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Welcome to The Republican Nation! We stand for God, Liberty and Justice for ALL. We believe in the America First Agenda and the Constitution! We are here to ensure that every Americans voice is heard. We will fight for every ones first amendment right and we will try to give you the most factual news possible. Our one goal, is to UNITE all Americans! Where we go one, we go ALL!If you would like to support our great fight you can donate via PayPal at: arepublicannation@gmail.comor visit our store at:www.therepublicannation.storeSupport the show (
Fear not, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will rebuild the Republican Party the way it always should have been, to serve Americans best interest not their own.Support the show (
Apparently some Republicans want to get rid of the America first movement. Do not be fooled, they are not Republicans, they do not care about Americans. If they did they would not be trying to silence 75,000,000 million Americans.Support the show (
A lot of Americans follow the Qanon community and I wonder why? I had a listener jump into this conversation with Dr. Q and it gave me a ton of clarity. Hope and Faith can be a wonderful thing but it can also lead to devastation. You decide.Support the show (
So as I went deeper into Dr. Q's views on politics I came to the question. Is Dr. Q Republican or Not? This is one of the more interesting conversations I have had with him. Let me know what you think.Support the show (
America and the people of this great nation are being tested. But we will prevail. We have over come situations that have been worse and more complex and we have over come it time and time again. We challenge any obstacle.  Americans are the fuel of America and WE THE PEOPLE will not let America down.Support the show (
Today is a great day, we can now confirm that they're is no possible way for President Trump to be impeached. The America First Agenda will continue and WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT! Wrecking Ball Joe is just making it easier for us.Support the show (
Don't give up on AMERICA!

Don't give up on AMERICA!


DR. Q has more interesting Conspiracy Theories, he continues to keep the faith. Is that a good thing or bad? We all know the country is falling apart, but America will always remain the greatest country in the world. We must keep fighting for her!Support the show (
Apparently, Chuck Schumer has things on his mind other than politics. The MSM can edit the clip all they want but I will definitely expose it. Mean while, we have Wrecking Ball Joe Biden destroying out entire country one Executive Order at a time. Be HAPPY the LEFT knows they made a HUGE mistake and it will cost them the Senate and the House.Support the show (
Wrecking Ball Joe Biden is already proving to be the most incompetent president of our time. Every decision has made thus far has been horrible for this country. Jobs already lost. Stay Positive.Support the show (
President Biden has begun the destruction of America. He has laid out his plans and they will put everyone else first and Americans last! We are living in tough times but we must have faith in God above!Support the show (
So Joe Biden will be the 46th President? How on earth did we get here? A man who has ran 3 times and never made it to the primaries manages to surpass President Obama's popular vote? Yea Riight! We know this was rigged but we must move on.Support the show (
This is quite an interesting one. Qanon Conspiracies step up to a Liberal. This gets heated but informative. Its always good to see what both sides think and determine who is in the right. Support the show (
Should we really trust the plan? Is there a storm coming? I can answer that very simply, NO. We have been cheated in this Election but we have exposed the LEFT and MSM for what they really are, a bunch of hateful TYRANTS.Support the show (
So the Doctor is back with some more bizarre Conspiracy Theories about was is about to unfold in the Capital on Inauguration Day! Do you believe him? I don't.Support the show (
I wanted my fellow Americans to get a better understanding of what is going on. I just want people to judge for themselves and tell me if any of this makes sense. I do not want to give any one false hope. So you tell me if this sounds realistic.Support the show (
I go deep into a conversation with a fellow Qanon member and I will let you determine whether or not you believe it or not. I will allow anyone to express their views on my platform even though others will just disregard them as a crazy. I will always keep an open mind.Support the show (
Everyone is throwing out all these "Conspiracy Theories"! But are they true? one of my sources dropped some confidential documents that have not been released publicly to Wiki Leaks yet, here is the link, you can analyze the documents yourself. This tells us a lot about the corruption within our government. the show (
We must stay vigilant, we must have faith and we must defend the Constitution of the United States of America. No one is above the law, that includes the left. Support the show (



Big tech wants to silence us, the left wants to silence us and the media wants to silence us!What are we to do? Stand proud and keep fighting the good fight, we will prevail!Support the show (
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Deanna Lee Trippett

did you just suggest that if the government didn't have a mask mandate, people would wear them?

Nov 23rd
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