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Author: Rafael Nieves

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Hey guys, how many times have you felt like you are living life burning not just one, but both ends of the candle? Thinking, I thought Christian living was supposed to be…Look…Life is hard, especially as a Christian! You can’t just invite God into your life and think every problem you ever had is just going to go away… So what do we do when we have a problem staring at us in the face that just won’t go away? How are we supposed to act? What is the correct response? Well, those are some of the things we talk about here in the Hope seat. Taking real life issues, real life scenarios and talking them out… Take this ride with us let’s figure it out together…
19 Episodes
This is part 2 of our 3 part series! When Porn leads to promiscuity what are the consequences and repercussions? How to we handle it? What can we do to help? Support the show ($hopeseat)
Pornography is something that is a real issue in today's society. Often people have grown addicted to it and don't even know it. It is something that gets dragged into relationships and doom them before they even have a chance. Tune in to this multi part episode where we talk about just how common this is and what we can do to help people get over it. Support the show ($hopeseat)
For anyone who has been a Christian for more than a minute, you have heard the typical "Christianese" sayings that run around our social circles. Praying for the "Hedge of Protection". "Get thee behind ME Satan!"The one that we are talking about today though is the popular phrase of "I rebuke you!" What does that really mean though? Do you know the true power behind that phrase? Do you know the level of authority that comes with that! That' what we are talking about today on the Hope Seat! Support the show ($hopeseat)
Join us as we continue on the story of Paul Acer and how he and his family overcame COVID-19 and then some! Support the show ($hopeseat)
We have all heard of Paul, you know, the guy responsible for most of the New Testament! Well, this is Paul, the guy responsible for electronics at a Wal-Mart in NY! This is no ordinary man though! Listen to the testimony of a Prodigal son and his journey to becoming the man of God he knew he needed to be even, in the midst of a pandemic in this 2 part interview!Support the show ($hopeseat)
The foundation of our Christian Faith lies on the Crucifixion of Christ and His rise on the third day! Whenever someone gives their life to Christ they have that third day experience, life is breathed back in to the dead person that once was! That is the story of Michael Sabat. Once a man who called the streets his home and those who ran them family turned to Christ at a most unexpected time! since then, life has NEVER been the same! Support the show ($hopeseat)
You ever question the choices you have made in life? Hated where you are and unable to see where you are going? We all have at one point in time. The question is what do we do with that feeling? Do we let it derail our walk? Ruin our mood? Well, pull up that chair, put your favorite cushion on it and let's talk about it!Support the show ($hopeseat)
Joy is somewhat hard thing to come by these days. Many of us being impacted personally by everything going on in the world. The question is though, are you really lacking joy in your life, or are you just searching for it in the wrong places? Tune in and let's find out! Support the show ($hopeseat)
God had an original Blueprint for our lives... when He completed creating us He gave us the reigns to the world and said that all He saw was VERY GOOD! Today though, we hear a lot about fear and anxiety. Levels of stress are through the roof and continuing on the rise... but this is an upload of a program that contradicts the original coding! Tune in and let's talk about how to get over the hump! Support the show ($hopeseat)
Yes, COVID-19 is real, it is scary and it is killing. However, it is not the end. It is not something that is leading to a dark and nasty place! In the midst of this cloud of uncertainty there is hope! Tune in and let's talk! Support the show ($hopeseat)
Have you ever had someone tell you they would meet you at Starbucks @ 9 only to have them be a no show? Have you ever had someone promise you something and break it faster than glass dropped of a bridge over traffic? Come with us an discover what God says about this topic and some practical truth about being a person of your word! Support the show ($hopeseat)
Have you ever felt like no matter what you do you just find yourself in a situation that... well... SUCKS! Yea, me too! In the Army we were taught to "embrace the suck" but what does the Gospel tell us about it? Tune in to hear about how we can prevent ourselves from being stuck in the suck!Support the show ($hopeseat)
Social media is a main part of today's life! There is no way that we can say we have not had some sort of interaction with social media in our life at some point. How does that change the way we interact on a daily basis though? How does that change how we interact with God? That's the topic for this episode of The Hope Seat!Support the show ($hopeseat)
Join us as we continue our discussion on not letting your flame get doused by the world! Stick with those goals and celebrate when the victory toll hits!! Also, THE BABY IS HERE! :-) Support the show ($hopeseat)
It's 2020 and we have our resolutions in full effect! Did you plan on losing weight this year? Getting healthier? Maybe you want to just develop a closer relationship with God? Well, let's talk about that in this episode of, The Hope Seat! Support the show ($hopeseat)
The morning has started... you are heading into your place of work... you pull into a Dunkin and order your coffee along with your morning pastry! The only problem is the doughnut you want is not available at the place you are ordering! After calming down  you have realized... you just tried to order a Krispy Kreme at your local Dunkin! I know, seems silly right? Yet, this is the way we treat our spiritual walk. Trying to call on power to get us through the day but the place we are calling just does not have it in stock! Let's talk about what it means to be at the right place to get the right kind of stuff! Support the show ($hopeseat)
Have you ever met someone for the first time and made an immediate judgement call on who they are without ACTUALLY getting to know them? Well, you have suffered from being a label maker then! Tune in and listen to a story about how Rafael went from label making to label scraping!Support the show ($hopeseat)
One of the most common things I hear as a Pastor is that people feel like because they are Christians they shouldn't feel depressed. That can't be further from the truth! Depression is a respecter of no person and can hit at any time. The difference is what do you do as a response? What do you do when a rough day comes your way? Pull up a seat and let's chat! Support the show ($hopeseat)
This is our first episode EVER to introduce you to what I hope to be a long standing show to help all who have ears to hear to understand that LIFE... IS... TOUGH! Yes, it is sooooo tough! However, through the Joining together of the brethren, let's go through it together!Support the show ($hopeseat)
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