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My name is Michael, and I currently own my own business, it is in it's 5th year of operation. I own a classic brick and mortar property maintenance company and not a fake business like most online kids my age do. One thing I hear Andy constantly complaining about is the fact that his viewers tell him "it's easy to talk about success when you already have it." Well I'm here to show you that even with no money, no outside help, and no previous success, that anyone who wants to be successful in life can be through the lessons of the MFCEO Project. I decided that I wanted to share my point of view and my journey on how I implement each of the lessons from Andy's podcast into my business and daily life. Through my episodes, I will go over the lessons I have learned in the early years of my business, as well as the things I learn each and every day. I will talk about things like the Law of Attraction, money management, financial education, leadership, marketing, sales etc.My Name is Michael Olivieri, and I'm in the process of becoming the MFCEO.
75 Episodes
This week we interview The author of disruptive successor and he teaches us how you can take your family business from 0-100 in a few simple steps.  
Meet Steve Hoffman (a.k.a. Captain Hoff) a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, LP in August Capital, and CEO of Founders Space.Captain Hoff has experienced many failures and successes during his life.His first venture, LavaMind, taught financial literacy, was used in hundreds of classrooms and educated millions around the world.Hoffman went on to create JabberChat, one of the very first JavaScript entertainment widgets and winner of the SXSW Awards.Next, he launched Spiderdance and signed interactive TV deals with MTV, The History Channel, NBC, Sony, Turner Broadcasting, and Warner Brothers.After that, he built a virtual world that spanned every site on the internet—a bold vision and grand failure.Then he launched Founders Space, a leading startup incubator, with over 50 partners and 22 countries.Hoffman also wrote the award-winning book 'Make Elephants Fly', which teaches entrepreneurs how to get radical ideas off the ground. The book became an international success and made him a celebrity in Asia.In his new book, Surviving a Startup, Hoffman shares his startup stories and the life lessons he learned.He now travels the globe, helping entrepreneurs survive!This week he teaches us all about how to avoid simple mistakes that other companies have made!
This week we interview financial adviser Jerry Fetta and he teaches us all about how you can get out of debt, start saving money, start building long term wealth. 
This week we interview Christopher Dedeyan who is a peak performance coach that helps reaise you to becoming the best version of yourself. He offers one on one coaching for some of the largest companies in the world and today he talks about the mindset of the successful. 
Susan Fennema is the owner of a consulting firm that helps small business owners take their business to the next level through implementing many business strategies one of which she teaches us about is the benefits of routines and processes.
This week we interview Patrick Colletti, he teaches us about what it means to be a "refounder." 
One of our first ever listeners + students of our show has implemented plenty of the lessons we teach in our show into her business and life style now she wants to share it with our audience and let us know how its gone for her. 
This week we interview the host of the entrepreneur motivation podcast, we have a great chat about the life of an entrepreneur. 
This week we discuss the importance of understanding trademarks and how they can cost you a ton of money if you don't do your research first!
This week i get to re interview one of my very first guests Dee Greene, we talk about the updates in his life and business since the first time we talked. 
This week we interview Jose Quiroz about how companies of all sizes can increase their brand awareness and digital footprint through a few simple tricks. 
Saksham is the Creative Director of Outgrow, a platform that lets marketers build and launch interactive calculators and viral quizzes that help engage your website visitors and generate more leads. This Episode we chat with him about how you can use technology to increase your number of website conversions.
This weeks episode is just to keep my loyal followers in the loop with whats going on. 
This week i interview owner Mike Smerklo of venture capitalist firm Next Coast Ventures. We talk about how the battle with your inner demons is not some4hing you will ever over come as a whole, its a fight you must have with yourself daily. Mike Gives ton of great advice on how you can learn which inner voice to listen to.
This weeks episode we interview Sarry, and we  dive into the method of infinite banking, which is basically multiplying your savings but in a really weird new way! 
This week we focus on the topic of momentum and how you can use momentum to win over your clients with the same methodology politicians use to win votes!
This Episode me and Marty talk about how people can grow their own intagram pages for their companies the right way, no paying for followers, and no fake followers! we teach you how to do it organically and within a very low budget, only 1-2 dollars a day, or you can do it for completely free! this weeks episode is not one your going to want to miss! 
This week me and Curt dive deep into how to create your message and how to  deliver your message to your clients, this message explains who you are, who you serve, and what you do all in one sentence to hook your ideal clients in. On top of that we talk about how when your in a sink or swim situation it is the best way to grow sometimes. 
This Week we talk to Rich Rudzinski about how to make your website more "poppin" his entire brand tragic media was created due to the fact that it was tragic tp see what other tech/dev companies were doing to rip off clients. so he wanted to create something to help out the smalls like us. Hence tragic media was born. 
This week we interview Joe Semaan who is a world renowned sales expert. Joe has specialized in sales for over 20 years and today he talk about how the old tricks just dont work like they used to. Get ready for Domination Economy.
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Jon Johnson

Should have let him answer the question about whether the cash value AND the death benefit go to the beneficiary. It was a good question, because I'm pretty sure whole life is usually set up that they only get one, unless it's a Type B, which is exorbitant in price.

Jan 9th
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