's plants rely on them to be able to reproduce and continue as a species. Development and climate change are putting the future of pollinators and therefore the future of our planet at risk.Music:"Betrayal" by Lee Rosevere"Bufflehead" by Chad Crouch"Great Egret" by Chad Crouch"American Coot" by Chad Crouch"Red Wing Blackbird" by Chad Crouch"Drifting" by Chad Crouch
The Diamondback Terrapin is one of the most beloved species of New Jersey's coastal salt marshes. This popularity has not protected them from the rapid development of our coast however and as the effects of climate change are felt their very future is called into question.Music in order of appearance:"Ruby" by Chad CrouchLicense:"Charcoal" by Chad CrouchLicense:"Memory Wind" by Podington BearLicense: by Kevin MacLeodLink: No. 1 by Kevin MacLeodLink:"Turquoise" by Podington BearLicense:"Window Shopping" by Podington BearLicense:
Bats are one of nature's most misunderstood species. They strike fear in the hearts of many people but in reality they are incredibly beneficial to us. Bats face a multitude of threats and it is up to us to learn to understand and coexist with them if they are to have a future in our state.Music in order of appearance: Deep Relaxation Preview by Kevin MacLeodLink: by Chad CrouchLicense: Eyed Susan by Podington BearLicense: Haze by Daniel BirchLicense: by Chad CrouchLicense: Blackbird by Chad CrouchLicense: Novel by Chad CrouchLicense:
COVID-19 and Wildlife

COVID-19 and Wildlife


With the COVID-19 pandemic causing global shutdowns, how has wildlife reacted to the absence of humans in New Jersey - and across the world? What impacts are we seeing so far, and what should we expect in the long-term? Conserve Wildlife Foundation executive director David Wheeler joins host Matt Wozniak in this special episode exploring the broad array of surprising wildlife sightings being reported across the globe, the response of wildlife to reduced human activity, and the changes that society can make to reduce the chances of future zoonotic diseases gaining a footholdMusic Credits:Podington Bear: SunbeamLicense: Bear: CeladonLicense: Crouch: RubyLicense: Bear: Memory WindLicense: Bear: Holding HandsLicense:
River of Sturgeon

River of Sturgeon


The Atlantic sturgeon has existed for hundreds of millions of years but there is question over whether it will survive the coming decades. Over harvesting, habitat loss, pollution and climate change are all working against it. Will this ancient fish survive in the era of humans?Music in order of appearance: "Ruby" by Chad CrouchLicense:"Memory Wind" by Podington Bear"Chrysalis" by Podington Bear"Holding Hands" by Podington Bear"Turquoise" by Podington Bear"Red-Wing Blackbird" by Chad Crouch by Kevin MacLeodLink:"Illustrated Novel" by Chad Crouch
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