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Author: Jessica Oram

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Welcome to The Shear Love lounge! My name is Jessica Oram: I am a destiny coach, salon owner, hairstylist, philanthropist, health, wellness and healing advocate.
Inside the The shear love lounge, i will be sharing my healing journey in my own life, when i 1st became aware of my divine purpose, how and when i gave my life to Jesus and how that helped me get to the place i am now of my spiritual awakening.
I hope by sharing my life experiences and knowledge it helps impact all of you listening that are on your own personal quest for your divine purpose that God planted inside of each of you.
You can look forward to hearing personal testimonials and struggles on my healing path, as well as from guest speakers who impacted me or who I've inspired through mentoring. As well as professional coaches, healers and therapists that reach across the health, wellness ,fitness and relationship spectrum.
I will openly discuss topics like Jesus and what he did for me, what unconditional love looks like to me, the different forms of healing, manifesting miracles, spiritual gifts, spiritual awakenings, health and wellness from the inside out, masculine and feminine energies and how they play a roll in healing and sooo much more...
I hope you will be tuned in, tapped in and turned on to be able to create a healthy community and a like minded collective that are on their own healing journey looking for answers, resources or motivation and encouragement to heal their own lives. My goal is to share, heal, grow, and love each other through this platform.
Now lets start this destiny journey together...
12 Episodes
Episode 12: Wrapping up the end of season 1 I share a little bit about being bumped up against your edges during quarantine and isolation..How my healing journey helped bring insight to my moms journey.How healing generational stuff is not a waste, even if its painful. There are beauty for your ashes.This is the last episode of Season 1 with all the chaos in the world and the collective energy it has gotten me off my recording schedule. I am hitting pause along with the rest of the world to make sure i am not forcing information out there. This is a healing journey my goal is to provide healing stories of wins and losses however my brain is on overload and am labeling the podcast so i can focus on creating a 2nd season and remain authentic with my own stories and with my guests. You can continue to follow me on any social platforms to stay informed on when the new season will be out or find me on my website for inquiries on next season take care and be sure to subscribe to my podcast, available on all platforms.
In Episode 11 I talk with Pranic healer Carrie Vivano. We talk a little about my experience with energy healing session, what panic healing is and how she got started in this form of healing practices. Healing can come through so many different modalities and part of my healing journey is sharing the different opportunities are out there that so many people don't know about. If you would like to follow Carrie Vivano or inquire about healing sessions please be sure to check out her website and follow her on all her social platforms to stay in tune with classes and more. Or contact her directly all her information is below. 586.943.4404Follow me on all social platforms andBe sure to grab my FREE 21 day grattitude journal now available on my
When your vision for your life doesn't go how you saw it in your head.How do you turn it around into flow mode instead of frustration?Is it a lesson if you allow it to flow through you instead of holding on so tight to your outcome in your head that you miss the blessing of your life. Please like, follow, subscribe to my podcast on all podcast platforms as well as follow me on my social platforms.Instagram @Destinycoachjessica or visit my coaching website to get your FREE 21 day gratitude journal or schedule a discovery call to see if i can help assist you in finding your destiny's purpose in life.
In Episode 9 I share a little more about my personal journey and struggles of healing my body and address some questions with a Health and Fitness Coach of 10 years Adam Munro of Life time Fitness in Shelby Township, MIEveryones bodies are different and we can all hustle to try and lose weight by fad diets or starving ourselves. Its not until we choose to address our minds and potential old trauma our bodies hold onto as well as health and fitness, before we start to lose the weight emotionally and physically. For more information on life coaching or health and fitness coaching you can contact, follow or check us out at the links below:Jessica Oram: Life mentor and Destiny Coach at Shear Love Mentoring Instagram: Website: www.destinycoach.lifeAdam Munro: Health/fitness/lifestyle coach at Lifetime fitness Shelby Township,MiInstagram: Amunro@lt.lifeWork phone: 586.532.1300Be Sure to Share, like, follow, subscribe and review this podcast on all listening platforms so we can help reach others on their own healing journey.
Comparison is a this episode i share how it can and will effect everyone of us. A source of encouragement for those struggling with comparison. If you interested in life coaching and a way to get past your own mind blocks set up a discovery call with me.You can visit my website at follow me on instagram @destinycoachjessica
I shared in my last episode briefly what i experienced attending a Tantra workshop weekend with instructor and coach Yulia Rose, while in Michigan. I am excited to have her on as a guest where we got to chat about what Tantra is, how she got introduced to Tantra and why she is so passionate about sharing these healing meditation services with people all around the country.If you are interested in attending a class or workshop or have one on one coaching you can reach Yulia Rose through her social media platforms or websiteInstagram: @yulisrose_magdalenesFacebook: Website: www.yuliarosemagdalene.comIf you'd like to continue to get updates or follow my journey in healing and coaching you can follow me on my social media platforms or websiteInstagram: @destinycoachjessicaFacebook: Website:
In this episode i share my journey exploring Tantra meditation and the amazing results that i experienced immediatly afterwards.I also am sharing the instructors information and am excited to say i was able to do an interview with her in Episode 7 to help explain what Tantra is a little more. To understand it more and get more information be sure to like/follow/subscribe to my podcast and social media sites.Instagram: destinycoachjessicaFacebook:
In this Episode i share how i started healing my body after i got ill and could have died, then finding out i had an autoimmune disorder and what potentially were the triggers and how i started healing through vitamins and essential oils though doterra.If you'd like more information about essential oils you can go visit my site at Please go follow me on instagram or facebook Instagram @destinycoachjessicaFacebook @shearlovementoring
On Episode 4 I share about spiritual gifts, recognizing generational curses and the things and steps i took on this part of my healing journey that helped me unwrap more layers of my true self and destiny purpose in my life. If you like what i am sharing please be sure to like, follow and review us on all of our social and podcast platforms. To learn more about healing and growing in your purpose be sure to follow Jessica's podcast and social platforms as she embarks on this new link coming soon!Some resources i have used in this particular part of my journey in learning and healing generational curses are listed below: Don't forget what worked for me may not work for you however having options and knowledge is a great place to start.Battlefield of the mind: Joyce MeyerShattering strongholds: Liberty SavardShadow boxing: Dr Henry Malone
In this episode of The Shear Love Lounge Jessica shares more of her back story and how she came to her healing journey in finding out what self love was, how to recognize where she was lacking in it and how to turn her world around by loving herself 1st.Jessica's purpose for the Podcast is to share her healing story and how it led her to being a destiny coach. She is excited to connect with listeners on their own journey and hopes she can encourage others to seek answers and freedom in taking leaps of faith to enter your own awakening and finding your destiny purpose in life. To learn more about healing and growing in your purpose be sure to follow Jessica's podcast and social platforms as she embarks on this new link coming soon!
Episode 2 Of The Shear Love Lounge With Jessica Oram.In this epsidoe i share what letting go truly looked like for me and when i finally let go, what emotional grieving i got to go through and how it impacted me. This is just one morsal of my healing journey and i am sharing as i feel led to share in no particular order of where it is on my current path.
Episode 1 of The Shear Love Lounge Is an introduction to Jessica Oram and how she got to where she is in this part of her healing journey and the birth of her destiny purpose.
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