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Coffee and Commerce is all about the innovations and technological advancements that can bring a change for good to your business!
So, if you're looking to scale your business and fit it in streamline with the latest trends that will shape the future of online stores in 2020, this is all that you need!

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2020 it is! and we're here with a list of 6 side hustles you can begin today to make some good money online! What's inside for you? Amazon Flex: Flex was launched in 2015, and now operates in about 50 U.S. cities. Anyone over 21 with a driver’s license, auto insurance, and at least a midsize sedan can sign up. Decluttering Amazon Home Services: Decluttering basically means Selling your stuff online:- Everyone has stuff lying around at home that is no longer of use. CopyWriting: If one has the hold over the words and vocab then Copywriting can be one amazing side hustle, to begin with, and moreover this can also go on for a long-time career key if one finds it interesting. Tutoring: End number of searches for “what is” and “how-to” is done every hour! And that’s where tutoring comes into the picture. So, if you’re good at any of the subjects...whether it’s teaching language, maths, science or any hobbies that are ideal for you like guitar, dancing, etc. that can even be taken into consideration for this. Influencer Marketing: Having less than 5,000 followers, nano-influencers have a more niche following around a particular topic. As these influencers are focused on something specific, followers trust them more than bigger influencers when seeking recommendations. Listeners subscribe to our Podcast and you’ll get notified every time we upload a new episode here...which are fun geeky and full of technology!
Social Media Marketing is the backbone of marketers, supporting them at each step of their marketing funnel. Long gone is the time when social channels were just being used to communicate and chat only. 2019 it is and now Selling on social media is the trend. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other prominent social platform, everyone is running competitively in the race of converting into an online marketplace that can provide sellers a potential platform to sell their products on. In this episode of Coffee and Commerce, we'll draw attention to the booming socials that can help your business to grow at a rapid pace and can provide you more outreach to potential customers. What we've covered for you? Facebook Social Commerce- which is ‘Facebook Marketplace' Instagram shopping, Which allows tagging of products Conversational Commerce Snapchat with its AR Shopping experience Pinterest Business account can sell with ‘Buy Now’ pins Working out with Nano-Influencers Subscribe to our podcast so you don't miss the next episode of Coffee and Commerce that is going to be geeky, informative and, fun!
Voice Search is on boom! Shopping, traveling, searching for restaurants, gaining knowledge..and just about everything, voice search is the key now! With the growing technological advancements, the online-e-fication of businesses are demanding newer ways in which information can be disseminated. In such times, voice has become the new king. In this episode of Coffee and Commerce, know all the right ways to set up your business and make it ready for the voice search commerce! We're compiled all the techniques, keys and cheat sheets combined together to serve a healthy digest of knowledge for you. Subscribe to our Podcast to get notified about our upcoming episodes that are geeky, informative and fun!
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