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The story of the London plumber
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The story of the London plumber

Author: Mr London plumber

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The secret story of a London plumber every tradesperson can tell a story but plumbers get in personal space is quite a lot and have to see stuff which other people don’t see and understand . Working for different businesses in London I can telephones and stories but all my experiences are real and they make me the person I am today. I once asked an engineer who had been doing the same job for 30 years why do you still do it he said because I get to meet so many different people and that’s the great thing about this job. You never know where something can take you or whoever is going to introduce you to but I think being positive and taking something great from it even if it only had a little to offer makes all the difference . Being positive and showing people the right way and helping them brings me a piece of humbleness in my own life . Continue on this journey with me and I will tell you what happened.
12 Episodes
This week brand-new episode is with plumbing done easy Loen On Instagram . Hosted by Mr London Plumber , over 15 years experience in the industry ,how did you get in plumbing in UK .
The lockdown situation has got the construction industry in limbo . As a plumber in London the walls have definitely been changing but I’m going to give my take on it at the moment. Second lockdown and how it’s affected life as a plumber
As a plumber you learn your skill in your trade but not so much to business or attribute to run a business. I like to share my experiences and what I have learnt on my journey to owning a plumbing company running jobs and running my own business.
My experiences as a plumbing lecture within the industry and teaching in the education across different colleges. Learning my trade also having a passion to teach it to others. The younger youth of today I’m going to be the plumbers tomorrow .
Self confidence and self belief is a big part of the character of a person doesn’t define them but they can build you up and install more confidence in yourself I found this very calming and some experiences which are sharing this episode .
My plumbing apprenticeship journey and how I see it now As a plumber who has a business . And also been a lecturer for three years . Also discussed some of the lifetime skills which you do get for being a plumber . And the important journey of college and learning your trade .
Social media and putting yourself out on the Internet to gain business jobs and connect with other people. Using the platform can help you in so many different ways but I think there is good and the bad what comes with it. So by me having the experience by being on for a couple of years now I’m sharing it
This episode is about investing in yourself within the tools for your trade. Doing the necessary research about the products you’re buying. As a plumber it’s important for me to invest in tools which are going to be best for my job.
As a plumber I like to review different tools which I would use for which I have used on the job. And this is a perfect example track life drain cleaner as she heard about this product through searching on Amazon. Read a few reviews and I thought why not
This episode I decided to talk about the pandemic and how it’s been affecting everyone in the world and also plumbing industry. COVID 19 Health and your own safety is most important . But how this impacts a lot of lives is more important . Just give him my take on it
As a professional plumber with my experience as a plumbing lecturer as well someone has been on the tools for many of years. And I pride myself by putting myself in situations where my skill set as a plumber can really kick in. This episode I will be talking about confidence and knowing what to do in case of an emergency like a link for being called out to a commercial or domestic home where there is a problem and your customer client wants you to solve the problem.
Every plumber has a story to so I use this chance to tell stories about my career because it’s a journey. And it’s interesting to have an insight into what somebody else does. Being a London plumber has taught me a lot of different life skills which I feel is important for anybody to know. On these new episodes I wanna take you through some scenarios and things which just happened in general on a job as a plumber in this industry .
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