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The IMPACT SHOW is a monthly Youtube series that will uncover “real” breaking news, epic thought leadership and inspiring stories that leave us all with “IMPACT”. The series is produced by the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), a professional organization that, since its inception in 2001, has accrued one of the largest databases of professional members in various fields including sales, marketing, business ownership, programming, and creative development.
45 Episodes
Hall Roosevelt, President at KCOMM and General Manager at IMA, shares his passion for outdoor sports, including hiking, camping, and rock climbing. He talks about how he trained himself before taking on bigger challenges, like the Pacific Crest Trail, and the difficulties he faces during the hike. Despite the fear of the unknown, Hall believes that pushing himself in uncomfortable situations has made him smarter, stronger, and more experienced. He encourages others to do the same, as it can lead to greater goals and successes.Support the show
In this episode of the Impact Show, Ekram Alan interviews the founder and CEO of MindPortal, who shares his upbringing, his decision to drop out of medical school, and his journey to create MindPortal, a company that aims to bring humans and AI closer together through a neural interface technology. They discuss the importance of self-awareness and perseverance in entrepreneurship, the potential of MindPortal to revolutionize communication with technology, and the future of integrating humans and AI through nanotechnology and telepathy. The video also includes a demonstration of Mind Portal's groundbreaking virtual reality game that uses the expectancy wave to control and move objects with the mind.Support the show
It’s time to change the way you think about healthcare. CEO of HelioGenomics, Justin Li, discusses how AI is advancing traditional medical practices to save lives. Learn how cancer is currently being tested, versus what the future holds. Support the show
“We are making money, paying the bills, and creating cool stuff” - Palmer LuckeyIn his interview with Sinan Kanatsiz, Palmer Luckey provides Anduril updates, insight into the Russian conflict, his experience in Kiev and predictions on what is to come. Robotic submarines and the Metaverse are touched on as well as Palmer’s opinion on what you should do when someone is falsely coming after your character. Watch the interview to learn more! Support the show
Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman and Founder of the IMA, sits down with Jason Les, CEO of Riot Blockchain, to talk about how his background in computer science and as a professional poker player prepared him to enter into the world of bitcoin mining, as well as the lessons he’s learned through the highs and lows of the crypto world. Support the show
In this episode of IMPACT SHOW, Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman and Founder of the IMA, sits down with Robert E. Grant, CEO of Crown Sterling, to get his unique lens on entrepreneurship and the mechanisms by which he is crafting new understanding in a variety of fields. Support the show
(for EPISODES 39 - 41, visit the IMA YouTube channel)Author of Fossil Future, Alex Epstein, shares his expertise and philosophical perspective on climate, energy and fossil fuels. Watch as Entrepreneur Peter Thiel and Epstein dive deep into the truths and arguments behind what most people may think is insane. Learn from these experts what is in the future for technology, inflation, climate and why it is okay to be optimistic even in these trying times.Support the show
Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman and Founder of the IMA, sits down with Avi Schiffman, creator of, to talk about the importance of internet activism and the ease by which everyone can make an impact using the tools available on the internet.Support the show
IMA Chairman and Founder Sinan Kanatsiz takes a walk with Bill Lyon, Board Member at Taylor Morrison, through his incredible car collection in beautiful Coto de Caza, California. While Bill gave a tour of some of his favorite cars in the collection, the pair discussed many of the ways in which he is leaving a lasting impact on Orange County, including Pretend City Children's Museum, Lyon Air Museum, partnering with the Orange County United Way, and more. Support the show
IMA Chairman and host Sinan Kanatsiz was joined by Shawn Collins, Shareholder at Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, who recently announced his candidacy for Governor of California. Shawn shared insights he's learned - through education, his service in the Navy & military, and his current practice in law - that have helped shaped his vision and policy during his run for office.Support the show
