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Author: Dr. Tim Thayne

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It’s hard to define what a successful and happy family is, much less how to achieve one. Dr. Tim Thayne, a thought-leader in teen treatment and parent coaching, shares inspiring best practices gleaned from decades of his own and other expert’s work related to intentional family living. Whether your family is in the midst of a major struggle or you are looking for fresh ideas to help you prioritize and enhance your home life, this podcast is for you.
39 Episodes
Roxanne Thayne has decades of experience in writing in a personal journal and teaching writing and history.  But more recently she has identified the benefits as a mother.  Both for herself and in how it has effected her children who use it.  Learn how such a simple practice can strengthen both mind, body and relationships.
Kelsey uses her 16 years of experience working closely with students and their parents to develop the skills, mindsets and attributes they need to thrive not only in school, but as lifelong learners and thoughtful, confident human beings.
Dr. Tim Thayne interviews Tracy Poizner, the Essential Stepmom, on the womanly art of raising other people's kids.  As a bio mom, a divorced mom, a single mom and now a stepmom, Tracy has learned the ins and outs of the stepfamily situation from a traditional, original family system.  She teaches moms and dads in our audience how to find the little tweaks that need to be done intentionally to keep their new family system strong.
Today Dr. Thayne addresses one of the most universal issues families are dealing with today . . . anxiety.  He shares three principles for building confidence in our teens and in ourselves as parents.  He also recommends you watch this classic family movie that will illustrate these tips beautifully.
In this week's Podcast, Dr. Thayne interviews Dr. Brooke Hersch as she shares how we can all learn from our fear and anxiety.  No matter our age, it will actually highlight opportunities for growth and/or change.
Dr. Tim Thayne interviews Dawnie William. Dawnie is an expert when it comes to productivity and time management. She shares helpful tips that are simple and easy enough to apply. By the end of this episode, you will be wanting to try these strategies as well as teach your teens how to save time and be more efficient as well. 
In this week's episode, Dr. Tim Thayne discusses the importance of accountability. Many times we believe that a teenager runs away from accountability. But, in reality, they actually crave that accountability that parents working together can provide.
Dr. Tim Thayne compares superficial goals that we often make to the goals that really bring meaning and satisfaction. Those authentic goals are always centered around your connection to the people in your life, namely your family. He introduces where the direction of his podcast will be going in regards to this new year and how to improve yourself and ultimately strengthening your family unit.
In this week's episode, Dr. Tim Thayne shares his own disruptions of peace. Focusing his attention on co-parenting he gives helpful tips to couples that need help creating peace in the home and sometimes 2 homes. If the principles are applied by both parents more understanding, empathy, and ultimately peace will be harbored. 
Dr. Tim Thayne interviews Sonya Rodriguez on minimalism. Sonya has adopted a lifestyle of minimalism that helps her prioritize her life and put the most important things first. 
Dr. Tim and Roxanne Thayne announce Issue Two of the Not By Chance Yearbook. They feature two of their favorite articles, two writing prompts, as well as the narratives they wrote themselves on this year's theme of connection.  
When we set a goal and work towards it we are going to see and be critical of the flaws. Starting out you won't be able to say we are as good as your idol. But in order to have the motivation to keep going and keep improving you need to know you are doing better than you think you are. 
Dr. Tim Thayne discusses the relationship between peace, service, and gratitude. He shares how his neighborhood had adopted the spirit of Christmas by reaching out in service to one another. When looking outside of yourself at something bigger you will ultimately feel more peace internally, even while many things out of your control. 
In this week's episode, Dr. Tim Thayne interviews Lyle Nelson. He discusses the situations anyone can get in that lead to high anxiety and even panic. He shares tricks he has personally used when in those tight situations to not only feel calm but also manage the situation well. 
Dr. Tim Thayne interviews Vashti Summerville on allowing growth to happen to your kid. Often times as a parent our instinct is to protect them, but this isn't the most helpful thing all the time when it comes to their development. In  this podcast, you will learn how to judge when and how you should allow this growth.
Dr. Tim Thayne talks about the difference between feedforward and feedback. Feedback is saying the obvious of a previous event, while feedforward is giving good counsel before the event happens. When feedforward is delivered correctly it will make the road to success less painful, less time consuming and more enjoyable. 
Dr. Tim Thayne tells his personal story of his career and several of the major changes. He discusses one of his most pivotal career crisis' that lead to him pioneering the aftercare system and starting Homeward bound. 
Dr. Tim Thayne Interviews his son Talmage. Talmage served a church service mission and found that coming home would be a harder transition than he thought. He shares his story and how he was able to start climbing out of a dark place through understanding his identity, being surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends and knowing he will fail and it's not the end.
Dr. Tim Thayne Discusses the importance of feeling the range of human emotions. We need to understand the seriousness of any hardship so we can have empathy, but we need to look to the future with hope and optimism. This episode will help you see if you are leaning too far one way or the other and what you can do to gain perspective.
Though you may not have had “trust” come to mind as the most important ingredient for a healthy and progressing relationship, it is absolutely critical.  In this episode, Dr. Tim Thayne shares how trust can either smooth out rough edges or a lack of it will make everything hard.
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