On this episode, IMA Chairman and Founder Sinan Kanatsiz interviews Larry Armstrong, Chairman of Ware Malcomb, Susan Parks, President and CEO of Orange County United Way, and Ernest Schroeder, President of Schroeder Mgmt. Inc, about the part they play in helping stop homelessness in the Orange County community. Tune into IMPACT SHOW 35 to hear about this amazing non-profit United to End Homelessness and all that they have done and have planned to create housing and help those in need find a home. Support the show
On the latest episode of IMPACT SHOW, Tim Smith (Founder of SmithGroup, an award-winning international architectural, engineering and planning firm), shares his background in real estate, how he’s able to cultivate meaningful relationships with his clients, and how he used the power of film to disrupt the industry with his well-known production “Teach Me How To Duffy.” Tim also speaks on the unique balance of blending artistry, technology, planning, research and strategy, as he partners with clients to up-end disruptors redefining their businesses and address challenges impacting their worlds. Throughout his company, he strives to work with those who have a uniting passion for design excellence to solve complex, meaningful problems for their clients and ultimately bring their vision to life. Support the show
As a graduate from Berkley's inaugural block chain focused curriculum, and as VP of Growth for iTrustCapital, Anthony Bertolino has certainly got his finger on the pulse of all things finance and crypto. In this IMPACTShow, Sinan chats with Anthony about the importance of creating trust in a highly trust sensitive marketplace, the future of digital versus fiat currencies, and the value of content creation as it pertains to company growth.Support the show
In this IMPACT SHOW, we sit down with Blake Skadron, Co-founder and president of iTrustCapital, for an inside look at a company that is changing the digital currency game. In this interview, Blake talks about the importance of customer service, client trust and how to build it, as well as how iTrustCapital found its niche in an exciting and emerging new market.Support the show
On this episode of IMPACT SHOW we are joined by Al Baca, owner of La Vida Vital Jewelers, who provides some highly valuable insight on all things jewelry. From the difference between wholesale and retail jewelry selling, to the reasoning behind diamonds' sustained dominance in the market and the best business practices in jewelry, you do not want to miss this episode!Support the show
On today's IMPACT SHOW we interviewed 21 year old Blake Resnick, Founder and CEO of Brinc Drones. Brinc Drones was created to save the lives of people in a crisis situation and to help the police arrive at the scene as quickly and safely as possible. Blake shares his vision and story for these life saving devices and how he plans to expand his business to make these drones more intricate to help in many different public safety situations. Support the show
Don’t miss this week’s episode with Hall of Fame baseball legend Rod Carew! Rod takes us through his personal history, from his upbringing in Panama to how he first came to live in New York to his recruitment right out of high school to the Minnesota Twins. Watch this episode to discover how Rod reinvented his batting technique, learned how to be consistent, and found support from the people around him to become one of the best baseball players and continue to spread hope and positivity today; also catch Rod’s son Devon speaking on the importance of social media, a clear business vision, and brand ubiquity.Support the show
This week we are joined by cosmetic dentist Doctor Jon Marashi, co-owner and Chief Dental Officer of Byte—invisible sets of liners that are direct to consumers—and creator of Marashi Oral Health. Jon jumps into his history of becoming a dentist for the stars and how he co-created Byte and was encouraged to develop Marashi Oral Health from his patients. Jon informs us how oral health is the gateway to a healthy body, the importance of risk analysis when making significant job decisions, and how to form loyal relationships with clients—be sure to watch now!Support the show
This week, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Pepperdine University Elizabeth Goodwin takes the reigns and speaks in-depth Palmer Luckey, Founder of Anduril and Oculus VR. He details how he first got his start with Oculus at the age of 19 and then after much deliberation and research, chose to switch to working in national security. Take a look now to hear the critical advice Palmer has on starting and sustaining a business, and how to find personal success in different fields!Support the show
"How Purple found a way to mold a new future for the mattress industry"Join us this week in Lehigh, Utah to “feel the float” with CEO of Purple mattresses, Joseph Megibow! Born in a family of musicians and artists, Joe learned at an early age the importance of curiosity and imagination in creating the best human experiences. Watch this episode to learn about how to build a brand that connects with consumers, the importance of understanding the mechanical and human sides of your business, and the pillars of success necessary for any business. Support the show
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